A Gordonly Transition?


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9th July, 2007

AN ORDERLY TRANSITIONap_blairbrown_25sept06.jpg

Well the orderly transition has taken place. Hey presto – the country has a ‘new’ Prime Minister as from 27th June. Twelve days on and Blair is history, Brown perhaps less of a mystery.

Well done Mr Blair for making the transition as you said you would – orderly.

Now – can you advise me what you’re taking to get over it all? I could do with some of it.

2nd November, 2006

Noises coming out of Westminster are that Gordon Brown won’t face a challenge for the leadership. Well, fancy that. Since he has the backing of the unions and much of the party’s activists (don’t ask me why – I prefer loyal allies) he has in the oft-used phrase these days, a shoo-in.

The Milibands of this world think the leadership at this time is a poisoned chalice and the Reids think they’d get a humiliating vote if they stood against Brown. And since the conference and Tony Blair’s exceptional speech, all of the kids have been well-behaved, so they don’t want to start scrapping again in an election campaign! So better the “orderly transition” that the PM had hoped for from the beginning. About time they started listening to him.

You all know what I think. The one candidate worth having is already in place. But, since I’m evidently inhabiting cloud-cuckoo-land, I’ll just have to hope for “events”.

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