14th March 2007 – Nuclear Power Debate – Commons

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Thursday 15th March, 2007

The government won the debate on Trident, as we knew it would with Conservative backing. Such a shame that (old) Labour seems to be going backwards on this issue. The rebels claim to represent their voters, yet still a majority of people in this country in all recent polls want to retain our nuclear deterrent. And the question of the cost is a red herring. The idea that “not spending money” on this, or that, means that we see more in hospitals, schools or other worthy issues always seems crazy to me. If it’s needed, we’ll find it anyway. We always do. And do you really think that we’d notice a drop in taxes, or even council tax, if we chopped Trident?

And as for the idea that the rebel vote shows that “Tony Blair is a lame duck”. Well, as I have mentioned in the past, lame ducks never flew so high.

Despite the government being supported by the majority of its backbenchers, press emphasis is on the revolting backbenchers(!) The press often calls for more inclusive government and cross-party agreement, but that only applies it would seem, if it applies to policies THEY hope will benefit. It evidently does NOT apply when it’s something their editorial stance dislikes – such as in the Tory support of the nuclear issue. Silly fools! Here’s the link to their great anti-Blair tome.

Tuesday 13th March, 2007Nuclear Power Debate in Parliament tomorrow

Some Greenpeace activists used a floating crane to hoist themselves into a position where they could be seen by MPs inside the Commons. Just in case they needed reminding what they’re voting about, I suppose?

As for the rather simplistic riposte that “Tony loves WMDs”, well I suppose he does. In the way same that we ALL love any preventative measure – medicines, immunisation, global climate control etc – which might prevent, or more probably will prevent, or even already HAS helped prevent a deadlier outcome.

“Love” is NOT the only operative word in real life politics.

Despite two Labour high-profile (though I’ve never heard of them) ministers resigning over the issue , the government is almost guaranteed to win the vote tomorrow due to Conservative backing.


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