Labour members call for Blair RETURN as PM via Glenrothes by-election


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14th September, 2008


“If we want to win the next election we need to be prepared to be bold. Blair must be persuaded to stand in Glenrothes.”

I refuse to get excited about this as it’s highly unlikely to happen, for all sorts of reasons. But if you don’t think this is an amazing post at ‘Labour Home’, you have little imagination.

For a start there’s Lindsay Roy the present prospective parliamentary candidate for Glenrothes (report from two weeks ago). I don’t know what he thinks of this suggestion, but I can imagine.  He’d have to stand down willingly, for a start.  And then there’s the local constituency selection process – ALL OVER AGAIN – which presumably would have to be gone through.

Mr Roy is the headteacher of Gordon Brown’s old school and a friend of Gordon’s!

Were the phone lines busy this weekend?


‘Labour have chosen the headteacher of Gordon Brown’s former school as its candidate to fight the Glenrothes byelection, in a contest which will help decide the fate of Brown’s premiership.

The headteacher at Kirkcaldy high school, Lindsay Roy, was overwhelming backed by party members tonight after emerging last week as a surprise nominee to fight the seat left vacant by the death of the Labour MP John MacDougall.

Roy, 59, a friend of the prime minister, was given Brown’s personal blessing to stand. His selection will kick-start a long and drawn out byelection campaign, with Labour insiders predicting the byelection will be called for late October or early November.’

I’m dumbstruck. In fact, I think this is my shortest post ever.

Wonder if he’s really smiling at all of this?

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7 Responses to “Labour members call for Blair RETURN as PM via Glenrothes by-election”

  1. Stan Says:

    Well, De Gaulle came back from the dead so who knows? Says a lot about the support and affection for him that still remains in Labour’s ranks, though.

  2. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Yep. Sure does!

  3. margaret walters Says:

    the fact that it’s even been thought of is what’s surprising and possibly the labour mp’s who had him chucked out were not right that the grassroots wanted to get rid of him, but wanted him to stay. the liberals want a national government. perhaps blair could lead that

  4. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    I thought it was Michael White at the Guardian who suggested the national government? Whatever, it’s a pipedream, imho.

  5. Gurpreet Kaur Sidana Says:

    Dear Supporters of Tony Blair,
    Don’t you think it is a great opportunity for us to make Tony Blair stand for Glenrothes election to build him back as UK and EU PM as it is comes in a divine way where Bill can’t stop, Bush is out and Brown has come down in ratings.
    Our pride is restored back to us with Blair winning the Glenrothes election and coming back as PM in our world as his policies have got better results and his accomplishments have brought him back in UK and European politics.
    We don’t want Gurdeeps and Meenals to ruin our world which is far more accomplished than these sexy beasts can ever become as their aim ends in just throwing human world with lies and cheapness, which in reality is their cheapness only but they want to call us the “sinners”.Let sinners be called sinners and not put their sins on us to stop our growth as human beings and to harass us for the killings they do of human hearts.

    It’s a pipedream as Michael White says and we have been given divine justice in our aims to build better human hearts and cares which the kinds of Gurdeeps and Meenals don’t.
    It ia a bigger divine calling for which we must go ahead with full zest and heart and put our world in place of accomplishments in place.

    Love and care,
    Gurpreet Kaur Sidana.

  6. Karen Mckenzie Says:

    It will never happen tony has left British politics for good but i wish he would make a comeback.

  7. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    To Gurpreet – Thank you for this.

    I think a lot of us would love this, but the reality is that it is highly unlikely. Not YET, anyway.

    There may come a time in a few years. He’s still young enough. And Labour, if they lose the next election as expected, will enter a period of soul searching and internecine warfare until someone comes along to get a grip.

    I still fail to see who that could be, apart from Blair.

    And if he’s then EU president – still a big “if” – he may not be in the market.

    But I know he wants New Labour to be a great historical reference and not just seen as a blip led by a political genius who was overthrown by his own. So there will be a fightback by some of those onside, anyway, if not by him.

    By the way, I had to do a search on your names above, in case those names were referring to some particular people that I had failed to recognise. I then realised that they are just Indian male & female names.

    I think I get your point.

    Though, not to put too fine a point on it, perhaps it’s the Mohammeds, Mohammads and Muhammeds we should be more concerned about!

    And to Karen – yes, agreed on both points. Tragic really, imho.

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