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Tony Blair is in Gaza as I write. I’ll write on this when he’s safely out of there

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1st March, 2009


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But first – THE SHAMEFUL DENIERS OF FREE SPEECH – starting with ‘Shame of’ Chakrabarti

1. Shami Chakrabarti and “Liberty”; 2. The Conservative Party; 3. The Liberal Democrats; 4. Brown’s Government (but you knew that already, didn’t you? Well, didn’t you?)

Who said? “If what the terrorists want is a war of the worlds … the way to give them that victory is to shut down free speech and every semblance of an open society.”

(Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty, after the 7/7/2005 terror attacks on London)

Odd how that criticism of the shutting down of free speech does NOT apply to Geert Wilders. Her civil/human rights sham of an organisation, Liberty, have NOT replied to ANY phone calls or e-mails asking about their position on defending HIS rights to speak out or to enter Britain. They’ve been rather busy fulfilling their OWN agenda. So that’s understandable. Isn’t it?  THAT’S what they’re there for, folks.

So, apologies for the “fundamentalist” tone of the heading, Ms Shame of Chakrabarti and followers! But things are getting desperate in the good ol’ UK. And you know what desperate people do …

This … and this … and this … and this



Bishop Hill asks THIS question: ‘Should Shami Chakrabarti Resign?’ Of course she should. Since legally it was WRONG to ban Wilders. And Liberty was SILENT on this. But she won’t.

On the Wilders ban, Bishop Hill says: “… anyone with the remotest interest in civil liberties should be fuming too. So where are our champions of civil liberties? Why have they not been shouting from the pages of every newspaper in the land? Davis, nothing. Chakrabarti, nothing. The Liberal Democrats? Don’t make me laugh.

Chakrabarti has no such excuse. She is the head of Liberty, a body that exists solely to speak out in favour of civil liberties. She has failed miserably to do so. Her silence over Wilders is not unprecedented either. She has made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t feel that freedom of speech extends to nasty people; her words on Question Time last week can have left nobody in any doubt about that. She also has previous form on the “disappearing act” she has performed in the last few days, notably when Liberty maintained a determined radio silence over the Sikh play Bezhti.

Chakrabarti has demonstrated over the years that she will not stand up for those whose views she deems unacceptable. She will not defend unpleasant views. She will not speak out for unpleasant people. She hates racists so much that she will allow fundamental British freedoms to be trampled underfoot in order allow these views she detests so much to be crushed, regardless of the importance of the freedoms that are lost with them, and regardless of the duties entailed in her position.

What is the point of the woman?

Chakrabarti and Liberty are not champions of civil liberties. In many ways they are a direct threat to the English model of individuals untrammelled in what they can say and think. She should stand down and make way for somebody who wants civil liberties for everyone, not just the favoured few.

But, imho, the question should not be put rhetorically, as though there IS no point in “the woman”. Intentional or not, the point may be more insidious than we yet understand, with invidious repercussions for all of us.


‘Torture’ is the first heading in the list of issues Liberty deals with. ‘Terrorism’ is next. Personally, I’m more concerned about terrorism than torture, since terror is random and its results affect the innocent.

Torture? Well, I’m not so sure about that. I leave that decision up to those in the know, and on the ground. Liberty, like Freedom, is NOT FREE.

Priorities, priorities. We all have them …  we all need them.  Liberty’s certainly got theirs!

2. The Conservative Party

Shamefully mute on this, they struggled to put out anything on this matter, even upsetting their own members. And THIS crowd could be running our country soon?

3. The Liberal Democrats

Chris Huhne said something seemingly contrary to liberalism. Ditto re upsetting his own party members. And THIS crowd could be holding the balance of power in a hung parliament? Hang the lot of them.

4. Gordon Brown & his Labour Government

Keith Vaz was put up to take the flak on this stupid decision to ban Wilders. He proved himself and his government devoid of real answers or principles. A truly dictatorial decision with which the mainstream press have colluded. Brown has shown Blair up for what he was – THE DEFENDER OF FREEDOM.


The bloggers, mainly American – with a few notable exceptions –  support FREE SPEECH. NOT the mainstream press.

Wake up fellow Brits. Your country needs you.

Non British Freedom-Defending Sites – Yes, EVEN defending OUR British freedoms


Geert Wilders Speaks at Ahavath Torah Synagogue

Dutch Politician Geert Wilders Banned From Britain

London, Feb 12, 2009 — Banned from Britain: Dutch parliamentarian and Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders, invited to screen his anti-islam movie Fitna in the British House of Lords, was refused entry to the UK on the grounds that the movie would incite hatred.

(Fitna is comprised entirely of news footage related to radical islam, and actual quotes from the qur’an)


I have not seen you personally, Mr Miliband, but I still believe you exist.

See also…



Wake up, and smell the daffodils

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6 Responses to “Saviours of the West Unite … You Alone Know What Is Right …”

  1. Caela Says:

    Geert Wilders for PM! Maybe he can inject some sense into the EU! (And obviously that’s one more vote for Blair as EU president.) Then, he and Blair can fight together to win this “new war in Europe” — the right to have European rights and European values in Europe (particularly those handed down by Rome and Athens).

    As for Chakrabarti, I am astounded that she is crying foul for a suspected terrorist and totally ignored Wilders who is, so far, an innocent and free man. Play fair, be fair! Too political a move, I say. What cowards.

    Hmm… with the elections nearing, maybe all parties are indeed careful not to upset the Muslims which are fast-growing in numbers — and they mean votes! If that’s the case, they are not only bunch of cowards but disgusting as well. Unless the brits will act and soon, I’ll say you lot are totally, profoundly and utterly DOOMED.

    (I tried to be objective. I’m just sick of the fact that these people do not play fair. And more than anything, I hate that.)

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Thanks Caela,

      If the Philippines is concerned about creeping Islamisation FROM THE WEST – as you say – WE ARE ALL DOOMED!

      I received a lesson in Dutch politics a little while ago today when I referred to Wilders as “right-wing”. I was told this is a fabricated lie. I am told he is “classically liberal”. I need and am awaiting more information on this, and then I will write a post, but it is intriguing. His party DOES seem to be described as ‘rightwing’ at wikipedia, but that seems to be based on his policies on immigration and on his anti-EU position.

      Not sure what Mr Blair makes of him. Could be a threat, in fact. Blair has been trying to appeal to the traditional Left in Europe, just as the tide may be turning right. Odd in a way, as Blair is NOT traditionally Left. But that’s the way the cookies votes crumble right now. Or it was until Wilders threw a spanner in the works.

      Glad you agree on this Chakrabarti woman and Liberty’s behaviour. They are SO transparently selective in their support. It’s disgraceful.

      Just thought of something. You said – Wilders for PM”. You know that is possible in Britain. In the EU constitution, any EU citizen can stand as an MP in any other EU country. So if he could set up a Freedom Party in Britain, in the absence of Mr Blair’s new party (and I DID suggest this to him recently, so he has had time to chew it over) I’d join the Freedom Party.

      I have so MANY other things to do, but my problem is too many things to write about right now!

      And you my friend, are at least partly responsible for this!!!

      Will I ever break away from this blasted machine!?

      When are you going to write me a post?

      All the best.

  2. Caela Says:

    Believe it or not my article for “Would you buy it for a quarter?” is still on the drafts. Hmm… but who knows, maybe I can get around writing a post for you today as well? I’ll TRY! 😀

    And I saw that lesson in Dutch politics as well. I don’t think they can put Wilders in prison as the people seem to be rallying behind him. If they do, it just might ensure that his party gets a landslide victory. (Amazing how his once-one-man party is now set to become the biggest party in the Dutch parliament. I hope it irritates Brown that the man he “bullied” is now set to be elected in government while he is set to be elected out of it.)

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Once you get used to this stuff you can churn out half a dozen a day. Well, I do on a good day. Not that the posts are any good, but I’m a churner.

      I was thinking the same thing about Wilders. I have a feeling they may even decide against charging him. He’s been so popular in the states, and the British government have been such wallies over Free Speech. They’ll want to applaud after the Americans and protect him from the British!

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the case is dropped.

      Wouldn’t it be lovely if he were to become Dutch PM – the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke, while Britain sinks. And even if Brown is still in place and has to deal with him – wouldn’t that be something to watch? It’d make the Blair/Brown spats look like a kids’ picnic.

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