Islam Controls The House of Lords (NO QUESTION)


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    19th March, 2009


    Islam Controls the House of Lords?

    Another video from victimlessciminal

    With freedom of speech so much under attack in the Netherlands with respect to Geert Wilders, it’s a little ironic that the focus has so quickly moved to the same issue with respect to the very same person but this time in the UK. And if you think that there is no chance that freedom of speech could ever be successfully challenged by one quasi-political ideology within the Sceptred Isle, think again. This is a serious development.


    The House of Lords, in session

    See my earlier post on the 10,000 Muslims threat


    Details of how to contact Lord Ahmed:…

    Thomas Landen article The Brussels Journal

    Digital Spy (some more nice Muslim matrimonial adverts for you)…

    Pakistani Daily Times Article….

    Associated Press of Pakistan (“A victory for the Muslim community”)…

    Moderate Lord Ahemd

    Cranmer – Lord Ahmed threatens Parliament into Submission…

    Co-Founder of “The World Forum” – to promote, amongst other things, dialogue between peoples…

    Cranmer – Blasphemy laws only apply to Islam?…

    The Sun – not a “newspaper” I recommend, but at least it covered the story!…

    Daily Mail – Lord Ahmed banned for dangerous driving…

    British citizens associated with Israeli Armed Forces Could Face “War Crime Prosecutions”…

    An alternative critique of Geert Wilders’ Position – Ian Buruma of The spectator…


    There was a time, not that long ago, when THIS Prime Minister was leading my country, that I would have felt no need to be writing any of this.  Now?  Even if Tony Blair were still in his rightful place …


    An extraordinary Prime Minister, 1997 - 2007. Why is his voice now so silent over the destruction of our country from within? This is still the third term won under HIS leadership. He MUST speak out. Surely he understands this? Or did we hurt him THAT much? So much that he will now stand idly by and watch his country die?

    I can no longer be sure.  And it breaks my heart to have to say so.

    I no longer KNOW if even HE would stand up against this insidious movement. Would he fight it with all the conviction he found over the Iraq invasion? OR would he succumb, like the rest, to the “inevitable” destruction of British Parliamentary democracy? This onward march is no more about ‘religion’ than is a Jeffrey Archer novel.

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    10 Responses to “Islam Controls The House of Lords (NO QUESTION)”

    1. Caela Says:

      I keep getting the message that the YouTube video is no longer available…

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Really, Caela? It still works for me. I’ll go and check again and get back to you.

        UPDATE: I’ve checked again and it works for me. I think it also works for an American who has just written to me about it. But there is a worldwide/UK setting when I go through directly to the video by clicking the YouTube URL here. I thought it only referred to MY preferences when I visited YouTube. But in case it impacts on others’ viewing capabilities I have altered the setting to “worldwide”.

        Try again, or copy and paste the link into your browser or search at YouTube for “Islam Controls the House of Lords?”

        If it still doesn’t work perhaps your country has blocked it! If so, I wonder why? Now THAT’S censorship.

    2. centurean2 Says:

      The truth hurts’ and i don’t mean that in any disrespect to yourself whatsoever.
      I have had to face, that my own party which WAS Tory are acting against this country and her peoples’
      Westminster is where the enemy resides and has for decades’ only now that is becoming more visible.
      When the Lord Chief Justice of England Lord Hewart back in 1928/9 wrote in his book The New Despotism.he was warning of the deliberate erosion that was taking place within Westminster and the civil service, of all our laws.
      Yet nobody of whatever party they claim to be, carried that warning to the people of Britain!!

      Shame on them and a curse on ALL their houses.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Centurean2 – I still don’t think Blair is a bad man, intent on bringing western democracy to its knees, even though I know his present brief means avoiding stepping on Muslim toes. But I am not 100% happy with his emphasis on the religious element in life, since that is not something that speaks to all of us. Democracy DOES, or should. While the rest of his life, as he has said, is given over to the likely vain cause of ecumenism between religions (!?), where is the world leader who will speak up for western democracy?

        I know you’re into the conspiracy business, centurean2, and I’m really not, despite at times being tempted. There have been many opinions written about our democracy and its laws over the years. It could be argued that Lord Hewart was clearly wrong, since we have survived some 80 years without civil catastrophe, despite some crazy laws.

        I am no political history academic but it seems to me that the problems we now have are more to do with recent developments. For instance: open-door multiculturalism/rights without responsibilities/EU Human Rights Act/Iraq war/the intelligentsia press scribblers mainly of the Left/the anti-Israel & anti-America tendency/the pro-Palestine lobby/ethnic inner-city votes/Blair’s departure from Parliament.

        Yes I DO think it might not have got this far if he were still PM. We’ll never know, of course, but I don’t think if he were still leading the country, that the Wilders ban would have been enforced. Though I believe that one of the reasons he left office was that the Left of his own party thought he was behaving in a pro-Israel/USA way. The Left of his party could never have stood for that for long, could they? So I can’t even be sure of how he would have handled it, up against that lobby.

        Politics is the art of the possible.

        But yes, it’s worrying that none of the main parties, including former politicians, seems to have anything to say on this. If it’s only fear of admitting that they ALL got the multicultural business wrong, well, it can still be dealt with. A bit like the economic mess we’re in, it’s everyone’s fault to an extent. No-one is going to string THIS government up for admitting that, especially since it started under the Tories. WE went for it too, as we did with the de-regulation of our borrowing habits. It was never compulsory to borrow like crazy. And we could have said “no” more firmly to immigration if we saw that multiculturalism wasn’t quite working as expected despite billions being thrown at it. Our innate “liberalism”, understanding and compassion as well as a PC bias got the better of our common sense.

        It looks like we missed the warning signs of impending implosion on more than one big issue.

        We need to put a blanket ban on people coming from Asian countries, commonwealth or not, until we have dealt with those maladjusts already here.

        Trouble is in this global world there are other matters to consider – the EU for a start, the little civil/human righters etc … those who think THEIR concerns are the main concern.

        I think it is fear that is holding our political “masters” back, as in the video and as I mentioned here at the time. Fear of riots – quite simply that. Nothing else, in the short term. In the Muslim AND non-Muslim communities.

        No party wants that on its watch, understandably.

        But if it isn’t tackled now it will have to be dealt with later. This problem is not going away. It is only going to get worse. Ahmed and his ilk were given the green light when Brown capitulated.

    3. Stan Says:

      KTBFPM, I have no time at all for Lord Ahmed but I understand he has actually denied making the threat to mobilise 10,000 Muslims to stop the Wilders meeting..

      Since you think that the question mark regarding the title of this piece should not apply I presume you have checked this story and can provide evidence that such a serious allegation is correct.

      If so I would be grateful if you would post it here so that I can take the matter up with my Labour Party colleagues.

      Incidentally the credibility of this video is not strengthened by the fact that it includes an outright lie about Ahmed’s conviction. He was not convicted for causing the death of that person as the video says (rather the person caused his own death) but for texting messages while driving, minutes before the fatal incident. The judge concluded there was no causal link to the accident. In fact it emerged that Ahmed warned other drivers of the accident at some risk to himself.

      But I suppose it made a better story for the purposes of this video to report it as Ahmed killing someone and to imply that he got off with a light sentence just because he was a Muslim.

      That’s how the hate-mongers on the other side go about their business.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        STAN – get off your high-horse – please! The man’s a liar.

        I READ the article. I READ it with my own eyes. In the Pakistan Daily Times. This was the link, which I bookmarked:

        IT IS NOW DEAD! DEFUNCT!REMOVED!\24\story_24-1-2009_pg7_44″ rel=”nofollow”

        They stopped the page by adding the “nofollow” tag, until they had altered it and then put it back with the original URL but now edited – the url was back to THIS which now works but does NOT include the ‘10000 Muslims’ sentence. (excluding the “rel=”nofollow” bit:)

        I just wish I had copied and pasted the entire article. The newspaper it was printed in removed it as soon as Ahmed was told, presumably by Number 10, that this was not on!

        I have written about this thoroughly here at this blog.

        And of course he has denied it. What ELSE would he do? He’s a liar and a cheat and full of his own agenda, imho. He will fool those naive enough to transfer their own high standards of probity and integrity to him.

        BLOODY HELL, Stan – of course the House of Lords is controlled by Islam. Otherwise WHY did they give in and ban Wilders!? It was NO coincidence. All that business about it being Wilders’ presence that was likely to cause trouble was arrant nonsense. CLEARLY. There was no trouble in Italy or America when Wilders visited them. Are we such extremists here, Muslims & non-Muslims that WE would have reacted differently? Of course not. It was the government’s way out of possible civil unrest when the 10,000 got going! And of escaping the repercussions when the rest of us understood how deep is the pit we have dug for ourselves, once a debate got going.

        There might have been some street protests – (but Ahmed’s “10,000”?) Highly unlikely, as ONLY fanatical Muslims would have taken to the streets. There aren’t that many in this country (probably, though I don’t know for sure – the government likes to keep us ALL in the dark.)

        The government was afraid that it might well have been in the thousands so giving credence to Ahmed’s threat. And, as I have mentioned before, they do not want the rest of us to see how far we have slid down that slippery slope.

        If you go to your Labour party colleagues with this they’ll think you’re naivity personified. But please do.

        Sadly, as I said above, I failed to copy and paste it. Y’see I trusted that a national newspaper, even IF Asian (I HAVE NO PREJUDICES!) would NOT cover the back of an violence inciter! It might be that one of our dailies has copied it and is keeping that particular powder dry for the day when such as the naive start to accept that Ahmed’s denial is true. THAT’LL be the next thing – Smith/Brown will say he didn’t really say that.

        His denial is a lie. I repeat, Stan – I READ it.

        All your high level Labour colleagues, Stan, already KNOW that Ahmed said it. It was reported too in several of the dailies here. It was NOT invented.

        But yes I think the business in the video about Ahmed causing the man’s death by using his mobile phone was a little over the top, too. Though in some minds there is some association or possible causal link or he would not have been locked up in the first place.

        “At some risk to himself” – Oh, I am so impressed …. I am. So, so unlike what the rest of us would have done, eh!?

        In defence of the video – its remarks were not quite as OTT as calling Tony Blair a “war criminal” for defending freedom in the west. And THAT accusation comes from supposedly level-headed people. You know who they are.

        Btw, Stan, please STOP accusing me and people who have no time for Ahmed and his ilk as “hate-mongers”. It’s getting personal and I’m getting a little sick of it, as is another commenter here who has mentioned this to me privately.

        I do not accuse people who do not think FREE SPEECH is the way forward, like yourself, of being communists/fascists/nazis. Just of having been taken in. Well I DO accuse this government of behaving dictatorially. And I’ve NEVER done that before. Now I have an inkling why. They are powerless dolts. I should feel sorry for them. And I would, if it wasn’t this country they were being powerless with!

        But I’ll tell you what I hate. I hate people who open their arms, hearts and dull malleable brains to those who harbour people who want to destroy MY country. In fact who DO attempt to destroy it by their brainwashing AND by their actual attacks.

        I hate the destroyers MORE, true, but not a lot more.

    4. Sally Says:

      Coping with post-democracy.
      by Colin Crouch, Fabian Society

      About this title: Argues that the democratic movement has passed, and that, in the West, we are moving into a post-democratic age where power becomes increasingly concentrated in the hands of a professionalized, political elite. Also shows how our opportunities for participating in public life have diminished.

      Does tend to hold with the theme that ” Democracy has been destroyed from within”*listing*title

      Speaking from both side’s of their mouth, considering their part in Democratic Government’s collapse.

      Which certain civil servant’s have come to claim recently.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Hi Sally,

        If so, that is our OWN faults. We’d rather watch Big Brother and Coronation Street than attend a political meeting.

        We have been given ALL the opportunities from devolution to internet communication with all sorts of groups. Every chance to get involved. We still prefer NOT to get involved, just to complain.

        Plus ca change.

        I always remember this too – people vote for ALL sorts of different reasons. Thus it is difficult to be sure which party/individual to support, since we may be with them on one thing and against them on another. It is difficult for us and the political policy-makers.

        I do NOT think a political elite are taking over to any real extent. Though to be blunt, given the political ignorance of many of the voters, it might be a good thing if professionals did. We quite like having professional doctors, lawyers, teachers etc. Why not politicians?

    5. Sally Says: Lord Pearson on Lord Ahmed the threat was worse than we knew, Ahmed also threatened him with arrest for religious hatred.
      I myself will be supporting a new party formed in 2008 untainted, one that refused to put up a candidate for the EU elections rightly knowing that the EU to be illegal under the 1689 bill of rights’.
      All minister’s also the Queen swore an oath gleamed from the above bill, all have broken their oath.
      Add to the You Tube video, the Cardinal of the Czech republic stated this month, Europe will fall to islam very soon should things’ not change.
      This can be found at The Brussel’s Journal.
      Peter Mandleson quoted in a speech he made in Poland ” we are now in the post Democratic era”
      Reported at the blog England Expects.
      these days’ we have become accustomed to searching blogs to get an incline of the truth, that is very, very sad.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Hi again, Sally. Sorry, just picked this up.

        Which is the new party that you are joining, btw? UKIP?

        Lord Pearson is right on this complacency. The political class and media are ALL blind to the threats.

        My issue with UKIP is that I am pro EU. Or I WAS until they rejected Blair as President. I also think Blair was the answer, not the problem. I expect yu and I would differ on that too. But I belong to no party and can see none that actually suits me in all ways.

        Anyway, this will have to be dealt with and soon. The Tories as well as Labour and the Lib Dems (but of course!) are letting us all down in refusing to face it for electoral reasons.

        Mandelson may be right, but not necessarily because he wants it that way. The internet has split opinions into tiny groups campaigning for various reasons, and against this and against that. Packaging a political prospectus as Blair managed pre 1997 is now all but impossible. I’d like a link to the Mandelson quote if you have one, btw.

        The video you referred to should be visible here:

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