Tony Blair “sings”. Put together cleverly, from the Labour Party conference.

Click the screen picture to start. Brilliantly done, Darling!

(Don’t be put off by the picture of David Cameron – he only has a supporting role)

Bush & Blair – “Endless Love”

I don’t subscribe to the sentiment here, but it does sound like Mr Bush. As for Mr Blair – well, maybe not!

If you like watching these videos, go here and scroll down to watch a Song To Mandelson.

Or click here if you want to see more of Tony Blair’s Party Conference speeches – they were HIS BEST EVER.

White House Correspondents Association Dinner, 2006

A friend in the states sent me this youtube video

Very funny. I think you’ll enjoy it too. It proves that as well as the language – y’know – Amurican – we share a sense of humour with our friends across the pond.The biggest surprise to me was that George Bush can laugh at his own expense. Good for him.Wonder if we could get a Blair impersonator to do the same thing for the PM?

You can make your own comics at this site – Witty Comics. Click any of the links below to see what you can do. It only takes a few minutes.

1 Blair & Bush on the Moon

2 Forgiven?

3 Bush’s Special Delivery


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