13 Responses to “Diane Abbott MP and Bully denial”

  1. dynaco Useful Knowledgebase | Tube Audio Says:

    […] Diane Abbott MP and Bully denial « Tony Blair […]

  2. Oh, Mandy – you came and you gave without taking … « Tony Blair Says:

    […] many of the anti-war anti-Blairites in their party. (You knew she would, didn’t you?)  Here’s another one. I recall Smith standing outside Parliament in the autumen of 2006 when knives were being lunged […]

  3. Marilyn veincentotzs Says:

    The bully in the workplace is a criminal who should be held accountable. Organizations need to understand that by not getting rid of the bully they are empowering the bully. Dianne Abbott displays the same lack of empathy and compassion that psychopaths exhibit with her incredulous irresponsible statement. She should read the book which documents how much bullies cost our society economically and health related tolls: the book is on amazon: How organizations empower bully bosses: the criminal at work.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      Thank you for this. I agree absolutely. Bullies in the workplace or even at school can and often do drive people to suicide. As such I see them too, as criminals.

      I wonder if Abbott will be asked to account for her atrocious statement?

      I doubt it somehow. She’s never been asked to account for anything much else she spreads as FACT.

      I’ll add a link to your site to the above post.

  4. Useful Dynaco Knowledgebase | Tube Audio Says:

    […] Diane Abbott MP and Bully denial « Tony Blair […]

  5. Marilyn Veincentotzs Says:

    Thank you for the reply and for the link to my site. It truly gives me hope to see so many people speaking out against bully bosses in the workplace. I will continue to speak out, write, and protest when ever and wherever I can. I want to tell all those who experience this awful treatment, you are not alone, and do not despair. Reach out to those who are willing to help and support you. Do not try to fight the bully boss alone.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      You are most welcome, Marilyn.

      This IS an important issue even for those of us who don’t feel we have experienced it. We probably know a man, woman or child who has. And it often leads to self-blame, doubt, despair and worse for those connected to people who experience this as well as the individuals themselves.

      Diane Abbott is, I repeat, a DISGRACE.

      Keep up the good work.

  6. Diane Abbott on Blair & Iraq. Which part of “poppycock” does she not understand? « Tony Blair Says:

    […] Diane Abbott MP and Bully Denial […]

  7. National Bullying Helpline: Brown’s No 10 staff concerns over temper and bullying by PM « Tony Blair Says:

    […] See this comment from another anti-bullying organisation – […]

  8. rae sears Says:

    I agree, Abbott is an absolute disgrace to politics, totally corrupt and unworthy!! I feel sorry for Hackney, abysmal person!!

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Abbott is a typical nasty old socialist (hope you’re not an Old Labourite, rae, but I haven’t noticed them to be exactly pleasant people.)

      She was at it again the other day –

  9. Could Diane Abbott REALLY end up leading Labour? If so, they’re DOOMED, Cap’n! « Tony Blair Says:

    […] I make no bones about it, I dislike the woman. I dislike any politician, in fact anyone who says this – “You can only be bullied if you are weak” […]

  10. Mandy’s ‘friends’ turn out for memoir book-signing « Tony Blair Says:

    […] their necks’ in the Blair/Brown years feuds. Whereas she wasn’t.  Of course not. This bullying defender was never, repeat NEVER EVER up to the top mark politically. And now she wants to run the Labour […]

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