Blair Future? A Class Act

7th May, 2006


Listen here to Tony Blair podcast with Bob Geldof.

When he leaves office Tony Blair might get to work on some of the endless problems that are the Africa continent. Should keep him busy for a few decades! Perhaps we’ll know soon.

4th May, 2007

Well that’s it then. Elections over. In the next few days will come the fix between the parties in Scotland and Wales.

Next week it’ll be the announcement from the PM about his retirement plans. Maybe then we’ll have an idea what he’s likely to be doing after he leaves office.

27th January, 2007

I wrote this on 29th October, 2006

It seems people are wondering what the Prime Minister will do when he finally leaves Downing Street.

Some think he is seriously considering an acting career.

Well, he’d no doubt make an excellent actor. I agree he has that natural talent; it is one of the main reasons that he has been so successful. His presentation is unmatched in politics. And of course he has more charisma in the knife wounds in his back than all the other “prospective” prime ministerial candidates combined.

He touches the parts other politicians can’t, and thus the voters who wouldn’t necessarily vote for his party. Or at least he did. So, now that the floating voter and much of his own party seem to have had enough of the curtain calls of Mr Blair, perhaps he does consider his political career over. I wouldn’t blame him for that, though I’d still hope for his political return in some way in the future.

He’s still young enough and has the looks to command the screen, and it seems Arnold Schwartzenneger has his eye on him for a film. Wouldn’t it be ironic if he got an Oscar for playing some classy part, when now he is taking the final curtain for being that class act?

Go for it Mr Blair! And if you play yourself you’d have a tale of intrigue to tell, I’m sure.

(I’m not stopping this blog though until I hear for definite that his political career is definitely over. Don’t hold your breath!)

Maybe he’ll even make a political come-back! I recall his words in his 2006 party conference – “Wherever I am, whatever I do, I’m with you”. (Right Here Waiting …?)

I will be right here waiting for you “Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do…”
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