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4th February, 2009

Just a few links I found interesting over the last day or so.


BREAKING, 1.00pm: At PMQs today Gordon Brown referred to taking the world out of “depression”. So now you know!


Gordon Brown. "Depression"?

1. The truth behind the wildcat strikes in Britain

2. Transport Minister Andrew Adonis (pushed through Blair’s Academy Schools) answers questions

3. Too big for bankers and praise for Blair on Northern Ireland

4. Blair at Tufts – shares goals of Middle East. Excerpt:

After braving one of the worst storms England had seen in 18 years, former prime minister Tony Blair arrived in Medford Monday to speak before nearly 5,000 Tufts University students, local officials and dignitaries from around the world to deliver the 2009 Issam M. Fares lecture.

“It’s wonderful to be here,” Blair said. “After today, it’s wonderful to be anywhere.”

At around midnight Eastern Time, Blair said his son approached him as he prepared for his trip.

“My boy said, ‘It’s snowing,’” Blair recalled, “which proved to be a classic British understatement. Everything was shut down. The only thing that’s depressing was to land here in Boston and see that your snow looks worse and yet, you seem to be functioning perfectly.”

5. Blair at Seton Hall University, New Jersey, urges inclusive global economic policy. Stresses Middle East & working with China.

6. Comparative study of the work of Harold Wilson, and Tony Blair (pdf):

This site provides free access to the full text of a conference paper by Victoria Honeyman which was delivered at the Political Studies Association (PSA – UK) 2008 annual conference. It compares and contrasts the work of British prime ministers Tony Blair and Harold Wilson, focusing in particular on four specific issues: ideology, personality, war, constitutional reform and clause 4. From

7. As British Jews come under attack, the liberal left must not remain silent

8. American view (NRO) of Britain’s economy – squandering Thatcher’s legacy

9. Blair at Seton Hall University – call to youth for optimism

10. Government rush to bring back Guantanamo detainee

11. The Guardian – yes the GUARDIAN – praises Blair & Bush

12. Polls show Tories to win next election with 60/70 seat majority – mirror image of 2005.  NO Blair-like landslide then? – “Lightweight Cameron”

13. Al Qaeda suspects under “control orders” still plotting. DON’T BLAME BLAIR! He wanted FAR stronger controls. Cast your mind back to this. Remember? A month before he left office, Blair explained why the courts & civil rights lobbiests were WRONG. You were right, Mr Blair. Such as ‘Shame of Chakrabarti’ were wrong.  And now it isn’t only such “right-wingers” as Melanie Phillips who finally understand this.

14. After Lord Ahmed’s diabolical threat to mobilise 10,000 against Geert Wilders’ visit, another Lord has invited Wilders to the House of Lords

15. Charles Clarke Interview on Blair, Brown and the way forward for Labour: Reluctant as I am to cast aspersions on Mr Blair, I DO wonder if he REALLY ever meant to make Clarke Foreign Secretary, to groom him for the premiership. Clarke was never an electorally appealing “poster boy” and had many quite different ideas from Blair on Trident, etc. Sill he WAS pro-Europe, and that might have helped persuade Blair that he would have been an improvement on Brown.  Roll on the Blair memoirs.

16. British soldier arrested in Afghanistan for allegedly breaching the Official Secrets Act


1. Is Obama speaking to Al Qaeda? More here from Frank Gaffney at The Washington Post: Did you notice Obama said THIS in his inauguration speech? I didn’t. But then I was so underwhelmed I didn’t listen closely: (Notice the order of the religions he cited.)  Gaffney: “For good measure, the new president described America as a country of “Muslims, Christians, Jews” and others – a presumably intentional upgrading of adherents to the faith of his father, Islam, from the second place position he accorded them in his State of the Union address several days before. (The rankings of both orderings obviously reflect something other than demographics; there are far fewer Muslims than Christians in the United States and, according to independent estimates, only half as many – or less – than Jews.)

2. Meet the Real George Bush – (in praise of President Bush)

3. Who are the “extraordinary Muslims” (Obama reference)

4. Bush official to remain anti-terrorism head (finance)

5. Obama faces grim specifics on Afghan policy

6. Obama backsteps on protectionist trade policy

7. Bush’s gift to Obama- a decimated Al Qaeda

8. AQ second-in-command issues audio call for renewed attacks on Israel

9. Report from a Muslim student at Blair’s Yale course on faith & globalisation

10. Zawahiri not convinced by Obama’s appeal to Muslims

11. Bush ally says Bush was wrong to think “all people want the same things”.  Obama?

12. Debunking Obama’s folly

13. Michelle Obama says she is “Mom-in-chief”??? If Cherie Blair had said this, she’d have been strung up. (She was anyway)

14. NY Muslims cover the Cross with Islamic symbols (pic). Don’t try this the other way round!

15. Tony Blair doesn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

16. Dick Cheney warns of new attacks. Thinks Obama may not be up to defending America, but may backtrack on election promises

17. Yep, That Iraq war sure failed, huh, Harry Reid?


1. Hamas asks Iran to help liberate Jerusalem

2. Israel rules out Hamas contacts, threatens force


Iraq –  Success – Thanks to Bush & Blair


Pakistan – Anti-Terrorism policy Review on “war on terror”


1. Australian Muslim cleric & 6 followers sentenced to up to 15 years for terrorist plots

2. Israel’s envoy to Australia says Gaza was a “pre-introduction”. Israel is ready to engage on Iran threat


1. UN Press Release: Not dated: Press Release, HR/4801, PI/1626

Seminar participants stress importance of tolerance, understanding, education in countering islamophobia. Secretary-General Says Re-Establishing Trust Among Peoples of Different Faiths, Cultures Must Be of Highest Priority.

2. Under Saudi Arabia’s Sharia Law Sudanese man to get 30 lashes for smoking in “no-smoking” compartment in plane

3. Civil Society Vs The Prime Divider: No pain, no gain

4. Jihadism in 2009: The trends continue

5. Muslims speaking up for Islam & Peace

6. Muslims need to calm down about boycotts

7.  Jews to the Muslim Gas Chamber

8.  Fearing a “New World Order”

9. Spain arrest 13 in alleged terror links

10. Tony Blair for EU President?

11. Sarkozy says French suppliers must be used in car industry! WHAT? Protectionism from within the EU too?

12. Al Qaeda raping young men & women to shame them into ‘suicide’ martyrdom

13. The “Mother of Believers” top Iraqi recruiter admits rape is used to recruit female suicide bombers

14. Hamas seizes Aid meant for Gaza refugees

15. Cherie Blair speech on women – “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”

16. Where is the boundary between Free Speech and religion?

17. Middle East News on Obama’s meeting in Washington with Clinton & Mitchell on Hamas (and video of launch of Iranian satellite)

18. Blair: “Future belongs to alternative energy”

19: Saudis issue List of 85 Terror Suspects, including one who has been “operating from Iran for 3 years”

Watch the video below of a Turkish youth being trained in Germany. Their ‘integration’ seems to be falling short.  This young man will take ALL the free meticulous German training and then move to Saudi Arabia where “the women are covered up”. That is HIS ambition. Or at least ONE of them. WHY does this generous training to help towards integration COMBINED WITH this youth’s approach to women irritate me deeply? Something to do with loyalty in the first case and sanity/brainwashing in the second? Perhaps we need to vet more closely the future intentions of such youngsters.  No point in exporting famed German technological nous to places where half the population are hidden from the other half.

He says: “You can’t see the women in `Arabia’. And I like that.”

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