Obama ‘Birthers’ pledge allegiance to the Flag

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    29th July, 2009


    Until now the question of Obama’s place of birth has been largely ignored by the British press. The Guardian now has this, though couched in the usual ‘neo-cons’ condemnation.  Describing the Right’s questions as “racist”, (the fall-back position of the Left), Chris McGreal completely misses avoids the point.

    Mr Obama has not yet shown his authorised birth certificate to the American people, but only a certificate of live birth (COLB), suspected by some to be a forgery.

    I have NO firm opinion on Mr Obama’s right to be the American president. But it has always seemed odd to me that President Obama is unwilling to show his full birth certificate.

    The reliable website Snopes says Obama WAS born in Hawaii. And at Yahoo Answers is this debate – “Why won’t Obama show his birth certificate?”


    In this video the audience gets as near to a riot as middle class Americans ever do. They are moved to their feet by a woman leading them to recite the pledge of allegiance.  (Great when the platform too are all forced to join in, don’t you think?)  Maybe we should try it here at the next British based gathering of Hizb ut-Tahrir!

    God Save The Queen!

    Note the reference to this in some of the Guardian comments:  “if you were born in a barn that doesn’t make you a horse.”

    Now where have we heard that before? Oh yes, from Anjem Choudary in his HardTalk interview with Stephen Sackur. He said he had NO allegiance to Britain – the land of his birth.  Nor to the Queen. Nor to the Prime Minister.

    When? August 2005, a few weeks after the 7/7 London bombings.


    As for Obama – I do NOT suggest that he is the enemy. But only he can settle it.

    So … where’s the birth certificate?

    Mike Castle on PeeBo’s Birthcertificate

    The above YouTube site says this:

    Because of this video conman Castle and 10 others will no longer be doing any more public Town hall meetings according to the sunday News Journal in Delaware. Instead they will be phone Town Halls by invite. This is unacceptable. You dont represent people by running away from their questions.
    Call and fax to express your concern.
    Hey Mike, When’s the next one? I have a question too.
    Its about your willingness to vote for forced vaccinations.

    Washington Office
    1233 Longworth HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    p: 202.225.4165
    f: 202.225.2291

    Wilmington Office
    201 N. Walnut Street, Suite 107
    Wilmington, DE 19801-3970
    p: 302.428.1902
    f: 302.428.1950

    Dover Office
    300 South New Street
    Dover, DE 19904
    p: 302.736.1666
    f: 302.736.6580

    Georgetown Office
    p: 302.856.3334

    Mike Castle, Republican Rep from Delaware state wide, Town Hall on Health Care 3 days after his Vote FOR CAP & TRADE one of the Cap and Tr8tors. YOUR FIRED!!!!!
    Watch “Mike Castle on Forced Vaccination and the 4th Amendment”—-
    Don’t take the vaccine this fall, read about Gardicil
    ————-infowars.com————— ——————– make a difference, find out where your reps and senators are having public events and challenge them on camera, then post.
    Watch these Documentaries for your childrens sake.
    End Game
    The Obama Deception
    Thanks Alex, Jason, & Luke

    Kenyan Ambassador Finally Admits Obama Born in Kenya

    I’m not sure WHAT he “admits.” I don’t even think the ambassador himself quite knew what he was saying here, or which (loaded?) question he was anwsering.

    But the questions will NOT go away, Mr Obama.

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    3 Responses to “Obama ‘Birthers’ pledge allegiance to the Flag”

    1. Caela Says:

      I remember that this had been discussed extensively as well on information security mailing lists. I am not well versed in digital forensics to say whether or not the COLB released by the Obama campaign team was tampered. Although in general we have no unified opinion on his right to be president as that is a matter for the courts, it is hard to ignore technical evidences that points only to the conclusion that the digital copy of Obama COLB produced by Obama campaign team was tampered. In defense of the information security community, although not everyone operates without agenda, when we discuss things among ourselves it is almost impossible to lie (and very stupid to do so) as you are putting your credibility on the line with whatever analysis you make. We examine and re-examine, verify and re-verify if we have to because whatever we say in these mailing lists are read by people who actually knows what their talking about composed of researchers and members of the academe. And I have no reason to doubt their credibility and ability.

      Truth be told, I doubt that the intelligence community does not have a copy of his birth certificate. But of course, they are not mandated by law to release anything. In fact, as far as the law is concerned, the intelligence community does not exist.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Who knows what’s going on here.

        Interesting to watch, anyway, from a distance!

        Just thought of something – if Scotland declares independence and Alex Salmond goes down that “birthplace” route, we may never have a Scottish born PM again in Britain – whatever THAT is!

    2. Andrew Brown Says:

      This stuff has been thoroughly debunked. The Daily Show has the details.

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