British Judge Converts to Islam – There was “No Choice”

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    13th April, 2009


    District Judge in UK – Marilyn Mornington – explaining why she converted to Islam (September 2008)

    British Judge Marilyn Mornington converts to Islam 1/6

    If this is not brainwashing, please tell me what is! (My bolding below).

    This woman speaks to ‘Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’ in London:

    “I have been specialising in crime against women, violence against women and child abuse now for some ten to twelve years on a policy level for the United Kingdom and I became, by no choice of my own, because of the work I was doing, closely involved with violence against women in the Muslim communities in this country, and in order to understand better where they were coming from began to read about Islam, began to read the Koran and to mix with Muslims.  I would HAVE to say I don’t think I really ever had any choice in the matter  that ?…? had his eyes on me and that was it. From that moment on without any choice of mine kept on meeting one person after the other who led me down a path where there really was no turning back from because the more I got to know about Islam, about the Prophet, peace be upon him, it became obvious to me that this is what I want… where I wanted to belong and what it was what I wanted to believe and I also felt very comfortable with the family life and the stories of the wives of the prophet and the companions and it was just somewhere that over a period of time and I would have to say Shaykh Hamza from your own writings and your tapes that I was listening to I realised that this was obviously the life …”

    British Judge converts to Islam 2/6

    There are four more videos to follow, it seems. You’ll have to look for them at YouTube. Watching two of these has stretched my patience enough.



    Something tells me that this lady – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth – is NOT a likely convert!

    Queen Elizabeth II listening to a recitation of the Quran

    Then, if you are REALLY interested in some of the people who have converted … ooops sorry … “reverted” to Islam, you can go and take a look here. Quite a few of these individuals have personality, psychological, criminality issues.

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    22 Responses to “British Judge Converts to Islam – There was “No Choice””

    1. margaret walters Says:

      i wonder now blair admits to reading the koran someone says he’s going to become muslim though i can’t see it happening myself

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        NO chance of that. He’s still getting stick from those who don’t believe he really has ANY religious beliefs. They, and they would, wouldn’t they, think he has become a Cathlic and formed his Faith Foundation only to “atone for Iraq decisions and fallout”.

        If he actually became a Muslim, he would be no more than a laughing stock.

        And I’d DEFINITELY pack up this blog.

        He’s no laughing stock.

    2. Arlene Says:

      KTBFPM and Margaret,
      It would not be unusual for Tony Blair to read the Koran, the Torah, the Holy Bible and other religious books. If you want to speak intelligently on a subject, you must familiarize yourself with its content. I have a copy of the Koran, a book onTaosim and other religions of the world.
      I find it interesting the woman in the last video tells us that the converts or reverts are coming out of the prison systems. Sounds like a good place to recruit terrorists. I remember a blog you did on that subject not too long ago.
      I watched the Queen’s face closely in the video. I wonder what she was thinking. She looked as though she would have preferred to be somewhere else.

    3. Arlene Says:

      One other thought; Judge Mornington makes it sound as if her conversion were the latest fashion or fad.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        It seems to have been expected by many that Blair would get involved in religion after politics. He was reading the koran in the late 1990s. My (personal) problem is that I admire Tony Blair as a politician. As a religious leader, well, I suppose someone has to do it, given the chaos that Islam seems capable of inflicting on the world. (Yes, if you’re reading this, Stan – ISLAM. I haven’t noticed any other threatening religion).

        I am interested in what Blair is saying on these matters insofar as his words impinge on politics – thus on ALL of us, and not just the religious. Hs comments and actions do right now, of course – that’s why I’m interested.

        And yes, I thought the Queen’s face spoke volumes!

        Mornington can take a walk, as far as I am concerned.

    4. blayr.d. Says:

      Nobody is making any favor to Islam, if he or she is studying Holy Qur’an or jumping over to Islam from their current positions. Everything in this world is temporary like water bubbles or atmospheric temperaturs or colors of leaves and flowers in the garden. So if the vast nature keeps on undergoing changes, what is a great thing of man or a woman if she does not change when God wants them to be so? The whole universe, the gardens, the nature and everything whose fate and the life is in the hand of God Almighty Allah, who creates and judges everything, nothing is more ridiculous than to say that Islam is bad or Islam is at the mercy of some vp (very important person).

      Everything is dependent on God Almighty Allah and Jesus or Eisa Alaihissalam -peace be upon him, being the True SErvant and Messenger of Allah taught the same thing that all must fall down before Allah to get His Blessings and everything we have is from Him only and unto Him we shall return after death where we will be alone and none can come to our help except Allah, that is only IF WE HAVE FULFILLED OUR OBLIGATIONS, DUTIES TO ONE TRUE GOD ALMIGHTY ALLAH, WHO FEEDS US AND SHOWS US THE TRUE PATH VIA HIS MESSENGERS. THEREFORE HE REQUIES US TO MELTDOWN OUR EGO BEFORE HIS COMMANDS AND GUIDANCE (HOLY QURAN/ISLAM) AND BELIEVE HIM, HIS PROPHETS, HOLY QUR’AN ETC. Is there anyone who is listening to Allah’s call? More than anything else’s call, you are bound to be doing so to Allah’s call and reject other calls which separate you from Allah and His Blessings. Can you think justly for your own good????

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        To blayr.d

        Thank you for your comment, but you must realise that much of your comment is laid out in question format, meant to be rhetorical but in fact your given answers are actually antipathetic to intellectual analysis.

        In other words – people who think like you require FAITH or at least a faith in faith.

        We don’t all share that faith. That failure means that your warnings/threats that those who don’t listen to God/Allah (that in which they cannot and do not believe) all fall on deaf ears.

        It’s a puerile argument you make, and no amount of trying to scare people into belief will EVER work.

        The repetition of your word ‘Allah’, I have to tell you, distances me personally even more from your argument. The God of my childhood is the Christian God. I consider myself a secular Christian. I cannot see that Islam, Judaism and Christianity’s agreement on monotheism, given the facts, makes ANY sense.

        Can you think logically for your own lifetime? That’s all you’ve got, imho.

        I consider myself agnostic because unlike believers or atheists I am not convinced of my own unquestionable rightness. On the other hand, today I had occasion to remind myself why many thinking people are NOT believers in a deity.

        This great deity – tell me why on earth he/she/it bothered to create so many lower-life creatures than human beings, millions of years before he/she/it got around to creating this great creature – mankind?

        Too logical a question?

        Please understand that people are not DENYING your God or anyone’s God by failing to believe in him/she/it.

        People who do not believe in a God or a religion are actually behaving logically. No-one should, imho, EVER say they believe in anything in which they don’t or can’t. So ‘denying’ etc is not an option. This is the wrong term to use – unless you want a lot of question marks added to your name.

    5. simon Says:

      she afraid for her security then she converted against her will,she had been fucked by force soas to accept islam and tomorrow she will support islam terrorists.

    6. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Well, simon, I wouldn’t be in a position to “know” if anything that you suggest (rather crudely) is true or untrue. Nor are you, I suggest. Some people are just more easily brainwashed/persuaded/converted than others.

    7. Yes Says:

      Allah —–> Satan

      I think that this is the truth, the sad truth

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        A little extreme, don’t you think, Yes? I wouldn’t go that far as regards anyone’s religion, even though I personally haven’t ever felt the presence of a deity in my adult life. Neither have I felt the presence of ”Satan” either. Of course, as a child I thought like a child.

    8. Jalil Says:

      peace to be on every one
      i Have watched many videos of people converting to Islam (whick literally Means PEACE) and most of them are people who have studied the scriptues (e.g Koran, Bible etc) and have come to conclusion that it is the right Faith to follow as it is from The God, One who is the creator of heaven and earth. Terrorism or terrorist have nothing to do with Islam.
      Islam is not the reliogion Introduce by Mohammad (PBUH) 1400 years ago It was completion of waht all Messengenrs of God, Jesus(PBUH), Moses (PBUH) Abraham (PBUH) and the list goes all the way go the first Messenger of GOD (Adam (PBUM) have been teaching since the beginning of humanity to spend our life the way GOD wants us to. It is very easy to comment and give our opinion on everything but my request to all who are reading this is to investigate the scriptures before passing any comment to find out for yourself why so many people despite the negative propaganda in media are choosing Islam to be their way of their life.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Hi Jalil,

        And thank you for the comment.

        You will not be surprised that I disagree with you on a lot of this.

        Your convenient narrative of how Islam is the ONE religion to which the rest were just fore-runners is just that – convenient. In fact it is the youngest of the three Abrahamic religions. Since when was the youngest of anything considered above and ahead of all else which came before?

        I am no more a Muslim because Islam says it is the final answer, than you are a Jew because Judaism came prior to Christianity and, self-evidently Islam.

        My request to anyone who is reading this is to have due regard for other religions as they deserve by paying due regrd to the most fundamentalist of their followers.

        Reading scriptures is a waste of time if you do not accept the existence of a deity. Until one proves itself to me, that is my position. And one in which I am very happy to continue.

        Having said all that I know that to many people religion is an important part of their lives. And to most religious people love is far more important than hate, as it is to most non-religious people.

        For me, the day the world matures is the day they all sit up and get out of their self-important protective cacoon of believing that they are of such unique importance in the animal world that they MUST be due for some spiritual, everlasting life, re-incarnation or however they like to refer to it.

        To me it is a childlike belief.

        I may be wrong, of course, and some God may come along one day to show me that. But somehow I doubt it.

        Meanwhile, life – I mean REAL LIFE – the here and now, is too short to go wasting it devouring books on scriptures of ANY sort written by often superstitous or power-hungry people from centuries ago.

        Of historical interest, yes, but that’s all.

        May love and your God go with you.

    9. arah Says:

      A Christian Minister’s Conversion to Islam

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        On the other hand, arah – 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity every year – or 667 every hour. This video is less than 5 minutes long, btw.

        Which proves that a lot of people need religion. And, possibly, just possibly, that for some inexplicable reason there are 6 million people who are a little unhappy with their original religion.

    10. Paul Doran Says:

      I have to say I am blown away about the things I have read and seen about Judge Mornington. My reason for looking this up and stumbling across the information are more personal. I recently came across this woman in court whilst defending myself against my ex wife who, and trust me this is very brief, sued me for money I promised to pay her as and advanced lump sum payment for the wefare and eduacation of my youngest son. The money was agreed 2 1/2 years ago on the strength of property sale that due to the recession I have never realised. At this point I need to reassure you that I am NOT a hide away dad and have had more contact and involvement with my two childrens up bringing and education than there mother and have supported them above and beyond the call of duty. I agreed to pay this because I my eldest son at 18 quit college and came working for my full time, so as you would assume I stopped paying for him, as he was earning and could pay for himself. My ex wife sued me for continued maintainence. On this occation she lost and I was advised not to pay her any more money as what I had paid was more than required for both children. I disagreed with my counsel and agreed to pay this one off lump sum (a generous amount calculated by me based on what I had paid historicly for the 2 children) and had a time set to pay this. This money was to pay for the maintanence for my youngest son, through to him leaving school and then on through college and on to university. I then carried on paying monthly payments to my ex to benifit my son. Then when the final date came to make the payment unfortunately I was unable to meet my obligation due to the recession. (trust me this is the short version) However, and this is the big one! 11 days after that date, my son for who the money was intended, came to live with me. So, being a normal moderately inteligent person, I assumed that that was that! Unfortuatly it wasn’t. We ended up in court because she wanted this money. I then came across Judge Mornington. After a brief hearing in which she massivley pre judged me, (as I left the court I told my barrister that she had taken a instant dislike to me and that she had decided that I was the villan in the plot). Now as a result of her pre and miss judgement, my eldest child has now fallen out with his mother the youngest one who I spent the last year trying to get to make freinds with his mother and was starting to get on again wont talk to her, myself and my wife along with my two sons and the two daughters I gained when I re married are all suffering financaly and run the risk of becoming homeless as I may have to sell my house to pay this woman. AND I THOUGHT ISLAM WAS SUPPOSED TO ENLIGHTEN THE CONVERTED. I now feel compelled to see my MP and try to get this judgement re addressed as I feel that this so called Judge has allowed her personal views and religion to cloud her Judment!! Thank you for enlightening me!

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Mr Doran,

        What a story. I DO hope you can appeal against these decisions which seem counter-intuitive and do NOT seem to have helped family cohesion in any way. But of course continuing to fight costs money. Perhaps you can complain to the Law Society about this judge’s behaviour and pre-conditioned mind. A Freedom of Information request might show that others have also complained about her. Again that will take time to come through and will need a carefully put question in order to elicit the full answers.

        You’re probably right to think of asking your MP as a first stop. Then you’ll have to hope that he’s not already committed to putting Islam and its followers first, for electoral or other reasons. That’s one of the BIG problems we now have in various parts of this country, much as many of our representatives try to deny it.

        Good luck to you.

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