Return bout for ‘The Clunking Fist’?

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  • Sign the Ban Blair-Baiting petition here. “He’s not a war criminal. He’s not evil. He didn’t lie. He didn’t sell out Britain or commit treason. He wasn’t Bush’s poodle. He hasn’t got blood on his hands. The anti-war nutters must not be allowed to damage Blair’s reputation further. He was a great PM, a great statesman and a great leader.”
    • On the subject of clunking fists, Sky has this video of  Tony Blair’s corker as he received an award several days ago. Not a self-punishing form of immolation, I’m sure. And it clearly wasn’t Gordon’s doing. It was the dumbbell wot dun it.

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      10th July, 2009

      Update to yesterday’s post on Peter Slowe’s thoughts on flair … vision, Blair … Brown (delete as appropriate.)

      Pandora: Come back, Tony, all is forgiven

      By Alice-Azania Jarvis, aka Pandora  – at The Independent

      ‘News of a rapprochement to warm the hearts of despondent Labour activists everywhere. Dr Peter Slowe, the newly elected chair of the Labour Finance and Industry Group, claims he is to persuade Tony Blair to return to the political fray by becoming involved in the Group’s public profile.

      “What we need is his communication abilities,” insists Slowe. “It’s no secret that Brown is not the best communicator. He’s lost support from industry as a result. Mandelson’s a great communicator when you hear him on the radio, but how can he defend giving money to the car industry? We need Blair’s flair.” Intriguingly, Slowe – who first became close to Blair during his previous term as the Group’s chair in the run-up to the 1997 election – is adamant that, once involved, the former PM can be convinced to take on a higher profile in time for the next general election.

      “Of course he’d never come back as leader under any circumstances but I think it’s very likely that he will be making some public intervention, and I’m sure Brown will be very happy. Their relationship is good now. It’s been very much exaggerated by the media.”

      Maybe so, though Pandora remains most curious to see how the Prime Minister responds to Slowe’s assessment of his own abilities. “I’m hardly the first to say it!” pleads Slowe.’


      In all modesty, I was in that little group of naysayers.

      And I STILL say that Labour has NO chance of winning outright the next election without BLAIR LEADING IT.


      Listening to the Queen's Speech, November 2006, Blair is miles away. While, for ONCE Brown is 'SMILES' AWAY. Didn't last though, did it? Did you ever REALLY believe it would?

      Only Blair, the Clunking Fist (you didn’t think he meant anyone else, did you?) will hammer Cameron to the canvas.

      BLAIR (15th November, 2006, following Queen’s Speech):

      “At the next election it will be a flyweight versus a heavyweight and however much he may dance around the ring in the end he’ll come face to face with a big clunking fist, and be out on his feet, carried out of the ring, the fifth Tory leader to be carried out, and a Labour government still standing.”


      Who, by the way, just WHO says that Mr Blair won’t come back as leader “under any circumstances?

      There are ALWAYS circumstances. Yes, I know he is and has been rather busy in the Middle East … oh yes he has … but a little thing like taking back the reins that are rightfully his, even for a short time, would not put the rest of the world out too much; apart perhaps, from his diary secretary, who’d have two years+ of bookings to postpone.  But think what he’d have to add to his talks on “leadership” in a couple of years time! And disappointed clients would have the bonus of having secured him at TODAY’s prices!  Now, that’s flair.

      And I realise that there is the possibility that he might soon become EU president. STILL only a possibility as far as we all know, or there WOULD be “no circumstance”.

      I’m trying to envisage an entire political party on its collective knees.

      IF … that is … IF Tony Blair is REALLY interested in saving the Labour party, oh … and the country.

      Only HE knows the answer to that.



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