The Queen WILL Attend Normandy, apres tout!

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    UPDATE TO THIS, 30th May:  Still haven’t seen any evidence of this in the mainstream. So it could be that the American site which first broke the ‘story’ was thinking wishfully or just badly informed. No correction yet at that site. Will let you now if I hear anything else in the next few days.

    29th May, 2009

    No. 230873 Second Subaltern Elizabeth Windsor WILL be in Normandy

    According to this site HM Queen Elizabeth II, also known as Subaltern Windsor, Service number 230873, WILL be attending the 65th Normandy Anniversary celebrations after all.  Not confirmed by the mainstream press, as yet, but if true …


    Subaltern Windsor, aka Princess Elizabeth changing a tyre.

    … better late than never, Mr Brown.

    I say “Mr Brown”, because I do not blame this (completely) on M Sarkozy. He is not all that used to monarchs, being Head of State of a Republic. 

    Whereas Mr Brown should have had the nous to check on this months ago, as I mentioned here the other day.

    This site says there is now a debate about whose fault this omission all was. He seems to agree with me that it was Mr Brown’s, even if for different reasons.


    Not only is the Queen the Head of State in Britain and Head of the Commonwealth (ahem, who is representing the Canadians?), she is also the only living head of state who had actually served in the armed forces in World War II.

    In 1945 Princess Elizabeth joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) as No. 230873 Second Subaltern Elizabeth Windsor, drove a military truck and rose to the rank of Junior Commnder. There are pictures of her in uniform; I chose one where she is actually mucking around with engines.


    Me? I tend to agree with the veterans, as quoted by the Daily Mail. It was almost certainly Gordon Brown’s fault. Well, it had to be. Everything else is. It seems there will be no royals at the ceremony, which means that the three narcissists can have as many photographs of themselves trying to cosy up to the veterans they are unworthy of even speaking to, as they like.

    So, if the rumours are true, and let’s hope they are, it looks like Her Majesty can call off the corgis.

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