The DESPERATELY sad situation of ex-spy David Shayler

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    UPDATE: I received a comment from Dolores, aka David Shayler, which you can read hereHere is his website if you want to try to work out what he’s thinking and/or his present mental state. He has his own YouTube channel here. Martin Bright has also received a comment from Dolores at his site

    Comment at end

    20th July, 2009

    Is this what happens to conspiracy theorists? Are they driven insane by their own certainties?

    Thanks for the heads to Martin Bright at the Spectator. I missed it in Friday’s Mail. (Pictures below from The Mail’s article, 17th July 2009.)

    (See more here below on Bright’s thoughts).

    davidshayler_dolores Pic_MurraySanders

    Former spy David Shayler now dresses as a transvestite with the name Delores Kane and thinks he is Christ who 'was a transvestite'. (Photo: Murray Sanders)

    Excerpts from The Mail:

    Call me Delores, says MI5 whistleblower David Shayler

    ” A little over a decade ago David Shayler was a renegade MI5 agent turned whistleblower who was facing prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.

    Today the 43-year-old has become a squatter – and yesterday showed off his ‘alter ego’ as he dressed as a transvestite complete with false breasts, mini-skirt and ginger wig.

    In recent weeks friends and family of the former spy believe he has suffered a ‘severe breakdown’ after first calling himself ‘The Messiah’ and moving into an empty farmhouse in the Surrey countryside.

    He now sees nothing wrong in dressing as a woman whom he calls ‘Delores Kane’ and declares that the ‘world will end in 2012’.

    Last night his former partner and fellow spy Annie Machon spoke of her sadness at Mr Shayler’s plight as she maintained he had suffered a breakdown.

    Miss Machon, 40, who now lives in Dusseldorf, Germany, with her new partner blamed the Government and the intelligence services for causing Mr Shayler’s current condition.

    ‘I believe David is a good and honourable man but he has had a some sort of severe breakdown. He was a great public speaker and now he is like this.

    ‘I do blame the Government and the intelligence agencies for what he has become and they have ruined his life.’

    Meanwhile, Mr Shayler spoke of his new life with eight other squatters with whom he moved into Hackhurst Farm in Abinger Hammer, near Dorking, Surrey at the end of June.

    ‘I know in my heart that I am Christ and I am here to save humanity,’ he began.

    ‘I am here to show humanity the way and to show unconditional love and that includes murderers and pederasts.”

    Delores, formerly secret agent David Shayler, strikes a pose alongside fellow squatters, from left, Rabbit, Serg Matthews and Chris Owen

    Delores, formerly secret agent David Shayler, strikes a pose alongside fellow squatters, from left, Rabbit, Serg Matthews and Chris Owen. (Photo: Murray Sanders.)

    With a mug of tea and seated in a plastic garden chair in the front room, Delores enjoys some time out with fellow squatter Chris Owen. Photo: Murray Sanders.

    With a mug of tea and seated in a plastic garden chair in the front room, Delores enjoys some time out with fellow squatter Chris Owen. (Photo: Murray Sanders.)

    “In recent years Mr Shayler has stated that the that the [sic] 9/11 attacks were carried out by the American government.

    He appears to mirror the thoughts of former sports presenter David Icke who once claimed 9/11 was arranged by the ‘Global Elite’ and that George Bush , the Queen and singers Kris Kristofferson and Boxcar Willie  were ‘Reptilian figures.’

    Shayler spoke with genuine sadness about the ending of his relationship with fellow spy Annie Machon when he said:

    ‘One of the hardest things about leaving my other life was leaving the love of my life Annie.

    ‘She stuck with me through everything and we spent  some intense times together. But she soon realised that my spirit was  devoted to God and God only. It was the hardest thing to give up ….but I am Jesus Christ and I now rule everything.

    ‘Since I’ve joined the Rainbow Movement I’ve never looked back.

    ‘My life is so  much better now.’

    Last night Miss Machon – who split from Mr Shayler in December 2006 – blamed others for his desperate plight, saying:

    ‘He was imprisoned twice – in France and in this country – for being a whistelblower and this is what has happened to him now.

    ‘I hope for his own sake he can find happiness in some way. ‘”

    Decked out in leopard-print mini skirt and high heels, Delores pouts for the camera. Photo: Murray Sanders.

    Decked out in leopard-print mini skirt and high heels, Delores pouts for the camera. (Photo: Murray Sanders.)

    Pictures of David Shayler prior to this.

    [Picture below (Reuters): Shayler, pictured with now ex-partner Annie Machon in 2003, gained notoriety after being prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act for passing on secret documents.]


    [Picture above (Mail on Sunday): David looking out over the Thames, pictured back when he’d left MI5 and made various claims about the secret service’s activities.]

    MARTIN BRIGHT on Shayler

    The Spectator’s Martin Bright, who was a friend of Shayler’s, understandably also feels despair. Although his opening and closing remarks seem to take all responsibility from one party and place it on another.

    “The moral of the story is: don’t mess with the British state.”


    “I hadn’t seem him for a while when I bumped into him in north London in 2006. He was living with a group of people who were part of the 9/11 Truth Movement and took me to visit his new friends who seemed nice enough. He explained that 9/11 could not have happened in the way it was suggested by the US government and the media and also told me that he thought there was something fishy about the bombings of July 7 2005. Even then I didn’t think he was mad, just misguided.

    It was only when I bumped into him in the street one day with a scrawny dog on a string wearing horribly tight shorts that I thought something was wrong. He had completely shaved his head (including the eyebrows). He’s also split up with Annie, who had been his rock.”

    “I was in touch with Annie today and asked her if there was anything I could do to help David, althoggh [sic] I knew there wasn’t. David had some important stories to tell about the inefficiency and arrogance of the intelligence services long before the failings were made evident by the Iraq war and 7/7. But I have to wonder whether it was really worth it.”

    More from Bright at The Spectator

    The answer to my questions at the start – “is this what happens to conspiracy theorists? Are they driven insane by their own certainties?” –

    No, of course not. It’s the government wot dun it!

    The moral that I find here:

    Beware thy misconceptions will find thee out.

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    19 Responses to “The DESPERATELY sad situation of ex-spy David Shayler”

    1. Alec Smart Says:

      You were all duped, Shayler is neither a transvestite nor the messiah, and, surprise, he doesn’t think so either..
      He’s playing the media’s own stupid game of sensationalism, and presenting himself as a figure of fun in order to communicate his real agenda: idealism.
      David strives for a decentralised society with communal living and sharing of resources.
      If the media finds this too boring a topic to investigate, he has presented them with a more balmy means to disseminate his ideals.
      To hear people discussing whether he’s mad, bad or dangerous shows how gullible you all are.
      New topic: how about discussing whether sustainable, environmentally-aware living is possible in large-scale industrialised societies. That’s what David is hoping to promote.

    2. Dolores Kane Says:

      At least, I’m not a war criminal, like Blair.

      How desperately sad is Tony Blair, seeking redemption for his guilty conscience over his part in the murder of 2 million people with the barbarous Catholic Church?

      For anyone interested in the Truth:

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Dolores … David,

        Thanks for commenting. I was genuine in my concerns for your health. Really. But can I ask you this …

        Is Tony Blair a “war criminal” because YOU and others say so, or only if the law says so?

        And if “the law” refuses to ever try him, is he still a “war criminal” because you and others believe he is?

        If you say YES he is still a war criminal, whether found guilty under the law or not, my only comfort to you is that you are not alone in your wrong-headed conclusions. The Guardian is full of people who have already made this decision with you.

        But it doesn’t fill me with a lot of hope for your future or for the future of many of the Guardianistos, for example here, today.

        Thanks for the link to your site, btw. I’m sure my readers will be interested. I’ll add it to this post.

        But Dolores… David… please you are no more Jesus Christ than is Tony Blair.

        And HE has never said he thinks he is. Others have. But others say a lot that has an agenda for the gullible.

        See a doctor, David. Wear a dress if you like, but resolve your Jesus ‘incarnation’.

    3. whatsupdoc Says:

      Did Shayler ever leave the employ of the ‘security services’?

      He has assisted in the evident ‘controlled demolition’ of the UK ‘Troof movement’.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Hi whatsupdoc,

        Are you suggesting he is still employed by the security services, and this is all a set-up in order to convince us that whistle-blowers and opponents to the government are all mad?

        Isn’t that conspiracy theory piled upon conspiracy theory?

        True conspirators never give up – they just return under another guise.

        Well, since David, aka Dolores (he corrected the spelling) has replied here, perhaps he’ll read this and tell us.

    4. David Shayler Says:

      ‘Anything you say, smart Alec. ‘

      How intelligent and reasoned.

      At least I’m not a war criminal with the blood of two million innocents on my hands.

      Answer me this: can we keep going ever further into debt to the banks?

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        To David aka Dolores aka Jesus Christ,

        Ref your comment (it had gone into my junk box. Can’t imagine why):

        ‘Anything you say, smart Alec. ‘

        How intelligent and reasoned.

        At least I’m not a war criminal with the blood of two million innocents on my hands.

        Answer me this: can we keep going ever further into debt to the banks?

        I treat as trite such arguments from the Alec Smart school of thought. Just as you do the possibility that Blair is a good man, or even a human being.

        If you are referring to Tony Blair in your “war criminal” accusations, you must know, as a former MI5 man, that no-one is any kind of criminal until tried and found guilty. Neither will befall Tony Blair. I know you see that as part of “The Great Conspiracy” and I can’t hope to get that idea out of your head.

        But you need to accept that Tony Blair is NOT thought of as a war criminal by those in Sierra Leone, Kosovo or even Northern Ireland. Quite the opposite. He is a hero to many there, as he is to me in our country.

        Once you accept that perhaps – just perhaps – you got him wrong, it’ll help start the healing process for you.

        The blood of “TWO million”. Oh right, I see. Is exaggeration part of your present condition, by any chance? It’s usually ONE million by the “Troofers”.

        In fact, it’s NO millions. The bloody hands are Middle Eastern – people content to kill their own to weaken the resolve of those trying to help bring the Middle East out of the dark ages.

        As for the banks – I have no idea! I don’t even know if Brown and his chancellor are doing the right thing. I DO know this though – responsibility is onerous.

    5. Chilcot statement & videos on Blair Trial … I mean … Iraq Inquiry « Tony Blair Says:

      […] And in a one man destruction of TROOFERS – take a look at this ex-MI5’s present incarnat… ITN VIDEOS […]

    6. kldffnds Says:


    7. brian fitzgibbon Says:

      Was beginning to think you were really on to something over Iraq but afraid you lost me when you started to wig up you have lost focus and my support

    8. peopleandthingsthatannoyme Says:

      Hey David, remember Bordeaux and keep smiling. 🙂

    9. ed helmstetter Says:

      it` obvious that david had important, anti-elite information and that after this information was presented to the world he needed to be discredited by any means possible…i`m sure there are very few who take him seriously now….

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Mr Helstetter,

        WHAT? I don’t imagine anyone MADE him dress up like this, or made him decide that he was Jesus Christ. Your conspiracy theories don’t stand up. You must be on the same thing as David.

    10. Barton Says:

      Mind control in action – threat neutralised, just consider what a stage hypnotist can do to a person, now think about what the state can do who have researched and fine tuned such effects for decades.

      Nuisances like David Kelly get killed, Shayler gets lobotomised and discredited as a warning to others.

      Try and rise above the soap and snide comment mentality – this happens.

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