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[Key: *PPM=Present Prime Minister, Brown; **The Former=Tony Blair]

 14th April, 2009



Damian McBride, Brown's right-hand man, and co-conspirator in the Blair coup, resigned yesterday. 'McPoison' to Blairites, beloved by Brown, his venomous e-mail lying campaign on Cameron & other leading Tories may have blown it for Gordon's moral high-ground pitch. Read all about it - at Guido's Place.


Although the *PPM has now sent hand-written letters to those named in the scurrilous and invented ‘e-mail campaign’ about several Conservatives, he has refused to apologise.


Since Guido Fawkes is the Blogging Hero of the Moment – (can’t really take to his commenters, though – nasty crowd on the whole) – I thought I might as well provide a link to Guido’s site here. You’ll get all the dirt there. Here at my blog it is all purity and whiter-than-whiteness.  No-one, repeat NO-ONE, drops me any insider information, dirty or otherwise. Guido’s present post – ‘So, Gordon, About This Letter

Guido evidently knows what Damian McBride, Gordon Brown, Tom Watson, Derek Draper et al are going to say (or not) before they do. 

Good to know who’s running the country, don’t you think?


Now John Prescott, former Deputy PM has called for severing the Labour Party’s ties with Derek Draper. Great stuff.


What I am looking forward to is Guido’s shifting of Tom Watson.

Yes, pure revenge – I’ll admit. I’ve never forgiven this littlie for being in cahoots with Brown over removing the rightful prime minister of this country, Tony Blair.

Iain Dale, who is a Tory blogger of high repute had this post in January 2007 on Watson’s “resignation” after the Blair “coup”:

Tom Watson MP writes on his BLOG today… “One day I’ll tell you the whole story about my reasons for choosing to leave government.”

I’m sure his readers are salivating in anticipation as am I. However, I thought it was fairly clear as to why he “left”. Wasn’t the sequence of events something like this…

1. Watson organises group of junior Ministers & PPSs to call on Blair to quit
2. Watson drives to Fife to tell Gordon Brown
3. Watson drives back to the West Midlands having accomplished mission
4. Letter is sent to Blair
5. Letter is leaked to press
6. Brown displays typical cowardice and denies all knowledge
7. Whips very angry
8. Whips tell Watson to fall on his sword
9. Watson falls on his sword
10. Watson becomes first Minister to resign to spend more time with his blog

Or am I wrong? Only Tom can tell us…

Back to Guido – I wonder if he’ll still be doing the same ‘dissing Labour’ job if and when the Tories are in?  He’s a hater of politicians, more than a hater of Labour politicians.  So something tells me his present fanclub might be disappointed when he turns on the next (Conservative) government.

Personally, I’m rather looking forward to him getting stuck into Tom Watson in a BIG way.

Nothing personal, you understand.

Except that Watson is the lying, cheating, back-stabbing, cowardly, toadying nobody who moved in mercillessly for the kill on **The Former in summer 2006.  Watson, chief ‘Dear John’ letter-writer to Tony Blair, was prime-mover in support of the kingmaking of the lying, cheating, back-stabbing, cowardly, toadying nobody…

… now in Number 10.

There’s no justice … honour … among thieves, Gordon.


  • Telegraph: ‘Brown drawn into e-mail scandal
  • Independent: ‘Brown victim of own assassins‘:  Talk about “poetic”. Damian McBride (known as “McPoison” among the Parliamentary lobby) was not the only person to whom Brown deniably delegated this dirty work. There was Charlie Whelan, now providing his inimitably intimidating services to the Unite trade union, Labour’s biggest donor; and there was Ed Balls, ever ready to tell journalists which members of the Cabinet were thought by then Chancellor Brown to be especially hopeless. In those days, the briefing was never against the Tories, because they were not Mr Brown’s enemies. The targets were Tony Blair, who had committed the unpardonable crime of becoming leader instead of Gordon, and any minister who was thought likely to challenge the then Chancellor’s self-conceived absolute right of succession […] It has been a terrible shock for some on the left in the media, who, for all Brown’s known weaknesses, supported his putsch against Tony Blair – yes, it was a putsch – on the grounds that there would follow a return to “real” Labour policies.
  • Iain Dale, Tory blogger hasn’t had his apology … letter of regret … yet.

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