Trial halted: ‘Incitement to murder’ jury discharged in ‘kill Blair & Brown’ case



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26th June, 2009


The trial has been halted of a Briton accused of encouraging fellow Muslims to murder Tony Blair and Gordon Brown


The reasons for the halt to this trial have not been given. There will be a re-trial, but it may not come until AFTER Mr Blair’s “trial.” (click here for links on this.) 

Pity. This judicial trial in the cute old fashioned way-no summary or mob justice-as some seem to think Blair deserves-may have been a timely reminder to some. The case opened on June 4th, as I reported here.  Hasn’t taken long to come up against “legal” issues, has it?

SIX men were ORIGINALLY arrested and THREE charged with this (see my Aug 2008 entry.)  What happened to THAT case? Discharged? Abandoned? Legal issues?  The news went quiet on this. VERY quiet.  And then it was sifted down to ONE – the present suspect, before charges were again laid.

And now even his trial has been put on ice.

SUSPICIOUS? You have every right to be. But I don’t expect most people are all that bothered, to be blunt. Our liberal litterati and half-informed public seem more concerned about the human rights of would-be terrorists.

What a country!

Do a Google search for “Abbas Iqbal  and Ilya Iqbal”, who were Ishaq Kanmi’s original co-charged, and see if you can find out what happened to this case. I only got these below, on the original charges. WHY the hush-up on this? Will we hush on what happens in Blair’s ‘TRIAL’? You better your bottom dollar we won’t, even though it has NO JUDICIAL powers.

Web results 1-10 of about 1,390 for Abbas Iqbal and Ilya Iqbal.

29 Aug 2008 Abbas Iqbal also was charged with distributing terrorist Ilya Iqbal was
arrested in Accrington, about 35 miles north of the airport.

Abbas Iqbal, 23, has been charged with distributing terrorist publications,
police said, adding that his 21-year-old brother, Ilya, is accused of possessing – Similar pages

The police arrested two of the men, Ishaq Kanmi and Abbas Iqbal, on Aug. The
men and Iqbal’s brother Ilya Iqbal – arrested in Accrington 35 miles,

28 Aug 2008 Abbas Iqbal, 23, has been charged with distributing terrorist publications and
his brother Ilya Iqbal, 21, faces a charge of possessing an

Article follows:


Blair murder incitement case halted (source here)

The jury in the trial of a Briton alleged to have encouraged fellow Muslims to murder Gordon Brown and Tony Blair has been discharged.

The case involving Ishaq Kanmi, 23, of Blackburn, Lancashire, was stopped for legal reasons on day 14 of the trial at Preston Crown Court.

Kanmi, of Cromwell Street, denies charges including soliciting to murder Mr Brown and Mr Blair, and professing to belong to a terrorist organisation, namely al Qaida.

Mr Justice McCombe thanked the jurors for their conduct throughout the trial and he told them: “I have decided that the present trial can no longer continue.”tblair_gbrown_smiles_tie

The judge ordered that a preliminary hearing be held within the next month to determine a date for a retrial.

Kanmi, of Cromwell Street, denies two counts of soliciting to murder Mr Brown and Mr Blair.

He also pleaded not guilty to professing to belong to a terrorist organisation, namely al Qaida, inviting support to the same organisation, disseminating terrorist publications and collecting or making a record of information likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Also reported by the BBC here

Anyone else interested?

No. Thought not.

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    3 Responses to “Trial halted: ‘Incitement to murder’ jury discharged in ‘kill Blair & Brown’ case”

    1. Rusty Says:

      Three others remain charged. They will be tried seperately.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Thank you for this, Rusty. Couldn’t find any information online.

        I am not by nature suspicious – HONESTLY. Just wondered why my search had produced no information.

        You wouldn’t have a web link that I could add to this post, by any chance?

    2. Security Risks: David Cameron PM DENIES. Stephen Timms MP is STABBED « Tony Blair Says:

      […] Trial halted: ‘Incitement to murder’ jury discharged in ‘kill Blair & Brown’ case […]

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