Death of glue-less, clueless Labour? And Wiki entry 2050


[IS IT INTERNECINE WAR – ALREADY? Charles Clarke’s broadside on Ed Balls]

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20th April, 2008


Maybe. But the prognosis doesn’t look too good right now.


Following a long and valiant struggle against a longstanding and deep-seated malaise which resurfaced after years in obeyance, the Labour party has lost its fight for life. Pummelled on all sides by uncontrollable forces, the cancer in its midst which had seemingly been banished, returned with a vengeance. Exacerbated by inner angst, leaderless over-ambition and a loss of direction, its epitaph is likely to be – “tried, but could have done better.”

Labour’s “death” announcement might just be premature. I certainly hope so. But I fear that the inner turmoil which the governing party has brought upon itself – and it IS self-inflicted – is possibly terminal.

And none of it need have happened. NONE of it.

And if Brown wasn’t the answer, what wasn’t the question?

You got it – “When are you going to f**k off, Tony?”

A BIG, BIG mistake! Not because of its coarseness, although I haven’t heard reports of Blair ever abusing people in this way, but because it was wrong that anyone, least of all Brown, had such barefaced cheek and undue vanity to think he could step into Blair’s shoes so easily. He never could have done, or should have done. And now he knows it, as do the rest of us. Recent and even long-standing reports of his moods, bullying and … not to put too fine a point on it, allegedly almost violent temperament, made that clear to everyone, except to those who should have shot him down in flames years ago.

Feeling guilty, Mr Blair? It’s always your fault – so you might as well own up. You should have shafted him years ago, while you had the chance, rather than letting him and his Little People do it to you. But I expect you know that already.



So what if some of them had to hold their noses using this glue? Better that, than not breathing at all.

Had they listened to such as me, an outsider, where would they and we be?

Well, Tony Blair would still be leading the Labour party and the country. He would still probably, be unpopular amongst many traditionalists within his party and the anti-war people across the spectrum. He would still be criticised as being too close to Bush. But, the Labour party, and thus the government would be “in control” and not driving blindfold to the cliff edge.

People knew where Blair stood on values and direction, whether we agreed with him or not. We knew we had a competent leader for our country, and for the values of much of the west. And we knew that outwardly he would not compromise even if at times he himself doubted.


As I said here when the crowd of useless nonentities caused Mr Blair to make his announcement in September 2006 that he would ‘stand down within a year’, communicative abilities are of the utmost importance. No point the little leftie liberal intelligentsia casting aspersions on that as though that ability is inconsequential. It is, imho, THE MOST consequential attribute for a politician. Vision, values, direction, strength of character, learning, empathy – NONE of them matter a jot – if you can’t get your message over.

And where else would we be if we still had PM Blair?

There would have been no abortive election, as happened when Brown took the reins. So, the very idea that another election was due would not have been raised in the minds of the commentariat and the voters.

There would have been no attempt at “re-alignment” of the USA/UK relationship, with the vision of a moody and distant Brown trying to put Bush in his place. This tactic has re-bounced badly on Brown, and his recent visit attempting to re-balance back again, has actually made it all worse. Brown looks weak, unprincipled and indecisive. And he is not exactly trusted by the Americans, despite their ‘diplomacy-speak’.

There would have been no problems of the Deputy Leadership campaign resulting from Brown’s shoo-in as Labour leader. Three of the five deputy leadership candidates were accused of at least bad management of their financial records in that campaign, Harriet Harman, Alan Johnson & Peter Hain, the last of whom having since resigned in some disgrace.

The Northern Rock situation would have turned out VERY differently under Blair. Public ownership would likely never have been pursued. It would have been against ALL of Blair’s instincts, and here, because of the repercussions for government, his alternative choices would have prevailed. Brown would not have worried about taking the flak here, as Blair would have been the front-man and would have explained the situation, while Brown did the behind-the-scenes organising.

There would still have been a “credit crunch” which originated in the USA but is having serious repercussions for the British economy. But Brown, under Blair’s calming control, would possibly have been better able to concentrate on an area in which he had some understanding. Instead we have had the present chancellor, Alistair Darling, presumably highly influenced still by Brown, (something Brown was NOT under Blair), on a damage limitation exercise of little real credibility, trying to direct the slings and arrows away from the present prime minister/ past chancellor. After all it was the previous chancellor, Brown, who made the financial decisions for this country. This diversion task of Darling’s is stacked high with hurdles popping up like ugly jacks-in-the-box, as in a child’s nightmare.

And the 10p tax band problem? Well, if Brown had not spent much of 2006 and 2007 concentrating on doing Blair in, whilst trying to avoid anyone noticing the dagger in his hands, there might have been more thought put into the likely repercussions of this crazy, un-Labour like decision. And if Blair had not been so busy pulling those daggers out of his own back, and if he had been consulted on the 10p tax backtrack by Brown, he’d likely have warned against this policy. As it is, Blair probably saw the kickback coming and left Brown to reap the harvest of his own sowing, as Brown had taken the credit for earlier, better-judged finance decisions. Brown, of course, while presenting the 2007 budget was expecting to call his own election shortly after taking the reins a couple of months later in his uncontested new post as PM. He’d then have been safe for a 4/5 year term, leaving the hardest hit, low-income Labour supporters to get used to it.

It all goes back to this:


Whether Brown thought he would be returned with a lower majority than Blair had in 2005, and couldn’t stomach the ensuing ribbing, or whether he really thought he would not be returned at all, both of these options now look preferable to his present predicament. Faced with party and parliamentary revolts over the 10p tax rate cut and over the 42 days terror legislation, he must be thinking how good life was when Tony was there, and he, Brown, was but a grumbling, menacing presence offside.

(Imaginary) Wikipedia entry, 2050:


The Labour Party was founded in 1900 and disbanded in 2011 after its defeat at the general election of the previous year caused internecine warfare between Blairites, Brownite cohorts and the Old resurgent Left. Its position as an ongoing force was fatally compromised by the narrow Conservative win under David Cameron. Cameron was then forced by the third party, the Liberal Democrats, to accept proportional representation in return for their parliamentary support in a hung parliament. A Daily Mail opinion poll suggested that most people would prefer to hang them all, starting with the Liberal Democrats. But the MPs called on the Human Rights Act (still in force at that time) and were spared to fight another day.


Since that coalition agreement the Liberal Democrats were part of the ‘British’ government at each ensuing general election until Scotland became independent in 2020, followed by Wales in 2030. Britain is now a leading country in historic terms only, and is governed by Sharia Law, with no democracy or MPs except in name only, to pacify the sentiments of the few remaining historically attached natives. The Liberal Democrats continued in this fashion, until both they and the Conservatives were defeated by Sheikh Mustav Bin Inevitable in 2040. They then joined forces to pursue the policies of the WhoCaresAboutDemocracyDotCom party – to be found on the NotExactlyFree.internet at This modern, forward-looking grouping is an amalgamation of leftists, anarchists, Islamists, and Guardian journalists formed in 2010, under the colour- and sex- balanced joint leadership of Simon Jenkins and Shami Chakrabarti, later replaced by shoo-in Oh-Bin Laden, 57th Variety.

When Sharia Law was introduced into what had been the United Kingdom, after 50% + one of the population voted for it, a fatwa was issued by the Old Democrats on that one voter. The spokesman for the ODs, BlairSupporter99, whilst eschewing violence, said, “Whoever finds him or her will be up for a reward of 72 virgins in the afterlife and perhaps one or two in this life, if we can find any over 12.”


Under the inspired leadership of A.C.L. Blair, and following Blair’s first victory of three in 1997, for what he described as ‘New Labour’, the party, after 18 years in opposition, had established itself as the ‘natural party of government’. Over the ten years of Mr Blair’s leadership it quickly became the epitome of centrist and forward-looking policies, which the other parties copied unashamedly. Mr Blair was forced to retire from the premiership early, in June 2007, by some in his party said to be led by a BrownBalls coalition of the willing. Only two years into Blair’s third, and historical election victory, the leadership passed in a bloodless coup and without a general election to Gordon Brown. Mr Brown had been the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Blair’s government for an unprecedented ten years and had been considered by many, for a while, as a particularly successful finance minister.


In 2009 Mr Blair took on the presidency & figurative leadership of the European Union and a year later influenced and persuaded the then British government, the Conservative/Lib-Dem coalition to join the euro currency members of the EU. This decision had been stopped between 1997 and 2007 by Brown’s infamous ‘five economic tests’ – a device set up by Brown with the express aim of being insurmountable by the much more pro-Europe Blair.

Mr Brown retired in 2010 after two and a half years as Prime Minister and leader of the Labour party, to spend more time with his family and books. They (the family), like to visit him regularly in his “retreat” in the Scottish borders, where he is considered safe from marauding Blairites, and the nurses are particularly caring. Mr Blair has recently set up a Foundation Trust in their name –  ‘The Tony Blair Carers of the Carers Foundation’.

Mr Blair went on to lead the climate change debate and persuaded China and India to participate in measures to hold down Carbon Emissions. Mr Emissions has since been released. Blair also led the Middle East peace settlement of 2014 to conclusion, resulting in a settled democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as peace in Palestine, Israel and Lebanon. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017.

He turned down the offer of standing for the American presidency in 2018, despite the willingness of the American constitutionalists to re-write their rules specifically for him. He said, “Europe, having banished terrorism, and about to embrace Isamicism, is now the centre of the free world. I wish to continue to offer my support in this arena, whilst keeping close links with our American allies.”


Following an assassination attempt in 2019, in which he was shaken but not stirred, Mr Blair turned to God even more than previously, in search of peace, salvation, and more reliable security guards. He has spent most of his active years since then in the search for worldwide religious tolerance, through his Faith Foundation. The would-be assassin, of Lincoln’s Inn, London, a deranged barrister, was sent to Iran for an extended holiday, and ordered to ski uphill and indoors on a dry ski slope, all day every day for life, without so much as a glass of gluhwein to break the monotony. The weapon intended to kill the former PM was a toothpick dipped in polonium. Fortunately, when the assailant lunged the tiny, cherry tipped implement at Mr Blair, the “One-a-Day-For-Allah” or “God2U&Me” pledge cards he was carrying in his breast pocket saved his life. None of the cards suffered serious damage from the radioactive component. ‘Inshallah/God Be Praised’, said bystanders. Mr Blair’s words were indecipherable, though he was advised against swallowing the cherry.

The miscreant legal would-be assassin’s punishment was considered more severe than the then recently re-introduced death penalty. The ultimate penalty was brought back by the Lib Dem/Tory coalition, following social unrest in 2015, after the re-assessment, re-balancing and reserving for “true believers” only, of the earlier derided Human Rights Act. The routing of the legal establishment, and their weekly re-training sessions at Blair’s Sports Foundation for all upright citizens resulted in the Hanging Judges returning in force.

‘By the people, for the people’, a phrase once used by former British colonialists in the New AmerAsia continent, had become the mantra in the EU election of the previous year. Following the election as MEPs for life of Geert Wilders and Boris Johnson and one or two other blue-eyed blonds, Human Rights were considered surplus to requirements in such company.


The present Pope, Pope Henrietta, has recently put forward the name of Tony Blair for beatification, after consultation and agreement with the Imams of Caliphate, a suburb of Vatican City, now stretching from Rome to the Netherlands. Unprecedented move from Her Holiness, as the would-be Saint Tony isn’t dead yet.

Lady Antoinette Blair, granddaughter of Tony Blair and the present Spin Meistress to the British UnGovernment’s NonPrime Minister, Hadju All, has greeted the announcement thus:

“My grandfather was a great prime minister”.

Sir Tony himself, aged 97, was recently knighted by King William of East Londonistan, the suburb to which the remaining few dhimmis have been sent to repent, Coventry and Canterbury having being demolished because they started with the letter “C”, which was considered far too reminiscent of ‘Christianity & Catholicism’.

The former PM, wearing his Tony Blair Sports Foundation t-shirt said, after completing the annual marathon around the periphery of the Olympic Mosque, East Londonistan:

“I hope people will remember me as a good man, and that I tried.”

So that is that. The end.

See the present Wikipedia entry for The Labour Party

See Wikipedia entry, 2050, Labour Party – dedicated page here.


And just to clarify WHY I suggest that the Labour party is imploding – read this from the left-leaning Compass “think tank”:

Compass says: “There is an alternative – and it’s called Socialism”

And this from The Labour-supporting Guardian


We should remember, we who are casually liberal with the keyboard, and that includes me, that politicians are people too:

John Prescott admits to suffering from bulimia

This unexpected news – how did he keep it from the press for so long? – is in the former Deputy PM’s book, just released. Bulimic for a number of years, he says he was only “cured ” of this illness a year ago, while still Deputy PM. Well done, Mr Prescott for sharing this.

Has it all been too much for Des Browne, the Foreign & Scottish Secretary? Reported to be resting for a week following a particularly difficult interview with John Humphrys on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’, Friday 11th April, when the normally calm Defence/Scottish Secretary seemed to lose his patience, even sounding rather confused.

I like Des Browne, and I DO get irritated at Humphry’s heavy handed approach to politicians. He treats people in politics as the enemy with whom he has been forced to engage and against whom he must score highly to prove himself a worthy opponent. Still, like Jeremy Paxman, he gets to the core of many an issue and is a brilliant operator in his field. I just wish he didn’t give me the impression that if one of his ‘victims’ dropped dead of a panic attack in his studio, he’d just say something like, “Right. Well, so it’s goodbye from him, then.”

Tony Blair, when times were politically tough, was hospitalized twice with a heart scare. First in October 2003 – and then again, a year later. On the second occasion he was treated under general anaesthetic, during which time, (the PM being unconscious and presumably not able to keep an eye on Brown), the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott took charge of the country. Well, we, Mr Blair and Mr Prescott came through it all without World War Three breaking out.

And while we’re on the Humphrys topic, one of the best interviews I heard with a politician was at the height of the shameful and dishonourable Cash for Honours investigation which left Blair the first British PM to be questioned by Police, February 2007. Humphrys started his interview with the then PM in this accusatory tone, “We can’t go on like this”. Blair’s contributions included the memorable, “I am not going to plead for my integrity … beg for my character.” In the end, no charges were laid against anyone under investigation.

For my money the Scottish Nationalist Party and Plaid Cymru MPs responsible for raising the issue got away with character assassination. They should have been accused of wasting Police time. As a Scot, I am deeply disturbed and ashamed at the behaviour of the two nationalist MPs responsible.

Is Gordon Brown depressed? Certainly tired, anyway, as pictured here at a recent UN meeting.

If he’s not feeling low right now – he almost certainly should be

Dreaming of the way we were? You might enjoy this video I put together of some of The Wordsmith’s memorable phrases.


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  3. Stan Says:

    Brilliant, BS. You’ve really excelled yourself this time. Deserves a wide audience. Although being a paid up Labour member I don’t agree with everything.

  4. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Thank you, Stan. At least I have ONE friend!


  5. Karen Mckenzie Says:

    This is a well thought out post very sensible if only there were more people like us the world would be a better place. Maybe in a different life you could have been a journalist

  6. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your thoughts. There ARE more people like us, but some of them are still worried about “coming out”.

    One day soon you’ll hear the refrain:

    “I knew I was dealing with it when I finally admitted it to myself. After all it’s not quite as life-threatening as being a drinker or a smoker or having an eating disorder. So I’ve even told the wife.

    And I’ve now joined the BA (Blairites Anonymous) Society. I confess – I AM a Blairite. “

    Journalism? Sort of been there. Didn’t always like the company.

    Keep in touch, please.

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  9. Ava Blair Says:

    Congratulations to Tories!
    Although Tony Blair had performed some right hand politics – he could have won the fourth election. That means people liked him much better than Gordon Brown. Brown claimed that he could rule the country so well but Labour party lost the poll.

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