Hamas in Gaza Goes AQ with Reception Class Kids (5 year-olds)

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    5th December, 2008

    THE BRITISH SAY – “NO GUNS PLEASE. WE’RE BRITISH” (we prefer plastic knives)

    Meanwhile 5-year-olds in Gaza perform for their parents

    But CNN didn’t want you to see all of this. And the BBC? God forbid!

    [From the video at YouTube: You don’t have to ask these cute little children what they want to be & what they want to do when they grow up. You can ask why CNN cut out the climax — the cute innocent children dragging, beating & “killing” an Israeli soldier.]

    The answer to this? I can imagine some saying – ‘take out all their male children’.

    A tongue-in-cheek suggestion, if it were ever to be made. Their teacher, leaping amongst them to make sure they are holding their weapons correctly, is a woman and she bears responsibility for the brainwashing.  As does the school, the education system, the government which supports it (Hamas) and the “politicised religion” which silently or helplessly condones it.

    But one day, if we are not careful, a “taking-out” call will be made loudly, no tongues-in-cheek.

    This writer from India refers to this in his excellent, balanced article. He refers to the threat of nuclear obliteration of Muslims – an impossible task even if considered – and the sabre-rattling of India and Pakistan following the Mumbai massacres.

    But we must not be blinded to the fact that western broadcasting outlets including CNN and the “liberal” press who refuse to show or report these abominations in their entirety are letting us ALL down, including these children.


    I have taught children of this age in London and other parts of the UK. We teach them about ALL religions. We have been doing so for decades. We teach them ALL the good things about each religion. We teach them to respect, and that God/Allah/Yahweh is LOVE.

    We never ever teach them to hate.

    And we NEVER turn away and ignore ANY signs of prejudice or intolerance from children towards ANY religion, even if many of us who teach have no religious faith.

    We just don’t allow it.

    So who are the fools now?

    For this “heads up” as the Americans describe it, I thank “Mere Rhetoric” the site of Omri Ceren, an LA PhD student studying Rhetoric at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication.

    Here he compares Gaza’s Hamas to Al Qaeda and describes AQ jihadist movements in other parts of the world.


    “Within the last month Hamas has legislated sharia law in the Gaza Strip, embraced child martyrdom with ever greater enthusiasm, and gone out of their way to kill Jews. Within the last month Al Qaeda-style jihadists have imposed sharia law in Somalia, been discovered running a child suicide bomber camp in Iraq, and tortured and killed Jews in Mumbai.

    But the child martyrdom stuff isn’t exactly a surprise. And Gazan jihadists have been openly calling for a global Islamic state for months. So while this story is obviously true I’m not totally convinced it counts as news.”

    Walid Shoebat video: “Truth Revealed about Barack Hussein Obama”

    Excerpt from this video (I should make it clear that I don’t agree with all of his political opinions, especially his opening remarks). But the below is absolutely on the ball. Western governments’ fear of and refusal to identify the enemy is a serious betrayal of our people. It has resulted in an approach verging on suicidal denying in the west:

    “Until the US government defines the enemy that we’re fighting, then we are on the right road to fighting it.

    The prophet Mohammed says that the political jihad is an apparatus that comes in three different prongs –  finance, education and then the actual struggle.”

    This video can be found here.

    Personally, my enemy is NOT the President-Elect of the USA, or not as far as I know, but jihadism.

    Whether brainwashing innocent children, killing unbelievers, blowing up hotels in India or anywhere in this world, jihadism is the enemy and all who support it, whether aged 5, 50 or 95.

    One day we will have to come to terms with this. Better that we should do it before these five-year-olds become adults. They are already two and a half years older than when this video was made.

    “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man”


    A child suicide bomber, gazed on with pride by the adults around him. An abomination of the innocence of childhood and a slur, perhaps, on ALL religions.


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    11 Responses to “Hamas in Gaza Goes AQ with Reception Class Kids (5 year-olds)”

    1. hussain Says:

      we should not let our children be like thz…. A SUICIDE BOMBER….
      Allah said in Quran, if you want to jihad, then go help poor people..
      Killing is not jihad its the biggest sin in the world that can not be forgived…
      if u don’t want to burn in hell then don’t be a suicide bomber don’t kill people, be a nice person and every one will like u.
      killing is steal someone’s life

    2. Ibrahim Ghazni Says:

      Ah, Islam, the religion of peace and love. Ah, the culture which loves its children and teaches them to to hate and to commit suicide.

    3. meghna Says:

      While I was searching for my blog post on suicide bombers, I found this post.. May be you would be interested in my research where I have dealt with psychology of such attackers.


      Your post is a well articulated piece and it drives the attention of the users to the sensitive issue of child martyrdom and child terrorism. It was a pleasure reading this informative piece of literature.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Thanks for the kind words and the link, meghna. Excerpt here:

        The presence of suicide bombers has become a matter of grave concern through out the world. Suicide attackers are not driven by the motivation to die but by the zeal to kill others.

        These fearless terrorists are often misconceived to be mentally retarded or abnormal, but the psychological studies have proved that they are perfectly normal people who are determined to do things differently.

    4. rjones Says:

      look like little NAZIs The propaganda machine is at work.
      makes me want to grab my guns and start killing all of those ignorant hateful parents, teachers,political and religious extremists who preach hate and death to christians and jews.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        rjones – look out. You’ll be accused of all sorts of nasty things, racism, Islamophobia and so on and so on – for even thinking in that way.

        We know our place in this world, those of us who DON’T preach suicide-bombing and jihad to toddlers, don’t we? Don’t we just. It’s all in our so-called liberalism genes. The live and let die stuff. Isn’t it?

        Yeah. Quite.

    5. rjones Says:

      you are right, seeing videos like this just gets me upset.

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