Rentoul – Forget another Iraq Inquiry. And forget Alibhai-Brown’s bleating


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3rd April, 2009

John Rentoul is a journalist I greatly admire. You would, wouldn’t you … I hear you murmur sarcastically. Rentoul too thinks that Tony Blair is human …  a man who feels, thinks, considers, decides, doubts and hurts. Like the rest of us. Not a monster made in God’s image, as many of his opponents imply.

Can’t imagine why I still subscribe to the viewpoint that he and all western leaders are actually as fallible, normal and conscience-ridden as (most of) the rest of us. I just do. I must be missing something. The accusatory gene? The cause and effect chromosome?  The I am so omniscient braincell? The judgemental sweat gland?

Perhaps it’s time some of us REALLY looked at ourselves objectively, if that’s possible.  Yes, we are all concerned over reports of the consequences of war. Yes, none of us want to see children die.  But if we honestly think that our democratically elected leaders deserve this constant vilification alongside the traducement of their integrity and character, our judgement is awry.

Tom Harris MP recently pointed up this irrational behaviour too, in his criticism of Simon Heffer – “Agree to Disagree then call the Police”. (In other words, if you disagree with someone and can’t have your own way, criminalise the other guy.)  This kind of article by a Conservative journalist clearly indicates a brutalising of our society, imho. We never used to talk in this way about others. Now WHERE have we picked up such nasty habits, I wonder?

I have no desire to see Blair or any other western politician, such as Spain’s former PM Aznar, dragged before courts, international or national.  I would have no such desire even if I thought they’d actually done something wrong. We let enough REAL villains slip through our hands whose incentives to action are clearly and loudly intended to harm. The motives of those who do wish to prosecute are not high-minded liberal truth-seeking. They are no more than despicable dirt-digging and agenda-setting. Perhaps even driven by an evil impulse, not to put too fine a point on it. They care no more for deformed children than do I or Tony Blair.  And WE both care.

And let me ask the Yasmin Alibhai-Browns of the world this question – were such as these working flat our during the years when Saddam was killing thousands in his own country – Iraqi babies included?  Highly unlikely. They are the pick-up-and-run-with political opportunists of this world.

Presumably their cause is that of those who wish to destroy western democracies like ours? For that sort, and we have many, FAR too many in Britain already with that mindset, it seems we will do whatever asked.

Until the day they die some of us will question western leaders’ motivation for taking their countries to war in Iraq. With a fair wind in their sails they might even end up destroying those western leaders.

There we are.

Job done.

Feel better now?

Rentoul has today written a quick rebuttal to the unworldly troglodyte, his fellow journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

Rentoul is right. Alibhai-Brown is wrong.


Forget the whole expensive business of another inquiry, designed to string up a politician or two. This inquiry will be another unsatisfactory outcome for the no-hopers.  None who see Blair as the Biggest Liar since Pinocchio will ever be satisfied unless yet another Iraq inquiry comes up with their required conclusion. They make that abundantly clear in their discrediting of all previous inquiries.

And THEIR required conclusion? Blair lied, children died, mothers cried, MPs sighed …

I find Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s certainties and opinionated approach to what she believes are the facts inexplicable and unforgivable.

Is she sure she is living in the right part of the world? Where a developed western democratic legal system is the sole arbiter of right and wrong? Or are we allowed to try, try, try again until we get the conviction we require?

Rentoul’s article follows:

Iraq inquiry? On second thoughts, don’t bother

Posted by John Rentoul

  • Friday, 3 April 2009 at 12:06 pm

On Sunday, I said in passing that “those who are most sure that Tony Blair lied about Iraq are most vocal in demanding (another) inquiry to prove it”. Trust my good colleague Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to prove me wrong. She wrote a column the next day, headlined, “It is now impossible to trust any ‘official’ inquiry into Iraq.”

Talk about getting your retaliation in early. The implication appeared to be that the inquiry promised by David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, would be a waste of public money, not just because Yasmin is already sure that Blair and Alastair Campbell “lied grievously and sexed up evidence” but because an official inquiry would be bound to take a different view:

“You cannot trust our masters not to cover their tracks and it is now impossible to trust those they choose to lead investigations into improper conduct. Remember Hutton. Remember Butler.”
Well, there is an alternative explanation as to why those inquiries came to the conclusions that they did. But Yasmin is in full flood, and even the weaker brethren on her side of the argument are not exempted from the vitriol:
“Even Chris Mullin, whose published diaries are delightful, was against the war but succumbed to Blair’s charm offensive and voted to prevent an inquiry – a stand I find inexplicable and unforgivable.”

Surely, if an inquiry is “impossible to trust”, Mullin’s stand is entirely explicable and forgivable?

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3 Responses to “Rentoul – Forget another Iraq Inquiry. And forget Alibhai-Brown’s bleating”

  1. Arlene Says:

    One has to wonder what good could possibly come from prosecuting Bush, Blair, Aznar and all. What good I ask?
    I can think of one person who it would benefit and strengthen; Osama bin Laden.
    Why is it well and good that the Butcher of Baghdad (Saddam Hussein) could murder thousands of innocent men, women and children with the blessings of those such as Alibhai-Brown, yet when he and his murderous sons were finally stopped, the US and its allies were vilified? I believe these leaders and our troops to be heroes of the free world.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      And so do I, Arlene.

      The likes of Alibhai-Brown and others (and we know who they are) are hypocrites of the worst order. How many of THEM were out in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan denouncing the murderers of children and women PRIOR to recent events? NONE, I’m sure.

      Some people were, of course, but few of those genuine people called western leaders “killers”. THEY know or knew the truth. And some of them died for it at the hands of those they tried to help.

      Anyone has the right to belong to a peace or anti-war movement if they wish, but they do NOT have the right to describe democratically-elected leaders of the west as “war criminals” cast from the same mould as many who are still today killing their own peoples.

      Or, should I say, since they DO have the right in the west – because they will NOT be killed for saying it – we also have the right to describe them as muddled, hypocritical, agenda-driven fools. On a polite day.

      That’s what most of them are.

      Even if Bush, Blair, Aznar and John Howard & others went to war under “false pretences” and I do not accept that they did, they were still right to do so. NOT to do so would have left these problems simmering for following generations. There is no way this terrorism would have just disappeared and everything would have turned out hunky-dory without our interference.

      Look at Karzai now over the legalised rape business. Even with western input and some modernisation, they still think it’s OK to think in these medieval Sharia terms.

      Can you imagine what it would be like if we hadn’t been there? If the world’s eyes were not presently on Afghanistan?


      And neither can the “try western leaders” mob.


  2. Says:

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