Iran’s “justice & love” WARNING – Hanging Video

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    26th March 2010

    Update 8 Oct 2009 – Iranian election protester gets death sentence

    29th Jan. 2009: Following Mr Obama’s clenched fist challenge to Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President replied by demanding that America apologise for past “US crimes”.  And today an Iranian minister has called on Obama to change US policy in the Middle East. Fun, this presidency of the free world stuff, isn’t it, Big O? (Further recent updates here at end of page.)

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    28th December, 2008

    In Britain’s Channel 4’s ‘Alternative (to the Queen) Christmas Message‘, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for ‘justice and love’, while telling us, Christians, what Jesus would have done. Laughable. Almost. Until you see what Ahmadinejad’s Iran does with its errant citizens.

    Slow hanging (strangulation), everyday hanging, stoning, child executions, flogging of dissidents trying to protect others. (Examples below.) The list of barbarities committed against its citizens is endless.

    Ahmadinejad and such as him can go to hell and take sharia with them.

    Homosexuality? Some other dreadful “crime”?

    This is ‘justice and love’ in his own land, Iran.

    And yes, for non-Brits, he DID appear on Britain’s Channel 4 TV station. Unbelievable? Not in the land where the Archbishop of Canterbury described sharia law as “inevitable” and even a former prime minister (and it truly pains me to refer to this) says that Mohammed was an “enormously civilizing force”. I am ever hopeful that Mr Blair knows more, much more about Mohammed and Islam than I do. AND that he is right.

    Otherwise, to paraphrase someone –  “would the last one leaving the country (to sharia) put the lights out?”


    16-year old accused of “crimes against chastity”. She was hanged.

    A film created to uncover the inhumane practice of child executions in Iran. This video was created for a school project with an intention to alert people about the Juvenile Executions taking place in Iran today and to gain support for the banning of it.  Please go to for more information or if you would like to donate to the cause of prevention of child executions. Thanks to Stop Child Executions for the media (pictures of the accused and films particularly).
    Also thanks to Human Rights Watch:…


    What happens in Stoning?

    “In stoning to death, the victims’ hands are tied behind their backs and their bodies are put in a cloth sack. Then, they are buried in a hole, with only their heads showing above the ground. If it’s a woman, which it frequently is, often for allowing herself to be raped – a “crime against chastity” –  she is buried up to her shoulders. This is to give her a seemingly equal (but nonetheless impossible) chance to escape, in  recognition of her lesser physical strength.

    After the hapless individual has been secured in the hole, people start chanting “Allah hu Akbar” (meaning, God is great), and throw palm sized stones at the head of the victim from a certain distance (a circle is drawn).

    The stones are thrown until the person dies or until he/she escapes out of the hole and crosses the circle. Escaping is impossible, given that the individual’s hands are tied behind their backs and they are buried in a hole up to their necks or shoulders (in the case of males and females respectively).

    Naturally, the procedure is extremely barbaric and bloody.”

    Visit to see and learn more:…


    In February this year, sisters Zohreh and Azar Kabiri, from the town of Shahriar in Tehran Province, were charged with adultery. They will be sentenced to death by stoning. The verdict comes six months after each sister had already carried out a sentence of 99 lashes for the same crime.

    In its 2008 report, Amnesty International and other human rights groups have demanded an end to execution in Iran, particularly stoning. (GFX: Stoning is practised today in: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, among others.)

    Iran is a signatory to the International Convention of Civil and Political Rights.

    MeDjihadNaa – aka Ahmadinejad – on Homosexuals & Women

    Ahmadinejad at Columbia University, USA. On homosexuals – “We don’t have them in Iran”.

    I’ll bet! They’ve all been executed.

    And on women – “we respect them”. Look up a thesaurus and translate Mr Ahmadinejad. Respect? Values? You don’t know the meaning.


    And if they don’t KILL defectors, they beat them publicly instead.

    Mullahs style of educating the youth: this brave young man tried to intervene in an illegal pick up of the security guards of a young girl in the streets. In return he was lashed in public. Iranians stand and watch the young man being beaten instead!!

    WARNING!!! VERY graphic. Real death.

    ‘Slow hanging” of two men and a woman in Iran. Slow hanging is strangulation rather than neck breaking:

    Originally posted here by an Iranian exile


    It was removed from YouTube because of its extremely graphic nature. You need to visit LiveLeak.

    Hanging of two men and a woman in public in Iran – Tabriz **Warning, may offend some viewers**

    Tehran, Iran, Jul. 15  Iranian authorities hanged a woman in public in the north-western province of East Azerbaijan.
    The unnamed woman was hanged in public in the provincial capital Tabriz, the daily Tehran-e Emrouz wrote.The report put her age at 29. She was accused of murder and conspiring to kill.

    A young woman is hanged alongside two men, as a mob shouts “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”)! The method of hanging is not by dropping from gallows and quickly breaking the neck. It’s an excruciating, slow ascent, culminating in strangulation. The men in this video appear to have died relatively quickly. The woman struggles for some time. A commenter at the site suggests that although the men were drugged (there is a suggestion by one commenter that the men are already dead before being lifted by the ropes around their necks) the woman was clearly neither drugged nor dead as she was hanged. This left her to feel the pain and anguish of strangulation, in this deeply mysogynistic society.

    A link to further information on their crimes. Not exactly savoury types, if the evidence and judgement were fair. But that takes nothing away from the barbarity of these public executions.

    And some of us think such a regime can be negotiated with?

    Public hanging of 21, 22 and 23 year-olds in Iran

    ‘As the Iranian regime is getting more destabilized, and as it is facing more demonstrations and resistance in Iran, and as it has been condemned in different courts-recently Argentine- for state sponsored terrorism, it has raised suppression in Iran. This is the direct result of appeasing the mullahs, and displays a politics of cowardice!  Youtube should not censor this film!’

    Iran: Execution of 29 People, Sunday 27th July 2008, a video from GWB –  Iran, Hanging, Tehran, Evin, 29

    And here



    Amnesty International, USA Deeply concerned as Delara Darabi faces execution in Iran. “Now 20 years old, she was convicted for a killing a female relative during a burglary when she was just 17. “

    Stop execution of Delara – if it’s not too late. Sign petition here

    UPDATE – 5th May, 2009. It’s too late. The Iranian “governent” have killed this young woman.


    UPDATE, 3rd August, BBC – Iranian Presidency confirmed –  Ahmadinejad, Khomeini and the Kissing Shoulder act

    And –  Merkel to snub Amanutjob’ inauguration on Wednesday, 5th August. I wonder what Brown and Obama will do?

    UPDATE, 19th June:  The Supreme Leader – you have to worry when someone uses THAT title – says that Britain (& America) are hostile to the Islamic Republic because they have “cast doubts on the election results”. What? Only the wicked west has doubts!? And here were we thinking how restrained we’d been throughout this obvious FIX. The SL’s address. Analysis of the Ayatollah’s speech. Meanwhile China understands! Warns Obama. So Beijing gets Iran’s problems?

    15th June: As looks clear, Amanutjob DID lose. But he and ihs bosses seem to have fixed the count and won’t concede. People in their thousands are on the streets. Another revolution brewing? The Ayatollah is the REAL power behind the throne, so get ready for tanks on the streets of Tehran. Try finding out about the peaceful demos called for today, Monday, here at Tehran Bureau. It MIGHT work for you.  It won’t open for me and says it is a “suspended page”. WHY? Who is blocking this FREEDOM of information?

    BREAKING: 10th June – AmaNutJob (so don’t you forget it) threatens opponents. I REALLY do think he is about to be ousted from office in Friday’s elections. Wonder how the Supreme Leader will cope with THAT?

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    17 Responses to “Iran’s “justice & love” WARNING – Hanging Video”

    1. Wilkins Says:

      There must be something wrong with people that want to see such hangings for minor criminality etc. They cannot be regarded as grown up. Hiding behind a religion is something people do just to not take the responsibility themselves. If a man make his own religion that he can hang anyone he does not like, then it is religious legal. Something is wrong. Can you respect people that behave in this way, just like insane people?

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        It’s unforgivable, in my humble opinion. And one of the reasons I believe that there has to be a debate about Islam in the modern world.

        We are constantly told that we must understand “other cultures” and see punishments “in context”.

        Well, I’m sorry, I don’t.

        And when such as Ahmadinejad’s mob.. “government” stone and hang people for what we in the west would call “minor” crimes, or even NOT a crime today (adultery), and justify it by reference to their “book” – the Koran – or their law, Sharia, which derives from the Koran, I think the rest of us DO have a right to ask questions, regardless of “cultural” sensitivities.

        After all many of these bigoted fundamentalists are now living in our midst, and importing this junk into our system, bit by horrifying bit. Some time ago I read of an Imam in the north of England saying we should incorporate hand-chopping into our law for theft. He said it would only have to be practised once and all theft would cease. Well, maybe. But at what cost?

        I notice the do-gooding human righters do not get up in arms about the Iranian/Saudi Arabian etc punishments. All right they DO get up in arms with reference to those countries, at times, but mainly to decry western leaders’ dealings with them, over trade and such. Oh and the fact that we don’t always see their often dictatorial leaders as “soul mates”.

        Poor old Ahmadinejad.


        Btw, there was an interesting programme on TV last night about Iran/Britain’s historical relationship over the last century or more. It seems many in Iran, even today, see Britain’s hand in everything, especially everything ‘bad’ that happens to them.

        They even have a popular TV programme – “My Uncle Napoleon” in which the lead character constantly blames Britian for everything that goes wrong in his life and in his country. Meant as a satire, it seems many Iranians still see this as today’s position. It was an eye-opener for me, and explains how Ahmad … gloated so much over capturing British sailors a few years ago.

        Oh that we were that powerful!

    2. Wilkins Says:

      All the ones that participate in such stoning etc are criminals and deserves death penalty themselves. The USA has a great task here to get an end to it. If we live on the same planet, we cannot tolerate criminality of this type. It is not religion, but crimionality.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Well, that’s a message President Obama will NOT want to take to the Middle East, even if he shares it.

        Watch this space as he comes to terms with the big bad world of international terrorism/cultural/political-religious ideologies/trade/diplomacy.

        Telling such people their behaviour is criminal is not the way to win friends and influence people, even if by our standards, it’s true.

        It could be fun to watch how the new US president moves his position as disappointment piles on disappointment for him and the rest of the naive west.

    3. John Jones Says:

      Barbaric scumbags I PISS ON ALLAH! LOSERS!


    4. hali Says:

      what can we do

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        We can publicise this reported behaviour, even as it is denied by Iran, and press on our governments to confront the present Iranian government. We can also support the Iranians still working against the present incumbents – Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader. I am sure Iranians are not only complaining about a fixed election but also about their country’s appalling behaviour towards its own.

    5. mark litteral Says:

      you sonof a bitches…………we will come as in ww2 and you will die

    6. rico suave Says:

      this is what is in store for Britain in 40-50 years
      only voting for the British National Party in May 2010,can halt this,don’t be
      conned by the Far Wrong LibLabCon,or UKIP.

    7. rico suave Says:

      Geert Vilders is a saint!!!!!!!!!-

      & that’s why the Spineless Insect,
      of a One Eyed Scottish Lying Idiot-P.M. Gordon Brown
      banned him from the (dis)-United Kingdom
      tell you what,-…………………………
      l’d like to treat our Labour Party/Trade Union-Islam Loving, doo-gooder crooks
      like the backwards inbred smelly – stupid Iranians do to their sensible’ish people
      i.e. flog/hang/stone them all.
      they can’t suffer enough !

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Well, rico, there’s nothing like adopting the language of the perverted to make your perverted point. It’s not just the Labour party who are afraid of dealing with this problem. What about the Tories? What do they say? And the Lib Dems?

        This has been growing for almost 30 years, not just the last dozen or so. There were fundamentalist Islamists torturing and killing people in ‘Allah’s name’ decades ago. In our innocence or hopeful naivety ALL western governments and mainstream political parties thought that it would fade away when faced with a taste of liberal democracy. Doesn’t seem to be happening, does it?

    8. khizer omar Says:

      iran need another revolation against this govt of fack mulla bcz they dont know how to do investgation of case most of them they are stupid they just regrat islam.

    9. Tahmid Says:

      i am an immigrant from Bangladesh in Uk and i am glad that i was born in there instead of all those country. Bangladesh is a Muslim country despite it is not polluted with all these short of immoral brutality.

      when i was 17 years old, i choose i need to go somewhere i can be more indipendent thats why i came in Birmingham but i didnt like it in there and came to london in searching dream. I LOVED LONDON. its just becuse it is everything i wanted in my country. i considered it is my world that i can go where ever i like rather than strict to my country.

      the way i feel love and attractions to England, i feel the same way to Bangladesh and my skin colour doesnt harras me at all to me. the friends and environment i got, probebely thats the best achivement in my life. i can fight to anything to save England as this is my home even i am not even permanent citizen of this country.

      its not a sin to born somewhere that you were not supposed to…

    10. larry parsley Says:

      how can obana says we can talk to iran leaders when excutions goes on they are not rational actors

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