“War in Iraq … a remarkable success”

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    Comment at end

    Why Gordon (the Ditherer) should have an election SOON. Historically 2010 may be too late. And anyway, it looks like we might be OUT of Iraq sooner than even Gordon expected, following a confusing vote over troops withdrawal. That’ll keep some of the voters happy. The cry will go out – “It was Gord wot dun it!”

      20th December, 2008


      This is a comment at this article  – “Has Bush Made Us Vulnerable?” It is well put:

      “The war in Iraq has been a remarkable success. 150,000 troops overthrew Saddam in a few weeks. It then took about 4 years to quell the insurgency (counterinsurgencies historically take 10 years). All this while losing only 4,500 troops. In a country of 25 million people.

      You can argue that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan haven’t been worth the price, but to say they were examples of military incompetence is just insane.

      This has been one of the most successful, casualty free wars ever in the industrial era. You have to go back the Spanish-American war to find comparably light casualty rates.

      And the wars are only costing about 1% of GDP – not exactly breaking the bank. (Overall defense spending is around 4%, but most defense spending is unrelated to the wars.)

      If every decision (in a war!) had been perfect and the enemy had offered no surprises, the overall outcome would likely have only been moderately better than the actual outcome.

      What has been accomplished in Iraq is, historically, quite remarkable.”

      The rest of the article and comments are worth a read too.


      How pleasant it is to see some, (though in America not Britain, oh no, never BRITAIN) looking at the Iraq issue through balanced vision. Our country is still full of cock-eyed pessimists. We never even entertain the possibility that the Iraq invasion was “the right thing to do” (Blair’s retirement words). That would be to admit Tony Blair was right, and we can’t have that in the British press, now can we? That would be to admit the press got it ALL wrong, and THAT would never do, would it?

      And it shows how far behind America we are in airing this kind of debate, while we struggle to persuade hearts and minds. Sadly we won’t do it whilst the column inches are monopolised by aliased terror sympathisers masquarading as 1960’s peace-and-lovers.

      The comments (so far) at this MailOnline article – “(Hutton) Defence Secretary) Compares Taliban & Al Qaeda to the Nazis” exemplifies present British thinking, or lack of thinking. I commented there, but since they never publish anyone who can utter the name “Blair” without spitting,  I have pasted my comment here.

      [Yes, thank you, thank you. Thank you for your “thank-yous”. I do TRY to counter the Tory Right Rag’s brainwashing techniques. Why don’t you join me?]

      MY COMMENT AT THE MAIL, (unlikely to be published since the Mail can’t cope with anyone having the audacity to call themselves “BlairSupporter”)

      Well said Mr Hutton. You almost sound like my hero, Mr Blair. It’s a struggle for hearts and minds with the liberal press evidently so against our country’s interests. This IS a globalised world. The threats are not the same as they were when the internet and air travel did not permeate our societies.  If such as decry our country’s stance for what is RIGHT would only consider THIS:

      If the Taliban in Afghanistan or Al Qaeda and other insurgency groups in Iraq had been wiped out by the original invasions, would the peoples there be sad or happy? Would they be content to let us rebuild their land for them. Would they say, “thank you very much, we’ll have more of that?”

      Neither us nor America, nor the other coalition members are causing the deaths of thousands. The insurgents and terrorists ARE, while professing to protect them.

      We will never know our enemy until we understand the obvious: this worldwide threat MUST be defeated in the Middle East, or it’s us next.

      With reference to this article – “Hutton compares Taliban and Al Qaeda to the Nazis”

      Dream on, Pilger: At least THIS journo publishes opposing views, like my bit of fun and games comment here.

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