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Let’s get something clear; I’m not Alastair Campbell or any other “croney” of the PM’s. I’m just an ordinary member of the public, heartily sick of the rush to dump the Prime Minister. I know I’m not the only person who feels that getting rid of Tony Blair is the wrong thing to do, and especially for the wrong reasons, but many voices remain mute on supporting him. That could be for several reasons.

Firstly, Iraq is not yet settled.

Secondly, no-one is sure whether there is more to uncover or more that he will be held accountable for. I’m not sure, any more than those with a different agenda are sure. So, would-be supporters don’t want to go public in case they end up with egg on their faces. I suppose that’s understandable.

Thirdly, in the anti-Blair lobby there seems to exist a proliferation of psychotics on the internet, vitriol pouring from everything they write, who, not to put too fine a point on it, sound pretty unsavoury to me. It’s enough to put normal, law-abiding people off getting involved with this cause. That too is understandable.

I choose not to use my name on this blog, as I am not the story here. I am not elected nor in the public eye.

Nor am I a member of another party with the agenda of keeping Blair in order to aid that other party to win the next election.

[Silly idea, anyway. It’d never work! I think HE could win again.]

The blog is representative of my opinion as a UK voter and that’s all.

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