Arrest Super-Jihadist Anjem Choudary (Part 2)


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25th March, 2009


My first such request to the Home Secretary was here on 16th March, 2009



(The Sun article includes video of Choudary, Omar Bakri & Jalal Ahmed – a Luton airport worker suspended from work following his participation in the disgraceful demo at the Royal Anglian regiment’s homecoming.) See excerpt of Sun article here, below.

Not that I’m suggesting I am the only one who has called for this. But I ran a poll here a couple of weeks ago.

Question: What Should Britain Do with Anjem Choudary & his ilk?

The results so far are:

Responses to options below:
1.Deport him – ANYWHERE!  77%
2.Nothing – Ignore him. He is powerless.  0%
3.Put him in front of a Sharia Court for sedition and/or treachery.  0%
4. Arrest & try him under English Law – then the EU (when, of course, he will be released)  8%
5. Just sort him out. Get rid of him.  8%

You can still vote in this poll here at end of page

Not one person voting at my poll thinks we should ignore him. And no-one reckons we should put him up in front of a Sharia court. Probably because we only have dry-run practise-type ones here in Britain at present.

Of course if  he were to be charged with sedition in, for instance Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Libya, Ghana, Algeria, China, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Syria, UAE – to name but some where sedition/treason is punishable by the death penalty, he’d be getting  just what HIS form of Sharia demands. So at least he could die happy.

Most people, understandably, want this man deported

The bad news? We can’t.  He is a British citizen. THIS, sadly for us, is his home although he has “no allegiance to Britain”.

As the ‘man’ says: “If you were born in a barn it doesn’t make you a horse.” [more of this excerpt here below]

This individual is strangely fond of animal analogies. He used another one tonight on the SKY NEWS programme on Pakistan & British Pakistani/Muslim terrorism. See here for the Sky three day series on Pakistan.

The only way we can have him deported is if he renounces his British passport, which of course he won’t.  He needs it to get into Pakistan and other terror hotspots.

And it looks like the present investigation by the Police didn’t stop him appearing on Sky tonight. Still, the more people see of this ranter’s ravings, the better.


The Sun article – excerpt:

So what DOES he have to do to get arrested?

HIS group of Muslim extremists was behind the vile demo against Our Boys at a homecoming parade.

Now hate preacher Anjem Choudary has urged his brainwashed followers to undergo military training abroad.

His sick order comes just days after he advocated that Business Secretary Lord Mandelson be stoned to death — for being gay.

And it follows years of rants which have sickened the nation, yet gone unpunished by the authorities.

So today The Sun calls on police chiefs to stop dithering and charge former lawyer Choudary, 41, before he poisons more young minds.

Last night we handed officers at the Met’s London HQ, New Scotland Yard, a damning dossier calling for his arrest and prosecution.

‘ Any kind of attack on Mohammed’s honour carries the death penalty ’

SEPT 2008

It highlights his most heinous outbursts — which a Sun investigation revealed breached British laws. And it details those exact laws. If found guilty the firebrand cleric could face as much as life imprisonment.


In his new outburst — a recording posted on a password-protected Al-Qaeda website — he said: You do not neglect any of our duties…

If many of our Muslim lands are under occupation then of course jihad — you are going to be talking about jihad. You are going to be recruiting for the Mujahideen. 

You’re going to be working to overthrow, sorry, liberate, Muslim lands. Because you’re living in a situation where there’s lots of Muslim lands under occupation.

Quoting from Islamic text, Choudary added:  ‘You cannot accomplish this until you train… train for jihad.’ What kind of training is he talking about? He’s talking about military training.

British-born Choudary — who claims state handouts — caused outrage on the first anniversary of the July 7 London bombings in 2005.

More from THE SUN here


Stephen Sackur, Interviewer: You were born in this country. You are British. Did it not cause you any personal pain when those bombs went off, when those people were killed?

Anjem Choudary: Stephen, first of all if you are born somewhere that doesn’t make you have any kind of allegiance. If you were born in a barn it doesn’t make you a horse. I was born in Britain. I believe the whole of the world belongs to God. I believe that the law of Allah must be prevalent on the earth. So yes I’m … Great Britain …

Stephen Sackur, Interviewer: You have no allegiance to Great Britain?

Anjem Choudary: No, I have no allegiance to Great Britain whatsoever. I have no allegiance to the queen, I have no allegiance to the prime minister. As a muslim when you say “La ilaha illa-llah , you say that ‘I obey, I serve, I submit, I follow no-one except for Allah”.

Stephen Sackur, Interviewer: Do you … do you hate Britain? The country which has raised you, which has educated you?

Anjem Choudary: No, this is not … it’s not right that the country raised me. The fact is I was raised by my parents and I learnt my Islam from scholars qualified in Islamic law.

Stephen Sackur, Interviewer: When … when did you adopt the positions you have now? I mean you went to school here, you went to university in this country. When did you decide that you had absolutely no allegiance to Britain, that you would pursue a course which in many ways is absolutely antipathetic to Britain?

Anjem Choudary: It’s not to Britain … you see you need to make a distinction between the … the country, the trees and … and the … and the er… the livestock here. We have nothing against the er … the country as far as Britain is concerned …

Stephen Sackur, Interviewer: Never mind the trees and the livestock, you certainly have something against the people.

Anjem Choudary: No but wait a second, wait a second … but as far as the authority is concerned and as far as the people who support the authority yes, certainly we have something against them. As muslims we must do because they are the people who are supporting the genocide in Muslim countries.  As far as my own Islam is concerned yes I mean I met er … Sheikh Omah Bakri Mohammed, I studied at the sharia … er at the London School of Sharia.  I learnt a lot of the things that I believe today from him and … er … he …  he … not because he himself has his own personal opinions but because everything he says is based upon the koran and the traditions of the [messenger(?)] Mohammed.

More of this HardTalk interview here


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19 Responses to “Arrest Super-Jihadist Anjem Choudary (Part 2)”

  1. Topics about Religion » Arrest Super-Jihadist Anjem Choudary (Part 2) Says:

    […] Tony Blair created an interesting post today on Arrest Super-Jihadist Anjem Choudary (Part 2)Here’s a short outlineHome 13th Sep 2008 – Choudary “Next 9/11 will be in the UK” – and – “Have more babies so we can take over Britian from within” 9th Sep 2008 – Choudary two weeks after 7/7/2005 – HARDTALK interview (video and transcript) This British Muslim is an EXAMPLE to you, Choudary Comment at end 25th March, 2009 WANTED – OUT OF THIS COUNTRY My first such request to the Home Secretary was here on 16th March, 2009 Today THE SUN TOO, HAS CALLED FOR CHOUDARY’S ARREST (includes v […]

  2. drjpearson Says:

    To learn more about the insidious nature of Islam, the unholy Koran, the pagan god Allah, and the false prophet Mohammed (cursed is his name forever), read the free E-book at

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Hi, Dr Pearson. Well, you’ve worked hard at this. I can see it was a learning course of some sort. Well researched, anyway.

      For those of us who a deity seems to have shunned (including me, although I was SUCH a Christian until an adult that it was odd and a bit of an oversight that *God* didn’t notice me), this kind of fundamentalism provokes the response *God save us from *religion*.

  3. David Ross Says:

    Gentlemen and ladies… the simple solution for Choudery is to arrest him and charge him under the TREASON ACT.. for.. he has clearly ‘countenanced the death of the sovereign’ by his religion. (Surah 9:30) and his own statements in public. In particular and most recently he has called for the overthrow of British law and installation of Sharia..this is clearly treason.
    I found islam4uk website seems to be down now.(today 17/10) and I hope it means MI5 have arrested him and shut down the site calling for the Sharia march.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Well, simple, Mr Ross, but the govenment won’t do it. They’ve had plenty of opportunities before when he and his ilk screamed treachery in this way, and they never arrested him then.

      They are running scared of civil unrest and the ‘10,000 Muslims will march on parliament’ threat again as threatened by Lord Ahmed over Geert Wilders’ entry months ago. The government gave in to threats then and banned Wilders. This ban has only just been overturned on appeal by Wilders.

      So I don’t hold out much hope from ANY of our present political leaders on any of this.

      Hopefully you’re right and the authorities have closed down his site AND will stop the march scheduled for the end of October.

      It’s shameful that Choudary has been allowed to abuse Britain for so long WITHOUT censure – over 20 years he’s been at it, btw, not just since his EXCUSE the Iraq invasion.

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  5. Choudary-”UK Head of Al-Muhajiroun”. WHO??? WHAT??? « Tony Blair Says:

    […] 16th March 2009 and again ten days later, and as a demo in support of our troops was called off persuaded so to do by ‘gentle’ […]

  6. John Says:

    Very soon imams and other Muslims will face a new British Law. A law of obedience, a law of respect towards the British culture, a law of adherence or death.

    That’s right everyone a war is about to be unleashed upon the Europrean community and world. In the case of Britian, Bloody Mary is on the way back.

    The plans in stored to liberate Muslims from British soil will be far worse than of WWII, plans to lay to waste entire communities to root out Muslim sympathizers, and remove paralement where the Crown once again take control of the Country.

    So, not to worry… Muslim hour is about to come to an end…..

  7. John Says:

    Yes, and unfortunately, Britian and other Countries will come under such a wrath of war that this planet have ever witnessed.

    Muslims are not going to give up the land it has acquired under ther global agenda without a fight.

    This war for which all of society should be feared when city block by city block will be destroyed.

    Lastly, does one really believe a country loose it’s identity to an uncivilized culture.

    Prince William will be Crown King of England, Elizabeth and King William will take back Britian to a Ruler status and dissolve the Countries Consitition, and replace it under total of the Crown, with an iron and firm hand of His Majisty’s control.

    As mentioned my friend I can assure you this is not a joke nor fantasy of illusions. I am warning society Muslim rule is about to come to end as the globe knows of it.

    I suggest to get away from all cities and communities become self independent, no radios, no electricity, no fuel, as movement will be restricted to a minimum without official clearance from the occupying forces.

    As mentioned the hour is very near.

  8. Javed Rizwan Says:

    Anjum Choudhary should be deported back to Pakistan and should be kept under close watch even in Pakistan. He is the biggest terrorist we know. If not now then when will the British Government deport him? Otherwise, he should be arrested here in London and be kept in prision for life. This will be his biggest punishment and the British Law should not allow any of his followers to meet him in London Jail. He should be confined to loneliness and live a life and die in prison as he wants deaths to people around the world. What Sharia Law is he trying to implement in the UK? In the first place why is he in the UK if he want Sharia Law? He should live in Saudi or Iran for that matter if he was such a religious man. He does all the evil and is full of lies. He is a danger to the whole world out there.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      @ Javed,

      I agree he should be deported. Unfortunately he can’t be, so won’t be, as he is British born. Sadly, and here we have been let down by ALL three mainstream political parties, the Choudary problem has been allowed to fester and spread hatred. Partly because his “human rights” would have prevented him being deported. As the Human Rights Act is presently constituted we have our hands tied behind our backs. Not just us in Britain, but ALL in the EU.

      As for locking him up for life – again, our courts would never do it. Our liberal laws, used and abused by these fundamantalists, would never allow it.

      Now let’s see if the present government will act on people like him. People as on the Panorama programme to be broadcast tonight, who are using the Saudi book on hating and killing non-Muslims in unregulated weekend schools in Britain. I doubt it, especially with the idiotically suicidal “liberal” Lib Dems in tow.

  9. Javed Rizwan Says:

    Dear Sir,
    If you dont act now, when? He is only spreading hatred. He is inciting more and more people to work on destroying the UK. Yet you sympathise with this man. Do not wait too long to give him this freedom as he is misusing this freedom. If he were in Iran and Saudi, he would be put to death and no imprisonment. First and foremost, he is enjoying the freedom, only in a non muslim country and he should respect freedom here in the UK. If he were in a Muslim country, he would be killed instantly. Do not have any mercy for him and his followers who are radicals. They will destroy UK and have plans to plant more and more bombs to destroy UK. Not only his followers will be geared in doing this, as he has other sources of how to do this. The same man who holds a British Passport, instead of being a loyalist, disownd the UK. He needs to be asked this question: Why is he living in the UK, if he does not owe justice to the British Government? He should be kicked out of the UK soon. For that matter, even as a Muslim, I say in bold: STOP ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION NOT ONLY IN THE UK, BUT ALL ACROSS THE WEST. It will only come against you and the UK as most muslims are influenced by Sharia and want Sharia law all over the west and the world.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:


      That’s SOME strong comments from you, considering you are a Muslim.

      I have NO sympathy for this man. NONE. I want him out of our country ASAP!

      I wonder how many in the Muslim community think like you, Javed? Any idea? Plenty I hope. But a majority? If so, why don’t they make their feelings known to their MPs?

      Why do you feel so strongly against Sharia Law and the idea of it taking over in Britain? Perhaps you could explain this to us.

      If you don’t mind I’d like to use your comment in a new post. I know it is not just non-Muslims who have concerns at our turning a blind eye to Choudary and his like.

  10. Javed Rizwan Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Muslims enjoy freedom only in non islamic countries. Freedom of speech and freedom to voice out your rights are available only in the UK and the West. Where in the world would you have such freedom? Is Anjem Choudhary trying to get a Saudi Arabia here in the UK System? Well, this should not happen. If it does, it will prove expensive to Muslims living in the UK. Muslims in UK who do not favor Sharia, you will find them moving out of UK as well. It is high time, that you do something now, before it is too late. If freedom of speech and democracy are taken away from the UK, we will all have to flee from the UK. This Anjem Choudhary and his followers need to be stopped, banned and sent back to their countries. They should be told to go to Saudi and live there. They should not demand in a Non Islamic country. Look at it the other way, if a Christian demanded Churches in Saudi Arabia and Iran, would the law of Saudi and Iran allow this? Can you enjoy freedom in Saudi and Iran? Till date, it is embarassing that there is no Christian church in Saudi and Iran. Can the world community not put pressure on Saudi and Iran to have churches there. If Saudis can demand mosques being built in the EU and the West, so also they should allow the Christians and other religions to have their churches and shrines likewise and they should enjoy their religious freedom in Saudi and Iran. Sad to say, they are hardliners and will never be transformed. If Anjem is not stopped now, and they take over, soon UK will become an Islamic state and will fall into the hands of these radicals. My advice yet again: STOP ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM, STOP GIVING PERMISSION FOR NEW MOSQUES IN THE UK, STOP MUSLIM IMMIGRATION. No sooner new mosques are being built, these so called Mullahs only preach hatred and the likes of Anjem Choudhary are favored in these so called mosques. If UK cant take care at this time, I tell you, in the years to come, you will find UK soon being converted into an Islamic state. Certainly, as Muslims, we want our rights and privileges as we can only exercise this right, when we are in a non islamic country. Once these so called islamic fundamentalist are given this so called freedom, they misuse all the liberties and start exercising their forms of Sharia Law and how this system can soon take over the UK. If you dont act now, when? Do not waste more time, not working on arresting Anjem Choudhary and his so called followers, instead, stop all Muslim Immigration into the UK.

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