How The Press Are Winning It For the Enemy


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    28th May, 2009


    I thought I should mention that, just in case you think I’m  a member of the “our evil leaders” clan; I’m not.  Though I do think that some leaders are or have been better than others in recent times. The ‘enemies’ referred to are external forces and concepts that have wheedled their way into the body politic of the west, to the extent that we thrust them – those who would destroy us – more than we trust homegrown patriotic politicians. Oh, and the western press is the main depository for such scum, in my humble opinion, homegrown or otherwise. Their brains and allegiances have been scrambled.

    I have links here to three videos from Pajamas that make interesting viewing. There are many more at their site.

    We hear a lot about western leaders being “war criminals” over recent political decisions. By extrapolating the reasons the Left conclude that Bush, Blair et al are “war criminals” so is just about every other war leader, president or prime minister who took uncomfortable decisions for reasons they believed in – defence of their countries.

    Pajamas seeks to balance the daily dredge of output, regurgitated ad nauseam. It seems that present day leaders if they do anything at all in defence of freedom, must jump through hoops and get everyone and his brother to agree, before they move.  Including, by the way, handing over battle plans to the enemy, just so they know.

    The Left in the USA is already becoming disappointed with President Obama. That’s largely his own fault.  He either should have known that foreign policy was more complicated than it looked, and should have admitted it. Or he DID know, but pretended he could fix it all the same. If the silver-tongued and widely experienced Tony Blair has yet to make serious inroads into the quest for a peaceful Middle East, you can bet your bottom dollar Obama won’t stop the Iranians, North Koreans or others from upping the anti.  Not in a month of Sundays.

    This juvenile thinking behind the criminalising of western leaders has always enraged me. The premise is that there is a moral equivalence shared by Bush, Blair & Hitler. Some deranged individual spent some time lovingly putting this reconstruction of the Nuremberg trials together. The argument is that  Hitler’s henchmen have moral equivalence to Bush, Powell, Blair, Rumsfeld, Rice and the others depicted.  In your dreams.

    warcrimes trial_bush_blair-etc

    I don’t recall Mr Bush or Mr Blair EVER ordering the murder of thousands/millions/ any of their own citizens.  Nor of the citizens of any other country, although I realise that to some there is an argument that the very act of invasion meant that that order had been given (illegally, of course!)

    The speaker in the first video puts it beautifully and exposes the “thinking” of such as Jon Stewart for what it is – shallow – and NO thinking.  Watch video (17 mins) on the story of the Japanese nuclear bombing, in the 1940s:

    1. Jon Stewart, War Criminals & the True Story of the Atomic Bomb

    2. Did the media steal the election? (8 mins) Supposedly objective journalist gets upset. She is an Obama lover & Bush hater. 85-90% of American journalists describe themselves as Liberals (Democrats.) With the admitted 15% of media bias toward Obama excluded, Obama would in fact have won only TWO STATES!

    Instead of that Obama is The New Messiah.  Or, as the Jerusalem Post puts it –  An innocent abroad

    3. Watch ‘Sharia & Jihad’ report – Taliban Poison Schoolgirls / Brits with Al Qaeda Ties Arrested / Sears_Tower_Plotters_Sentenced

    Text of Tehran Declaration of trilateral summit, ‘Islamic Republics of’ Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan. Nice to see they’re talking, isn’t it?

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