Choudary “investigated” by Police over Mujahideen fund-raising


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UPDATE, 4th January, 2010 – Anjem Choudary and his Wootton Bassett march

16th March, 2009


anjemchoudary_fundsI suppose it’s a start.

But personally I am completely cheesed off with all this pussy-footing around creatures like Choudary.

Rather than give him what he deserves –  kicking out of our country –  we tread carefully around his rights.

Watch the video at this page and read and watch what he says.

From The Telegraph article:

Anjem Choudary, whose supporters hurled abuse at soldiers from the Royal Anglian regiment returning from Afghanistan last week, can be heard on a website calling for other Muslims not to save money for their families but to give it to “mujahideen” – holy warriors – instead.

The term is usually used to refer to fighters “defending Muslim lands” such as Afghanistan and Iraq, who are prepared to die as martyrs.

In the recording, posted on the site Islam4UK, Choudary said: “People looking for a place for their money to go so they can go to the front line and they can’t find it.

“You have opportunity to carry dawah [spreading the word] to society . . . and you have money that can go towards the dawah, you have money that can go towards the mujahideen.”

Choudary added: “When you are working collectively . . . people supporting the mujahideen, people collecting money for the dawah or giving money to the mujahideen, he [the devil] will come to you then. He will divert you, he will say to you, ‘This money is needed for your family’.”

Choudary, a former solicitor, said: “I don’t think I’ve ever said to people ‘raise money and send it to al-Qaeda and the Taliban.'”

But he added: “British troops engage in killing women and children. The British are occupiers, they have committed atrocities. The sooner they return the better.”

Scotland Yard issued a statement, in which it said: “We are continually monitoring the activities of a range of groups and individuals. Any information we receive is considered and, where appropriate, action is taken.”

It is an offence under the Terrorism Act to raise money for terrorism, whether in this country or overseas.

Choudary is one of the few former leaders of the banned group al-Muhajiroun, not to have been jailed.

The man’s an inciter of hate, and tries to motivate his dumb listeners to attempt to overthrow our government.  In the video he describes how only a few hundred can take over a country. Though I’m afraid he’ll find the security at Downing Street will be tougher to crack than that at Medina!

He’s clearly guilty of sedition and treacherous behaviour, whether he believes in our country or not. I don’t give a DAMN what he believes in. While he’s inside OUR country he is bound by OUR laws.

So what do we do? Do we arrest him for this?  You jest, of course.

We tiptoe about trying to pin fund-raising charges on the ba**ard. Fund raising for a sham charity!?

The “charity” which raises cash and weaponry to send to such places as Pakistan, where British-born scum are training to attack our soldiers in Afghanistan. Those fighting the Taleban.

He should be arrested NOW and deported.  But unless we change the law and get our priorities right – and give up being the world’s protective grandpa – we will NEVER be able to deport or in any way deal with these people.

They are barbarians, belong in a barbaric age, nice English accents or not.

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4 Responses to “Choudary “investigated” by Police over Mujahideen fund-raising”

  1. Arrest Super-Jihadist Anjem Choudary (Part 2) « Tony Blair Says:

    […] it looks like the present investigation by the Police didn’t stop him appearing on Sky tonight. Still, the more people see of this ranter’s […]

  2. Andy P UK Says:

    I couldn’t spend 5 minutes with this guy and his ‘holier than though’ attitude without smacking him round the head with the stick of decency and reason.
    I truly hope that the police don’t give permission for this idiotic idea whos only purpose, I see, is to incite racial hate and violence.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:


      You’re not alone in your reaction. I just want the authorities to deal with him as they should. We already have the necessary laws against incitement, brought in by Blair after 7/7/05. None of our main political parties as presently led have the guts to implement the law. Worried about inciting some more?! Clearly.

      That’s the worrying truth.

  3. Choudary-”UK Head of Al-Muhajiroun”. WHO??? WHAT??? « Tony Blair Says:

    […] have said, could only get worse. And they have. On 17th March 2009 Choudary was reported as being “investigated for fund-raising for mujahideen“. What happened with that investigation? You heard? Me […]

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