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UPDATED 6th June, 2010

I’ve made 5 videos, all posted at YouTube – My Channel
1) Latest – The Beatles HELP Gordon Brown
Well – somebody has to help him!

2) More Tony Blair Words (Part2) – the follow-up to ‘Tony Blair – Everlasting Words, Part 1’, as below.

“Some may belittle politics, but we know, who are engaged in it, that it is where people stand tall.”

[Not quite sure why Gordon Brown looks so panic-stricken on the question of the “relationship between church & state” (at around 3 mins). He didn’t need to prompt Mr Blair as to how to handle this; it’s water off a duck’s back to the former PM. This is one of my favourite parts of his last PMQs clip, and just ONE of the reasons we already miss Blair in the weekly jousts in the Commons.]

The one below was the first of my two “Words” videos

3) ‘Tony Blair – Everlasting Words’, (Part 1)

The video below was inspired by the song and Blair’s thankless task in the Middle East.

4) My video of Tony Blair, Middle East Peace Envoy’s YouTube “Impossible Dream”.

5) And here’s a quickie I made earlier – “It Had To Be You”


I came across this – “Terrorism Awards” video at YouTube, an out-take by Time Trumpet. It seems this part wasn’t broadcast! It’s supposed to be funny – satirical – but I find it difficult to laugh at terrorism, or at the thought of Blair being shot.

Must be losing my sense of humour.

Shame on you, Peter Snow.


1) A gentle ‘love’ song for Tony Blair. Straight from the heart, I guess.

“For Always, Forever”


2) “He’s Irresistible!”

Especially for the girls ladies, (I’m reliably informed!) …

Can YOU hardly breathe …?



Just Some of the Good Stuff We Should Remember about Tony Blair

This man is a Great Politician who changed his party, the main opposition party and the country and its status in the world almost singlehandedly. Don’t be taken in by the “Let’s Get Blair Brigade”. They wouldn’t recognise “greatness” if it stood in front of them. Well, obviously!


4) Why Tony Blair Gets My Support

YouTube video on the wide and positive aspects of Tony Blair, the politician.

2nd November, 2007


I’ve just come across this Photobucket site with pictures of, well, whoever and whatever interests you. A grateful Iraqi has posted THIS picture and message. You can post your own or use the pictures there free.

Good to know SOME are grateful to Tony Blair.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket





Report from Australian Broadcaster. Why does the newsreader think the British people want “change’ from our ‘new PM’? Nobody asked us! I didn’t want change. Anyway, Brown is a change of face, and voice – nothing more. Blair’s legacy – an already changed Labour Party. Not completely reformed, but clearly ‘changed’.


BBC World Broadcast for USA of Tony Blair’s last minutes as Prime Minister of Great Britain

Made by an American, but they seem to appreciate OUR tradions and royalty more than a lot of us. By the way, the incoming PM does NOT kiss the Queen’s hand, as in the movie. Perhaps in the past – but not today.

British Prime minister Tony Blair – God Save The Queen


BLAIR’S FINAL PMQs – 27th June, 2007 – 2 clips

1) “… OUR TROOPS … THE BRAVEST AND THE BEST”. (You’ll need to click the YouTube link for the first one. The BBC link cannot be embedded.)

Clip from Tony Blair’s Final Appearance at PMQs 27th June, 2007. From Downing Street he goes to the Commons for the last time. Then, “Our troops are the bravest and the best”, says an emotional Prime Minister, as he is thanked by David Cameron and other MPs across the parties.


Click here to watch the famous and moving last few minutes of Blair’s final PMQs . (Opens at You Tube site in new window.) “I never stopped fearing it …; & “some may belittle politics, but we know it is where people stand tall …”; all ending with an unprecedented standing ovation for Tony Blair from all across the House.



David Cameron: “For ten years he has led our country … has considerable achievements to his credit”

“I’m sure that life in the public eye has at times been tough on his family…”


Tony Blair, yet again, tells it like it is! He clearly enunciates the argument for continuing the fight against terrorism, wherever it leads, and however long it takes. If this doesn’t give the doubters pause for thought, nothing will. Even the commenters at YouTube’s site, not always noted for their maturity, appreciate his words and seem to “get it”.

I’m SO proud of you, Mr Blair. My heart still aches that we’ve allowed you to leave us.

It was “Yeah, Blair” – NOT “Yo, Blair”– the lying press!!!

Political myths uncovered. What gets me is why the press offices of Blair & Bush haven’t got around to correcting this false view themselves. These politicians just canNOT be trusted to tell the truth, eh?

2006 – Tony Blair’s last Leader’s Speech to Conference.

Valedictory Speech, Manchester, England, September 2006

Clips from an emotional speech to the party faithful.

1994, September – Labour Party Political Broadcast

The New Leader explains his political philosophy, three years before he wins the first of three general election victories

Who says Blair is all things to all men? This courageous break from Labour’s narrow, class-based past puts the lie to that. Some of this is still causing ripples – mainly on the left – even after 13 years, and after he has gone.

June 13th 2007, American News Anchor Man Brian Williams Interview with Blair:

Brian Williams Interview with Tony Blair, Part 5 – June 2007 Part 5

In this final part of the Brian Williams interview Tony Blair talks about his decision to step down, his plans for the future and how he’d like his period in office to be remembered.

Blair: “… known for a couple of years that now is the time to depart”. Things interested in to do – Palestine, Africa, G8, Climate Change issues, Palestinian issue, whole range of things, inter-faith dialogue”.

Leaving legacy questions to others. Thinks we should be a very strong ally with America – never any problem with that. The biggest danger is if America disengages.
This is interesting: pause the video at around 5mins 30secs. Asked how he is going to feel as he is driven away from No 10 – “… we should know that you are feeling ? – fulfilled? wistful? happy? sad? lucky? fortunate? …” it takes around 12 -15 seconds to answer.

The well-known Blair pregnant pause speaks volumes. None of the options offered by Brian Williams is quite right.

Eventually with a shake of his head, he said, “I think I will feel that it was a privilege to have had this job … whatever the disappointments, or even the mistakes, that’s for other people to judge and maybe for me to inquire of my own mind and conscience, I still think it’s an honour to have done the job.”

Earlier Brian Williams Interviews at YouTube site

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Putin, Iran, 9/11, 7/7, Terrorism arguments v democratic deficit. “We won’t defeat terrorism by giving in to it.”


Cleverly done bit of fun, mainly edited from Labour’s 2006 conference. Ignore the still picture of David Cameron. He’s only the stand-in. But as to the question – I know what I think.

STAY, Mr Blair.


Sarkozy est-il Margaret Thatcher française? So technologically with it these days is Mr Blair that he has wasted no time in posting a video on YouTube – no, two videos (one in English, one in French) – congratulating Nicolas Sarkozy on his presidential victory, replacing President Chirac. Click the arrow on the video to play.Want it in French? See the video below this one.

Tony Blair congratulates the new French President, the Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy Monsieur Sarkozy has praised Mr Blair’s Britain and expressed the intention to take France on the same journey.

Tony Blair félicite le nouveau Président français Nicolas Sarkozy

M. Nicolas Sarkozy a félicité la Grande-Bretagne de M. Blair et a exprimé l’intention de prendre la France sur le même voyage. (Félicitations sur votre français M. Blair).

“My Way” – Tony Blair

On the man they used to call “all things to all men”. Conviction politician, or what?

Tony Blair as Prime Minister 1997 – 2007

An overview of the last ten years.

Blair – The Movie

A 2001 General Election Video.

Poor quality, but the message and philosophy are still the same.

Blair – Appeal for Sudan & Chad

The PM makes an appeal to the British people.


Watch Blair v John Major 1994 – 97 PMQs, before Blair became PM
“I lead my party, he follows his. Weak, weak, weak”

“The Queen”– clip from the Oscar winning movie – ‘Blair’ after Diana’s death

(Not available at this site, but click through to YouTube to view it. Don’t forget to come back.)

Tony Blair advises the Queen: “The people need to know you care, Your Majesty”

This site has a crit of the film.

Tony Blair 2005 Question Time on BBC2 on Iraq document.

Blair says he acted in good faith according to the intelligence. “The Attorney General advised that the war was lawful – but it was a political decision – I happen to believe it was the right decision.” Blair explains why he made the decision. After this interview where he was attacked by many in the audience, he STILL won the next election! Doesn’t that pompous woman – full of it – hyper-critical – judgemental – omniscient – make you want to PUKE!

Under the onslaught of the ignorant but oh-so-well-informed-by-the-press audience, Tony Blair handled the whole thing REMARKABLY well.

Tony Blair on Princess Diana’s Death.

“She was the people’s princess”, says an emotional Prime Minister.

Tony & Cherie Blair – “Endless Love”

Their strong marriage and close family are obviously important to them both.

Click here to view Prime Minister’s Questions from the House of Commons


The section below takes us back to September 2006, when the putsch came to a head against the country’s leader. Have no doubt, it had been rumbling on for years – but THIS was when the plotters went public; as it happens a few days after one of them had been to visit Gordon Brown in Scotland. What an interesting co-incidence!

UPDATED SECTION (4th Sep 2011)

I tried clicking through some of the links below and found they were no longer findable. With the help of Hopi Sen at Twitter I have new links for you. I have also unlinked the dead ones.

This one is the Full Text of the speech Blair gave when he coup was nearing its climax.

And this has the video of Blair’s announcement as well as a BBC report.


1 Sep 2006 – After the coup attempt, at a Press Call in Downing Street, a shaken but determined PM fights back, refusing to give a date for his departure to his opponents within.

“…there are also those whose desire is to change radically the direction of policy and not to renew New Labour but to reverse it. That way lies not a fourth term victory but defeat and a return to opposition, and I will fight that all the way.”

7 Sep 2006 – After “coup”, Tony Blair’s retirement announcement in a North London school.“We can’t treat the public as irrelevant by-standers in a matter as important as who is their prime minister.”

12 Sep 2006 – TUC congress. Walkout on Blair’s speech by expelled RTM Union members. blair_tuc_228×196.jpgBlair says to delegates:

“Look, you can disagree but just listen to the argument, please, just for once.”

He once referred to “the scars on my back to prove it” from encounters with the unions.

Job unfinished, Mr Blair. You’ll have to come back and finish it – say, in a couple of years.

12 Sep 2006 – TUC congress, including controversial policy sections.
[Pic, left: Blair’s rejection at TUC Congress shows in his face. His disappointment is clear. The TUC is not open to persuasion, despite, or because of modernisation ]“We should be proud of what we are doing to support democrats in Iraq and Afghanistan; proud of it.”

26 Sep 2006 – Leader’s Speech to Conference blair_manchester_conference.jpg“You’re the future now. Make the most of it.”
26 Sep 2006 – (Last party conference speech as leader) – “And now for all that remains to be done, just for a moment dwell on what has been achieved … the longest period of sustained economic growth in British history.”

“Above all else, it is progressive ideas which defined its policies.”

“The scale of the challenges now dwarf what we faced in 1997.”


Some of the Prime Minister’s Recent Video Links & Podcasts

Click here to view Prime Minister’s Questions from Parliament* Audio – Tony Blair comedy – 10 Years Condensed* Blair speech at Wales Labour Party Conference 23rd February, 2007* Video – Andrew Marr interview, Sunday 18th February, 2007* BBC comment on Marr interviewGlobalCoolNo10* Global Cool 1st February 2007, Downing Street – KT Tunstall* Blair interview transcript with Jon Sopel, 28 January 2007, Davos, Politics Show – and video* Video – Blair Speech to World Economic Forum, Davos, January 2007* Video – Blair Speech on School Sports – January 2007* Video – Iraq discussion, day before Washington trip – PMQs – 6th December 2006* Video – Blair: ” A big clunking fist…” 15th November, 2006 – Blair’s “Queen’s Speech Debate”* Video – 7th November, 2006, Washington – Bush – “eyeballs” BBC’s Nick Robinson* Audio – “Today” – 2nd February, 2007, with John Humphrys – “!’m not going to beg for my character…”* Audio – “Today” – 22nd February, 2007, with John Humphrys – Iraq after withdrawal announcement of 1500 troops. (34mins 13secs)* A Day In The Life Of The Prime MinisterPolicy and other videos through Tony Blair’s premiershipRespect Agenda – Panorama interview – Swindon 10th January, 2006
Energy & Nuclear Power – July 2006


Jeremy Paxman interview – April 2005 – on upcoming General Election


Since they’re all saying it’s ‘Mission Impossible’ for Blair in the Middle East, he might want a touch of inspiration.

“The Impossible Dream” by Matt Monro

I am lucky enough to have known Matt, through the music business, near the end of his life. He died too young at only 54. He was a lovely man as well as a great singer. Sinatra admired both Matt and American vocalist of Welsh ancestry, Jack Jones, another friend of ours. Jack’s still going strong. Both technically and musically brilliant. So easy. Perfection.

Video is out of synch – but it was filmed 30 or more years ago! See the girl with the hat – Joanna Lumley?

Click to hear another Matt Monro song – especially for those of you who don’t know you’re born …!

“Born Free” by Matt Monro

Indulging myself here a bit, but I have always rated this song for its truth and simplicity. As for the simple and moving lyrics – wish I’d written them! By the great British lyricist Don Black.

Watch Matt Monro singing “Born Free” You Tube

“Born free, and life is worth living, but only worth living ’cause you’re born free”

Born Free

words by Don Black, music by John Barry (of James Bond fame)

Born free, as free as the wind blows
As free as the grass grows
Born free to follow your heart

Live free and beauty surrounds you
The world still astounds you
Each time you look at a star

Stay free, where no walls divide you
You’re free as the roaring tide
So there’s no need to hide

Born free, and life is worth living
But only worth living
’cause you’re born free

Stay free, where no walls divide you
You’re free as the roaring tide
So there’s no need to hide

Born free, and life is worth living
But only worth living
’cause you’re born free

I do wish some of the moaners and groaners on such as the Guardian’s Cif comment pages would ponder on this, now and again.

We are SO lucky.

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16 Responses to “View Tony Blair videos”

  1. Santha Says:

    Hi there Blairsupporter…. just to say that I’ve been visiting your website regularly, and I’d like you to know how much I’ve appreciated reading your well informed opinions and the real ‘conversations’ you have with your contributors. Looking at the videos, I think so many of the images portrayed are very moving, powerful and thought provoking, and the music reflects that too.

    Those of TB rightly remind us of his meetings with most of the world’s leaders, (who acknowledged and valued his statesmanship) and his interviews and speeches, some of them from years ago that I’d forgotten about, even now still have the power to draw you in, fire the imagination and create a desire to share and implement his vision for the future. So many memories of our inspirational ex. PM.

    But then, all the videos are evocative, and I enjoyed the lighthearted images of him playing table tennis and footie, meeting the public, shaking hands, hugging and smiling, waving, and blowing kisses! To me I think?

    As for the ‘Irresistible’ video. What can I say…he’s such a charismatic and attractive man, and I for one can certainly appreciate his many personal qualities ;o)

    You are so right to be dismissive about the Peter Snow video, that sort of stuff is just sad and sick. But then, I have to admit that most of today’s ‘political satire’ on the radio and TV leaves me stone cold and reaching for the off button.

    I’ve seen your note today where you explain that the nature of his work now means less opportunity for us to see him and to know what he’s doing, and I’ve certainly missed his almost daily appearances on TV and radio these last few months. Despite recent significant and interesting news, Northern Rock, opposition MP’s inveigled to advise, Party conferences etc., there still feels to be a huge gap where once we would look to him. Politics has lost a lot of impact without his presence.

    It did seem to me that as soon as the decision to go was decided, he began to quietly move into the background, allowing Gordon Brown to move forward and ‘into position’ so to speak, and although we regret his going very much, he left on his own terms after 10 years as PM, a considerable achievement. Then, as ever, he took the right decision for the party and country and slipped away with the minimum of disruption and upset, to accept and face a future of even more important challenges.

  2. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Hi Santha,

    And thanks so much for your lovely comment. I like to reply to comments since people have taken the time to put their thoughts on paper regarding the great man. Anyway, apart from talking to myself, this is the only place I can get much sensible discussion re “the former”! Can’t be doing with the regurgitated arguments on the anti side about … well everything and anything, but mainly Iraq.

    I think a lot of people already miss Blair – and the papers do – cos they haven’t got much to tell us about him now he’s a civvie. When he speaks next, it’ll be for money as in the Canada lunch. And why the hell not?! Good for him. We didn’t listen to his FREE advice, perhaps we’ll listen when it’s being paid for.

    I also find politics SO BORING now. And when PMQs really gets back – November, I think – a long summer holiday, eh – we WILL notice. I saw Blair a few weeks before he stepped down at PMQs. It wasn’t a hot sort of debate on anything, but he was SO good – SO courteous. And all the stuff about him not answering questions – it’s just junk. He answered everything absolutely directly.

    The others all seemed like also-rans to me.

    Of course you are right about the manner of his going – and it speaks volumes about him. An eye on the history books?

    I wrote a page yesterday about the Reptilian press, if you want to take a look. Feral creatures are warm-blooded – reptilian is much more to the point.

    That other nice chap – Peter Oborne of The Mail – is trying to cope post-blair, and just can’t quite manage it. He’s really annoyed that Blair and Brown actually kept chatting away at Princess Diana’s service. He obviously wanted them to sit in a silent huff! So, short of something useful to bemoan, he accused them of being rude because they ignored Sarah Brown in their conversations. THEY rude? Pots and kettles, eh?

    Scraping the barrel a bit here, Oborne, I reckon.

    Glad you enjoyed the videos. I’m working on another at the moment – but it takes time to find the bits I want and edit them. It’ll appear on this page when it’s done.

    Don’t know if I can follow the style of the “He’s Irresistible” one though – not in that fashion, anyway. That singer is just – well – too much!

    All the best.

  3. Santha Says:

    Hello again Blairsupporter.
    Thank you for responding so quickly. ;0)

    I would just like to pick up your point where you say…. “SO courteous. And all the stuff about him not answering questions – it’s just junk. He answered everything absolutely directly”….

    I do agree with that, and I understand that he was the first PM to make himself available for monthly press briefings. He also put himself forward for intense question/answer sessions to a number of senior committees in the HoC, which hardly suggested a PM who intended to be evasive, and didn’t want to be held accountable.

    I always made a point of watching the press briefings, and when I read their reports later, I often thought that I must have heard something quite different to the journalists.

    I much preferred the HoC sessions which were interesting and enlightening, and of course, had to be recorded accurately for Hansard.

    He was also accused of hesitating, allegedly for ‘effect’ when he spoke, but my interpretation was that he was just weighing his words very carefully, knowing that every single remark would be scrutinised, analysed and frequently misinterpreted.

    As for Oborne and the ‘Mail’. Of course he is unhappy. He, and other right wing commentators, had anticipated that once Brown took over as PM he would, as they say, ‘veer to the left’ and destroy TB’s legacy. But that was never on the cards. A little tinkering here and there perhaps, but basically both men are of the same mould, and Brown will continue where TB left off, in the political centre ground.

    So, all Oborne is left with is a puff piece “Gordon and Tony sat together chatting”…
    Oh dear.

  4. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Hi Santha,

    Oborne is at it again this morning publicising his book – NO? – in which this pleasant, mild-mannered and generally straight kind of a guy – rants on about the self centredness of politicians. I won’t be buying it, but I think he more or less implied that the system corrupts. When challenged by Matthew Taylor, ex-TB press, he said something to the effect, “I’m not saying that ALL politicians go into politics for the wrong reasons. Just that the system corrupts.”

    Taylor pointed out that the system had largely developed due to the press’s constant hounding of the individual politician. And since, “most political careers end in failure, it takes a special type of person to want to put themselves up for that”.

    Too right.

    He also said he’d never laughed so much in his life on reading Oborne’s book! Good gracious – must get down to the library. Could do a with a good laugh!

    Yes, all you say about Blair’s press conferences – and the Liaison Committee meetings is absolutely true.

    Nobody does it better, sometimes I wish someone would…

    And the last Liaison meeting was as good as any I have seen. You know he did those ENTIRELY without notes – over an hour and a half usually. And no press person sitting next to him.

    Amazing grasp of policy and detail.

    The liaison chairmen thanked him for his contributions in a way which was clearly heartfelt.

    I’d like to get a link to VIEW this last one- can’t find one anywhere. I think I have already posted the transcript. If you see a link anywhere, I’d appreciate the information.

    On your other point – if Brown is Blair Mark 2 – and I’m actually MORE annoyed about the disposal of Blair if that IS the case – wonder when those in Labour who wanted Blair out from the start will start to rail against Brown?

  5. Danny Says:

    Have you got any clips of Tony in Sierra Leone? You know when they were all chanting ‘Tony!Tony!’

  6. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    No, sorry. But if I find any I’ll post it here.

    Perhaps my regulars on here can let us know if they’ve seen any.

    Thanks for your visit, anyway.

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