Confession: On Milburn – ‘it was The Sun wot done it’. Blair: “It was YOU b…….”


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    17th November, 2008



    “Did you know that it was the Sunday Sun that started that rumour?” asks the northeast’s newspaper’s journalist of the former prime minister.

    “It was YOU b*******?” came the smiling, slightly astonished response.

    “Right. I want to launch an official complaint” , Mr Blair jests, continuing, “I used to get so much stick over that.”


    ‘DID Tony Blair ever claim to have sat at the Gallowgate End and watch Jackie Milburn play?  Mr Blair has always denied ever making such a claim yet the rumour, like that of Peter Mandelson mistaking mushy peas for guacamole, has failed to go away. The former PM’s critics have always argued Mr Blair made up the claim to enhance his credentials as a man of the people. No matter how many times he denied making the comment, journalists and political rivals refused to let the rumour die and he was unable to disprove he ever said it… until now.’

    The rotten swines!

    A bit late now, chaps – about 12 years late, considering the journalist who misled by design or error is no longer with you! Couldn’t you have put us right on this before?

    And think about it … maybe your little bit of fun and games caused the whole country to start losing faith in this man, with the ensuing “lies, lies and more lies” stuff that dogged his premiership!

    Joking aside, it is still a responsibility for this paper to bear, even though Mr Blair himself made light of it and gave a possible explanation as to the confusion.  Today his Sports Foundation in the region is already bringing in results.

    The Sunday Sun, like the rest of us, evidently didn’t know how to cherish a good thing when they had it, did they?

    To think it was The Sun wot done it! (originally referred to Conservatives’ unexpected 1992 victory)

    Perhaps now other newspapers – say, the nationals – will be tempted to come clean and spill the beans on their parts in lying about Tony Blair? After all, it looks like he won’t even make an ‘official complaint’ to his erstwhile local over this own goal.

    Far too busy  messing about with balls and such through his sports foundation. And anyway, there are just SO many lies to undo, the nationals wouldn’t know where to start.


    Unsurprisingly, Tony has had more success in building his foundation than in one of his other roles . . . working for a lasting peace in the Middle East.

    When the foundation was launched, Tony wanted to recruit one adult each day to gain formal qualifications in coaching youngsters, with 50 per cent of the coaching costs paid for.


    The footballing Wallsend Girls Club team proud to be members of 'Wallsend Boys Club'


    Mr Blair said he believed that sport had kept him physically and mentality fit and helped him cope with his previous job

    He said: “We have actually exceeded the target for the first year.

    “We aimed to get just over 350 people to come in and become volunteers or coaches for grass-roots sport, and we give them proper training to do that. We have got just under 400, so we reckon we have done pretty well.

    “We do have some good facilities but we don’t have the people who are prepared to come along and be the coaches, so we pay half of the coaching course for them and we encourage them and we place them with grass-roots organisations.”

    Read the complete article on Mr Blair’s passion for sport

    And last week this article’s editor, Roopinder Tara, on meeting Mr Blair, laid aside his original journalistic scepticism to find it replaced by self confessed starstruck elation.


    Mr Blair with Clement Nshubijeho & John Rugambo learning about their Gasabo 3D business in Kigali, Rwanda, November 14, 2008

    Even this Telegraph writer almost … almost sees the error of his ways in “Tony Blair speaks sense”. Pity Tim Butcher has to spoil his useful thoughts with the wrong conclusion.

    Still, it’s a start.

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