Is Tony Blair About To Launch a NEW Political Party?

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    21st February, 2009

    TONY BLAIR is cashing in on his experience as Britain’s longest-serving Labour prime minister by setting up a “commercial partnership” that offers clients political and economic advice.

    The business venture, Tony Blair Associates, has been disclosed by the official watchdog that scrutinises paid employment undertaken by former ministers. (Times)



    Blair, The Nowhere – erm – Everywhere Man


    The Great Communicator used to hand out his advice freely to the British electorate. Now people pay plenty, willingly. Sickening for some. Our loss, imho.

    I suppose when you’ve been described as a warmonger, war-criminal, liar, religious maniac, poodle, deluded, sociopath, liberty annihilator, destroyer of Britain,  and a few other unflattering monikers, just being accused of cashing in on others’ financial misfortunes is child’s play.

    But I can’t help noticing that Mr Blair has an uncanny knack of stepping on board forms of conveyance that seem to have been deserted by the drowning rats … er … present government.

    For instance, when did you last recall Brown and co talking seriously and with vision about the environment?

    Blair does.

    Or talking about religion and its potential for good or ill, its threats and opportunities?

    Blair does.

    Or discussing anything constitutional or attached to governance at home or around the world?

    Blair does.

    Or starting  a foundation to help fund sports training in this country.

    Blair does.


    This latest enterprise is bound to be time-consuming. And as far as I know Mr Blair hasn’t yet found the answer to extending the hours there are in the day. So it’s also intriguing.

    You can be sure he doesn’t need the money that this financial/political organisation could bring in its wake.

    I am beginning to wonder if The Former is vaguely interested in getting back into British politics.

    It was Tony Blair who moved first on the challenges of global warming, attracting interest worldwide, particularly in China and India. It was he who as Prime Minister reminded us that religious fundamentalism had power for evil as well as good. It was he, it is generally agreed, who was pivotally instrumental in helping Britain win the 2012 Olympics.  He is not about to sit back and watch this government (or the next) fail to find or fund British athletes to make that event memorable.


    But isn’t it the economy sweetheart?  Exactly so. The biggest concern of people in the country and indeed the world right now is making financial ends meet and holding onto their jobs and their homes.

    You might think that is not fertile ground for Mr Blair. After all, we know that he was only the Prime Minister for 10 years.  The chancellor, a certain Mr G Brown was actually First Lord of the Treasury, although that title was Blair’s by default and tradition as PM.

    Mr Blair made and/or guided domestic and foreign policy, true. But we all know that Mr Brown, in those days, and now again it seems, aka Prudence, held tightly onto the purse strings with a grip the grocer’s daughter Margaret Thatcher would have envied.

    It was Mr Brown who was the dominant power behind many of the decisions which have helped bring this country to its knees economically. He took the praise when things were good, and he is now taking the blame.

    So what IS Tony the Ubiquitous Blair doing with this enterprise, with input perhaps from lessons learned through his association with several financial global giants?


    It may be wishful thinking on my part, but he seems to be casting his political eye on a New Vision. Without wishing to set cats among pigeons it’s almost a manifesto for all-round survival, compassionate and inclusive.

    After all why this financial organisation? Why does he need to help people and organisations sort out their various financial pickles, unless … unless …


    You can take the man out of politics but you clearly can't take the politics out of the man. What IS going on inside Mr Blair's political mind right now?

    You could be forgiven if you started to wonder when The New Party will be launched. Before or after the cataclysmic collapse of Brown’s government and the ensuing split within its ranks?

    Could he? Would he?

    If so, he can sign me up.

    He already knows if he ever glances here, that I have no-one to vote for, the way things stand right now.

    There may just be a few more million like me.

    Times article:

    TONY BLAIR is cashing in on his experience as Britain’s longest-serving Labour prime minister by setting up a “commercial partnership” that offers clients political and economic advice.

    The business venture, Tony Blair Associates, has been disclosed by the official watchdog that scrutinises paid employment undertaken by former ministers.

    The advisory committee on business appointments said in a statement on its website this weekend: “Tony Blair has established Tony Blair Associates which will allow him to provide, in partnership with others, strategic advice on a commercial and pro-bono [free] basis, on political and economic trends and governmental reform.”

    The committee said it saw “no reason why he should not set up the firm forthwith”, and disclosed that this had been done this month. It is believed to be the first time a former prime minister has set up a commercial venture with the apparent intention of cashing in on time spent in office.

    Since stepping down as prime minister in June 2007, Blair is said to have earned as much as £15m from a variety of business deals and a book venture.

    He has been paid a £4.5m advance for his Downing Street memoirs, a £2.5m salary as a part-time adviser to the American investment bank JP Morgan Chase and £2m for an adviser’s role with the Swiss firm Zurich Financial Services.

    He has also worked on the after-dinner lecture circuit. Last year a Spanish newspaper reported that he had earned up to £240,000 for making a 90-minute speech to 2,000 entrepreneurs in Barcelona.

    Blair also receives a taxpayer-funded pension of £63,468 a year, plus an annual £84,000 allowance to run a private office.

    His spokesman has previously played down reports of huge earnings, saying that he spends “the vast majority” of his time on his unpaid work as Middle East envoy for the European Union, the United Nations, the United States and Russia, on climate change and on working with his charity, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

    This new venture could make it easier for him and his wife Cherie to pay the mortgage on their £3.6m home in Connaught Square, London, which reportedly costs £16,000 a month.

    Mike Warburton, a senior tax partner at the accountant Grant Thornton, said that if Tony Blair Associates was set up as a simple partnership rather than as a limited company, it would not have to make public its income and profit.

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    5 Responses to “Is Tony Blair About To Launch a NEW Political Party?”

    1. margaret walters Says:

      he’s been doing this in sierra leone, rwanda, palestine, and columbia already helping governance he’s just made it official and had others to help him. that’s all good luck to him i say. whitehall people believe by the way blair may be having a new job soon. i wonder with campbell and mandelson is brown trying to bring him back into cabinet

    2. Caela Says:

      Who do you think will seek his commercial services first? Brown or Cameron? Or maybe Big O? Or even the Frenchman with the chair issue? Wonder when the bidding for his first “project” starts… 😀

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Margaret & Caela,

        Yes, you’re right, of course. And, margaret, good for you to keep reminding us of the good stuff.

        It must be truly sickening for so many naysayers.

        He’s truly something to behold at times, isn’t he? Just wish we could ‘behold’ him a little more back here in Britain.

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