Sharia Law for UK – OK say Anjem Choudary AND English Barrister Hockman


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28th November, 2008

UPDATE 4th January, 2009Choudary says he will organise a march through Wootton Bassett, the town where the bodies of soldiers killed in Afghanistan are repatriated. Oh no he won’t. The moment he said he was NOT British but Islamic (that is HIS nationality) was the moment he LOST all rights to protest in this liberal democracy, particularly in that particular English town.

Leading English barrister & ‘friend’ say Sharia Law should be introduced to UK

So say Anjem Choudary, leading Islamist radical, based in London, AND Stephen Hockman, leading legal “brain”, also based in London. But why, since we have, allegedly, fewer than 5% Muslims in Britain? Of course you may be thinking this is OLD news since we already have at least FIVE Sharia courts in Britain, sneaked in by the government without mention in ANY election manifesto. But Hockman’s call is for Sharia to be of equal validity to English/Scots law. A whole different ball game.

WHO is Anjem Choudary?


"Have more babies" ... then there will be no need to take over the UK using violence

THIS man, who said “The next 9/11 will be in the UK”

THIS man, who echoes Omar Bakri’s aim that the flag of Sharia will fly over Downing Street by 2020 as “500 people a day were converting to Islam” and laughs that Muslim families in places like Whitechapel and Bethnal Green in east London were having “10 or 12 children each”.

THIS man, who held his hate filled meeting in London recently WITHOUT THE AUTHORITIES BEING AWARE.

THIS man, who leads barbaric fundamentalist Islamism in Britain and is still FREE (watch videos.)

1. Choudary threatens “all out war” (1m 19s)

2. Lying Choudary on 9/11 (29secs)

3. Choudary’s “intellectual analysis on America, the election & “apostate” Obama. The flaw, he says,  is that it is “man-made law. Diatribe on Israel & “living in my house”. Odd that HE is still living in MY country (house), while some of us are now “living in the garden” (9m 47s)

4. “Islam Will Dominate” Attempt to convert passers-by to Islam in Trafalgar Square under Nelson’s Column (8m 53s)

THIS man, who immediately following the terrorist bombings of 7/7/05 said: “when we say ‘innocent people’ we mean Muslims … if you are a non-Muslim then you’re guilty of not believing in God”. (10 seconds) into this video, Anjem Choudary talks about the Islamist terrorist attacks –  7/7/2005 in London, at which 52 were killed on trains and buses, and hundreds injured.


The London bus attacked by a suicide bomber - one of Choudary's "innocent people", no doubt - 7/7/2005


I took this picture in November 2008 at the site of the Russell Square terrorist suicide attack where 13 died and dozens were injured. A terrorist attack made by a fully signed up follower of Sharia Law. Some of us WON'T forget, Mr Hockman.

WHO is Stephen Hockman QC?


Stephen Hockman QC, recent Bar Council Chairman and leading barrister, is on Sharia's and Choudary's side. The Enemy Within.

This man is a COMMERCIAL lawyer and a QC, appointed by Her Majesty. Hockman’s address and contact details are here, and his e-mail address in case you’d like to tell him what you think about his lack of support for English Law and his support for Sharia in OUR land. For me he epitomises The Enemy Within.


The Queen should be considering charges for treason prior to handing the crown to her multi-faith leader/follower son Charles. But for that she’d need advice and even permission from the present government. And we can hear the silence of The Brown government – loud and clear.

This Independent article looks at the Crown Prosecution’s then considerations on using the ancient Treason Act following the 7/7/05 London bombings. Of course, like Blair’s 90 Days Detention Bill and his attempts to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir, it all came to nothing under onslaught from such legal-lights as Shami Chakrabarti and others. We will ALL live to regret such pressure by the unelected legal left on Blair’s government.

Between and amongst them they have managed to put the fear of Allah into Brown’s government and Cameron’s opposition.

‘Launching court cases under the Treason Act would mean dusting down legislation so venerable that it was originally written in Norman French. The threat by the Crown Prosecution Service to use the medieval statute against so-called “preachers of hate” in the 21st century has startled politicians, lawyers and human rights groups.

1351 The Treason Act was passed by the English Parliament during the reign of Edward III, shortly after the start of the Hundred Years’ War against France. It established offences of high treason, punishable by execution and the forfeiture of all property to the Crown, and of petty treason.

A person was guilty of high treason if he plotted the death of the sovereign, waged war against the crown or gave “aid and comfort” to the monarch’s enemies.’

Meanwhile, the Conservative party is quieter still on these issues. And it never crosses the radar of the Liberal Democrats, who have never had the opportunity to run this country for almost a century, thank all that’s holy! Interesting too that the meeting below was held in the Liberal Club. David Lloyd George must have been turning in his grave as in that historic building Choudary & Hockman urged handing Britain lock, stock and barrel to our enemies.

Hockman is referred to here by a commenter at Harry’s Place in an article dealing with more Enemies Within and their writing at The Guardian … where else?  To the commenter there Hockman’s words are “more worrying”.

Islam for the UK website announcing Wednesday night’s meeting

I have taken the liberty of copying this page announcing the “debate” at the website of “Islam For The UK”

Not because it boasts Anjem Choudary, that known inciter of hatred of Britain and the British, as the main speaker ahead of Stephen Hockman QC, but because of the comment and interchange between the page writer and Saleem, a Muslim commenter who criticises the people involved in this “movement”. Saleem is told by another commenter named Muslimah that “England and its cronies” are to blame for all the “poor, widows and needy”. Saleem is invited to a meeting on Sunday to be ‘publically lashed’ by the commenter Bilal.

This from the religion of peace … proponents of hate.


Debate: Whether the UK Should Have Full Shari’ah Law (25/11/08) (as found here)

What is this debate about?

Indeed, many have speculated at the possibility of the full implementation of the shari’ah within the UK. As a result, a much needed debate has been organised to talk about the consequences of shari’ah law being implemented in the UK and its ramifications on the wider population.

Who are the Speakers?

1) Anjem Choudary – Chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers and Judge of the Shari’ah Court of the UK

2) Stephen Hockman QC – Leading Commercial Lawyer

3) Gina Khan – Womens Rights Activist

4) Douglas Murray – Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion

Where is it?

The National Liberal Club

When is it?

Tuesday 25th November 2008, 7pm onwards.


…, what u guys doing in this country, i’ve got friends
November 24, 2008
what u guys doing in this country, i’ve got friends from pakistan who behave like you, there all bunch of hypocrites, they eat paan, smoke, listen to bollywood and frequent nightclubs, even though some of them are married, the fact that u guys think your superior to everybody else just shows how arrogant u are, a little humility is in order and with the attitude your brainwashed leader mr anjem choudhary and u guys possess its no wonder, your gettin know where, islam is a religion of peace, of helpin the poor and widows, giving food to the needy
u guys should be grateful to your hosts England, where u live and claim benefits, whilst cheatin the system on the side, when the sahabas were persecuted in medina and took sanctuary in ethiopia did they behave like you guys did, no they showed respect to there host, i wish there was a way, i could guys like u deported, u make my blood boil as a muslim man whose been given so much by the people of this country, u guys ruinin my fun with your hardcore fanatical 1926 belief, you have noticed haven’t u that we live on the year 2008.

re: saleem, What are you doing this country? You forget
November 25, 2008
What are you doing this country? You forget that Islam is superior and NOTHING will supercede it.

Saleem there would be no poor, widows or needy if it wasnt for England its cronies in the first place. Dont you know the history of Islam? there was a time when there was no more wealth to be distributed because there was enough to go around.

Rasoolallah (saw) lived under the Quraysh, took what was given to him, did he ever show gratitude to them? He and the Sahabah never ever compromised on their deen. Where exactly would you deport people to? The racism becomes clear all of a sudden. And Allah says in Surah Baqarah ‘Do not take the Jews and Christians as your friends’

How dare you say that your blood boils at other Muslims? It is well known that the Messenger’s (saw) face would go red when he saw the munkar in society – and that munkar was anything that is un-Islamic.

A Muslim is the one who speaks with Quran and Sunnah – but wait – your proud first, then your british, THEN your Muslim. An identity crisis i the making


RE: what u guys doing in this country – saleem, November
November 25, 2008
Saleem, come to the conference on Sunday the 30th so that you can be publicly lashed insha’ Allah.

You don’t even know the definition of “hypocrite”. Look in the mirror, you’ll see one.


If after reading the above interchange and having a scour around the internet, you may be dismayed or surprised by the lack of complaints from many in the British online community about this barrister’s words.

But WHY?

Why are you dismayed or surprised?

The lack of awareness is par for the course in liberal Britain.

This is Britain today – feeble, lacking in moral fortitude, hamstrung by over-attachment to Free Speech, whipped into submission under a torrent of civil and human rights misguided judgements which seem aimed at assisting those AGAINST our country’s interests.

The political classes, if they think at all on these issues, are dominated by and have been brainwashed by such as Choudary and the legal profession’s Hockman. Other lawyers, such as this one, who in February called on Al Qaeda to kill Tony Blair, have little comprehension of their inheritance in our country OR of their responsibilities.

Today, our politicians are letting us down badly. Why? Ethnic votes in the inner cities and/or fear of social unrest.

SOCIAL UNREST? Sadly, I have to warn our silent politicians, they ain’t seen nothing yet.

We have opened the back door and welcomed in Sharia Law and Finance, and all they will bring with it into our once great land.


Daily Express reminds readers of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Sharia “unavoidable” proclamation in February and the then Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips’ view that Sharia could play a role in the British justice system.

The Telegraph reports that Stephen Hockman QC, a former chairman of the Bar Council, reportedly suggested that a group of MPs and legal figures should be convened to plan how elements of the Muslim religious-legal code could be introduced.

After speaking at an event organised by the website Islam4UK at the National Liberal Club, Whitehall, Mr Hockman reportedly told The Daily Express: “Given our substantial Muslim population, it is vital that we look at ways to integrate Muslim culture into our traditions. Otherwise we will find that there is a significant section of our society which is increasingly alienated, with very dangerous results.”


‘Beer n Sandwiches’ says this British Barrister is “a disgrace”

“In my view this barrister is a disgrace to his profession, a disgrace to his country and an opponent of civilisation and freedom. If you support equality before the law then there is no excuse what-so-ever for supporting sharia!”

‘Tundra Tabloids‘ says:

“What Hockman is promoting is nothing less than state sanctioned inequality of a minority within British society. Islamic law is inherently flawed and effectively resists change, and such a system does not belong in Britain, nor does it belong elsewhere in the world. Truly chilling that such talk would be coming from someone who should already know better. Perhaps its back to school for Hockman, for a crash course in Islamic sharia 101.

You must certainly see the reasoning behind his contemplating such nonsense, it’s called the “fear factor” phenomenon, and if prodded further he would most likely own up to it, since he already alluded to what might happen if sharia is not allowed to be administered within Britain, it would lead to dangerous results.

It behooves me to then ask, if Hockman is so moved by fear of the future, that he’s willing to introduce a foreign anti-liberal-democratic legal system into Britain, how will he gather up his courage when the Muslims demand the fuller implementation of sharia law? What will he do then? Better yet, when Hockman discovers that the full implementation of sharia law is already being practiced, just shy of stonings and whippings, will he turn a blind eye?

I think so, because both he and his like minded colleagues fear wetting their beds over the rage expected to come from the Islamic community, for any clamping down by the state on their “religious rights”. It’s fools road he’s traveling down, and it’s up to people like us to expose them whenever they pop up with their silly but dangerous ideas.”



Newsminer writer Edward S. Paxson, expresses concern that so few people during the American election saw terrorism as their most important issue (only 9%)

“I am disheartened to report that (according to CNN Election Results) only 9 percent of voters cited terrorism as their most important issue. The economy dominated at 63 percent, with health care and energy holding strong winds. Though the problem with this thought process is that without security, the domestic issues don’t matter.”


Women Against Shariah: This American site has noticed Britain’s slippery slope predicament. Strange how most of us Brits haven’t. Could it be anything to do with the “liberal” British press and their selective story-telling?

Does Sharia Law threaten America? Not if these Detroit people can help it.

Muslims Against Sharia  – on Secularism’s failure to defend itself

And the ‘Muslims Against Sharia’ Dhimmi Award goes to:


European Governments

Free Hit Counter


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10 Responses to “Sharia Law for UK – OK say Anjem Choudary AND English Barrister Hockman”

  1. Bob Smith Says:

    “My question is directed towards the people of Britian. When are you going to grow some balls and kick these muslim fanatics out of your country or throw them in jail? What will it take before you figure it out? Its time for the world to grab an ear in each hand and pull until they hear a POP and perhaps then they will see the real truth about this Islamic religion that is supposed to be Peace, loving and tolerant. A peace, loving and tolerant religion who keeps killing their own people as well as other innocent people around the world. The only mistake that America made during the first gulf war was not making a vacant parking lot out of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan and any other Middle Eastern nation who wanted to be a bully. Yet, we are living in a world made up of panty waste politicians who haven’t got the guts nor the balls to face these gutless fanatics head on who have been given free rein to spread their perverted ideology around the world. Even the American troops have their hands tied up by politicians who want to bargain and appease a culture who is bent on World domination. Politicians around the world have yet to figure out that these muslim fanatics cannot be reasoned with. The only thing that they are interested in is spreading their hatred and perverted ideology to all nations of the world. Wake up England!!

  2. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Thank you for your comment, Mr Smith. It still amazes me that no real outrage is expressed by the media in Britain over this. Especially when, on a one-to-one basis, most people I speak to DO understand the threat. On this I think the politicians are way out of touch with the public.

    Today’s news – by the Liberal Left, of course – is that OUR police have committed the greatest sin in the world, EVER, by shooting an innocent man, Jean Charles de Menezes. It seems the anti-Iraq war “Independent” has a 5 page spread on it!

    This incident was a day after the failed 21st July 2007 terror attempt, and three weeks after the London Tubes & Bus bombings. NO ONE in their right mind is happy about this man’s death, BUT it is the price we occasionally (very occasionally) have to pay for terrorism being perpetuated and promoted by such animals as Choudary.

    I think politicians DO know that these fanatics cannot be reasoned with, they are just running scared of civil unrest. And the civil unrest may not just come from bitter Muslims.

    I have added a few more links to the post above.

    1. Choudary threatens “all out war” (1m 19s)

    2. Lying Choudary on 9/11 (29secs)

    3. Choudary’s “intellectual analysis on America, the election & “apostate” Obama. The flaw, he says, is that it is “man-made law. Diatribe on Israel & “living in my house”. Odd that HE is still living in MY country (house), while some of us are now “living in the garden” (9m 47s)

    4. “Islam Will Dominate” Attempt to convert passers-by to Islam in Trafalgar Square under Nelson’s Column (8m 53s)

  3. March for sharia in Englandistan | Vlad Tepes Says:

    […] From another UK Blog.. […]

  4. Scotland’s Nationalists reach out to Sharia Finance « Tony Blair Says:

    […]… […]

  5. Frank Milne Says:

    Why is this offal Choudary and other hate mongers allowed to live in this country ? this disgusting march needs to be banned and all these hate mongers kicked out of the country , better still the world .

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Mr Milne,

      It seems Choudary the hate-monger is allowed to live in this country because he was born here in Britain. And this “right” to remain is regardless of the fact that he has denied being British, saying something to the effect – “being born in a barn doesn’t make you a horse”.

      If we can’t throw him out we need to lock him up for incitement, imho. We already HAVE the necessary laws. But Blair’s laws against incitement have hardly been used for fear of … well, incitement!

      Choudary is a fundamentalist ISLAMIST and sees his religion as EVERYTHING – the law (Sharia) included. The “caliphate ambitious” recognise no boundaries, NO nations. Only Caliphate-Land, free of us, the kuffir (unbelievers, including non-fundamentalist Muslims.)

      As for this march – atrocious!

      If this is NOT stopped right now I predict dreadful repercussions. Exactly what this Anjem Animal Choudary wants.

  6. Choudary-”UK Head of Al-Muhajiroun”. WHO??? WHAT??? « Tony Blair Says:

    […] Nov 2008 – English barrister agrees with Choudary on Sharia for the UK. Might as well. It’s here already. […]

  7. Rob Says:

    “But Hockman’s call is for Sharia to be of equal validity to English/Scots law. A whole different ball game.”

    Well, not in any of the links you’ve posted, he doesn’t. He calls for a committee to look at how, maybe, to incorporate some bits of it. Perhaps he is more outspoken in your broken link to Islam4UK’s site?

    In any case, there’s nothing here to justify your publishing his details and encouraging his harrassment. Or worse: since you give his address I’m sure some of your commenters are busy collecting bricks and filling bottles of petrol as I write. Imagine if Hockman were calling for a greater amount of Talmudic law to be integrated with British law (currently I think it’s resticted mostly to marital law and can’t over-ride national law – exacltly as Sharia is at present in the UK). Imagine if, say, he had been arguing that state-funded Jewish religious schools should be allowed to select entrants on racial grounds (as some Rabbis and their lawyers have recently been arguing, though they lost that argument in the Supreme Court). And imagine if you then published his office address. There would be howls of protest at your ‘anti-Semitic” act (even if Hockman isn’t himself Jewish).

    Are you going to publish Anjem Choudary’s address so your chums who think of him as “vermin” can go and burn it down?

    And yes, I realise YOU have never called him “vermin”. Simply an “animal”. (And before you deny that, it’s in comment no. 5 above).

    I think you’re better than CHoudary is: but not nearly so much as you like to kid yourself.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Rob – a quickie – more later.

      Ref this:

      I think you’re better than CHoudary is: but not nearly so much as you like to kid yourself.

      Wish I could say the same about your ‘good’ self.

  8. Finious Says:

    BBC: Sharia in British constitution

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