Comparing Muslim populations in EU cities & in prisons


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21st December, 2008


These figures are worth looking at whether or not you think YOUR city/country copes well with its Muslim population.  It is also worth noting the proportions of Muslim prisoners inside European prisons, whether or not you think they are fairly represented as inmates. My bolding.

From Islam In Europe:

‘I was recently asked which cities in Europe have the highest Muslim percentage. The following is what I found in my research.

I linked to my sources, but note that not all sources have the same reliability level. STAT – official municipal or national statistics, EUMAP – EU Research program, WIKI – collected by Wikipedia, NEWS – mentioned in the news.

If my readers have more information, I will be glad to integrate it into this list.

Note that in some of these cities, there are neighborhoods which have a much higher percentage of Muslims (for example: Kreuzberg in Berlin, Molenbeek in Brussels and Tower Hamlets in London).

Marseilles – 25% (200,000 of 800,000) (NEWS), PACA region – 20% (0.7-1.0 million of 1.5 million) (EUMAP)
Malmo – ~25% (NEWS) [percent of immigrants, foreign born or both parents foreign born: 36% (STAT)]
Amsterdam – 24% (180,000 of 750,000) (STAT), Greater Amsterdam – 12.7% (STAT)

Stockholm – 20% (>155,000 of 771,038) (EUMAP) [percent of immigrants: 36% (STAT)]
Brussels – 17%-20% (160,000-220,000) [some say 33%] (NEWS, NEWS)
Moscow – 16%-20% (2 million of 10-12 milllion) (NEWS)
Greater London – 17% (1.3 million of 7.5 million) (WIKI)
Luton – 14.6% (26,963) (WIKI)
Birmingham 14.3% (139,771) (WIKI)

The Hague – 14.2% ( 67,896 of 475,580) (STAT), Greater Hague – 11% (STAT)
Utrecht – 13.2% (38,300 of 289,000) (STAT), Greater Utrecht – 7% (STAT)
Rotterdam – 13% (80,000 of 600,000) (EUMAP), Greater Rotterdam – 9.9% (STAT)
Copenhagen – 12.6% (63,000 of 500,000) ( EUMAP)
Leicester – 11% (>30,000 of 280,000) (EUMAP)
Aarhus – ~10% (NEWS)
Zaan district (Netherlands) – 8.8% (STAT)
Paris – 7.38% (155,000 of 2.1 million) (EUMAP)
Antwerp- 6.7% (>30,000 of >450,000) (EUMAP)
Hamburg – 6.4% (>110,000 of 1.73 million) (EUMAP)
Berlin – 5.9% (~200,000 of 3.40 million) (EUMAP)

Thanks to Nieuw Religieus Peil for helping collect the data.’

My thoughts: I understood the numbers for Greater London were nearer one third rather than less than one fifth. Also, Birmingham is purportedly approaching 50%. So it seems that these figures may understate rather than over-estimate.


‘Estimating the percentages of Muslims in prisons across Europe is not simple. In some cases, such as Sweden, collecting such data is illegal. In many cases, the numbers are only estimates.

I linked to my sources, but note that not all sources have the same reliability level. EUMAP – EU Research program, NEWS – mentioned in the news.

Belgium – 16% (12.8% Moroccans, 3.1% Turks) (EUMAP), 35% (NEWS)

Denmark – 20% (NEWS)

England+Wales – 11% (NEWS)

France – 50%-70% (NEWS, NEWS, NEWS)

Germany – 18% foreigners, lowest estimate for Muslims – 5% (EUMAP)

Italy – 40% foreigners, 8% Moroccans (NEWS)

The Netherlands: 20%, youth prisons – 26% (EUMAP)

Norway: Over 30% (NEWS)

Spain – 70% (NEWS)’

My thoughts: You should compare the numbers of Muslim (stated) inmates with the population at large, although this comparison is, arguably, apples and pears – cities c/w countries. But with that proviso, if the numbers are similar, there would seem to be evident fairness. For this comparison, Britain seems to have fewer Muslims in prison than we are led to believe. And France seems to have ten times more Muslims in prisons than it has in the general population (of Paris). Spain’s numbers seem extraordinarily high, at 50%, although no numbers for a Spanish city are provided. And Denmark has double the proportion of Muslims in prison proportionately than in the general population. Italy’s numbers are extraordinary.

Do our low comparative figures prove that we in Britain are TOO liberal towards Muslim wrongdoers? Or are our British Muslims better behaved than in most other countries, and/or better behaved than the rest of the British population?

It all depends. Depends on the accuracy of the figures.

Interesting, anyway.

Meanwhile, Dennis Mc Shane MP recently labelled the “libel tourism” issue as Kafkaesque

From WikiLeaks:

At long last, the issue of libel tourism has come out into the open. The Labour MP Denis MacShane instigated a debate in the House of Commons two days ago to draw attention to the fact that Britain, the cradle of free speech and political liberty, has become the epicentre of the attempt to shut down discussion of terrorism and other noxious activities which involve certain wealthy foreigners, who are taking advantage of Britain’s ferocious libel laws to silence all those who try to write about them. Remarkably, American legislatures are being forced to pass bills to stop British courts punishing American writers for publishing books and articles that may be freely read in the United States but about which foreigners with deep enough pockets can sue them in the British courts.

So pernicious is this phenomenon that even to draw attention to it is to risk a libel suit. But whatever is said in Parliament can be reported. So for the first time many can learn, as MacShane said,

…the Kafkaesque position of the writer Rachel Ehrenfeld, whose book, entitled ‘Funding Evil’, examined the flow of money towards extremist organisations that preach the ideology of hate associated with Wahhabism and other democracy-denying aspects of fundamentalist Islamic ideology. It is not exactly a secret that a great deal of the money that has financed fundamentalist extremist organisations that support jihad has come from Saudi Arabia. Ms Ehrenfeld’s book, which was published in America, not Britain, named a Saudi billionaire called Mr. Khalid bin Mahfouz. Although the book was published in the United States, and was not on sale in any British bookshop, he found lawyers to sue in Britain. A British judge imposed a fine and costs on Ms Ehrenfeld, and said that her book should be destroyed, even though she was not in the court. No American court would have entertained such overt censorship.

Original article by Melanie Phillips

So there you go.

I listened to The Moral Maze tonight as one former Tory MP Matthew Parris and another Michael Portillo debated the merits of democracy (former said “not great”, latter said “yes, no alternative”). I began to wonder whether our democratic traditions are actually imploding.

Perhaps Churchill was wrong when he said that democracy was the worst form of government except all the others.”

Perhaps there IS a better form of government, as yet undiscovered. Something where the millions take pride in their political power more than in their right to vote in Big Brother. Something where voters do NOT automatically assume that they and their newspapers understand complex political issues better than those we pay to do so. Something where we respect people for entering the Lions’ Den of politics, and not label them liars, cheats and worse. Something where lobby groups can still lobby but cannot manipulate minds while being protected by the law for doing so.


After all this was Churchill’s FULL quote, not normally seen in its entirety:

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”
Sir Winston Churchill
British politician (1874 – 1965)

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