Day 8: The ‘TRIAL’ of Tony Blair – The Guardian Cif-ers & ‘We already KNOW’-ers

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    1st August, 2009

    With over 160 “recommendations” this comment hits the spot for The Guardian Cifers


    The plot - and border - thickens

    CIF Comment:“Make sure he´s crucified…….he´d like it that way.”

    So now the Iraq Inquiry is officially underway. Earlier than expected, eh?  GREAT!  All the more time, dear little Cif-ers, for you to bang together your cross, wax your rope, sharpen your knives, load your guns and grease that rack.


    GREASE THAT RACK, kids, grease it, grease it!

    You know something – I could write you a little song to accompany every Guardian Cif article until the end of the Trial … Inquiry.  In fact, if I’m inspired before the end of this post, I’ll add a little ditty just for you guys and gals! You deserve it.

    My aim in most of these posts in the ongoing, not-to-be-missed, nail-biting, cliff-hanging series of ‘The Trial of Tony Blair’ (all here) has been to pinpoint and cast a questioning eye on any story which I believe is prejudicial to the seeking of TRUTH and to the acceptance of the outcome of the Iraq Inquiry.

    THIS TIME I am looking at the know-it-all commenters. The Daily Mail is full of atrocious hypocritical stuff, and censored to all but the party … editorial line, as I know to my FREE SPEECH cost.  But it is from the violent anti-war peace ‘n’ lovers of the Left that we see the real enemy within.  This from the Guardian is typical. The few balanced individuals commenting there are excepted from this charge (of  infiltration, of extreme often violent language, of ignoring the law and last but not least – of treachery.)  Most of these people have not the foggiest about due process, ‘innocent until proven guilty’ when it comes to Tony Blair, the British citizen. Which is odd considering they always sound SO informed about all of this when applying it to illegal immigrants, former Guantanamo Bay detainees or terrorist suspects.

    If you ever had any doubts that this Inquiry was anything other than a “show trial” as Mr Blair reportedly feared it might be, look at the first comment at the site.  It is all about Blair and his hoped-for end. It is about little or no-one else.  It will continue to be so, sadly, unless and until he and others can lay to rest all of these conspiracy tales of lies, crime and murder most foul.


    I shouldn’t really discourage this crowd. They are as unable to see the error of their present ways as they were over the ‘Honours’ debacle. As a commenter at my previous post notes, if by any chance Tony Blair found himself charged after this “Inquiry” the whole prospect of a judicial court case would be thrown out of the window at the insistence of his defence team. It is clear that this man CANNOT get a fair trial in Britain right now.  And as for The Hague – same applies.  Human Rights an’ all that. (Oh, yes, he IS human.)

    Another cloice commenter at The Guardian article suggests this:

    “Heard the phrase NEVER SAY NEVER.

    Why don’t we the bloggers set a date, start the trial and prosecute him and his allies in ”THE GUARDIAN COURTROOM’.”

    What? I thought that had been underway for years.

    Time for a song – get out that equipment and smile, damn you! This is SHOW trial BUSINESS!

    Altogether now – GREASE THAT RACK …

    Grease that rack, come on and grease that rack

    Grease that bloody rack and put the freshness back.

    Grease that rack, come on and grease that rack

    You can make him scream like any British hack.

    Roll it, Pull it,

    Dislo — CATE

    Tear it, Snap it,

    Sepa — RATE!

    OK, that’s enough of that nonsense.

    Inspired by this old advert, in case you hadn’t realised:

    I will know the Guardian is coming of age when it removes the kind of comment from its pages that sound similar to this.  THEIR songs are sung with a malign, intense sincerity and even malice aforethought, so strong is the peace ‘n’ lovers’ attachment to retributive justice.

    But I DO congratulate the Guardian on at least clamping down on some of the dreadful stuff the kids write, evidenced by the number of “removed” comments.

    Now – can they do something about their juvenile commenters before they submit their comments? PURLEASE? It would cut down their moderation work.

    After that, some of their juvenile writers could be sent on a course for soon-to-be grown-up would-be journos.

    Meanwhile, while she’s awaiting her training weekend somewhere nice, this one can sing my little ditty while hoovering.

    Suits you, M’am!

    SOME CHOICE CIF COMMENTS from the “We already know” -ers at The Guardian

    (I’ve left their spelling errors etc in place. It’s the least I could do.)

    “I wonder how long it will be before some nutter with a rifle caps Tony in the head. And I wonder how loud the defeaning roar of applause will be for said nutter.”


    “Headline should read:  Blair will lie to inquiry”


    “My understanding is that in lying to the country (as they most assuredly did because Iraq was never for one moment a threat to Britain and in fact WE had armed the regime there for decades), Blair and his cabal committed treason.

    Continuing to lie to the country after the start of the war, ie, during wartime, is high treason, which as far as I understand is still punishbale by death. “I have a dream…”

    But don’t get your hopes up – here’s the get-out clause: “some sessions would remain behind closed doors, ‘consistent with the need to protect national security, sometimes to ensure complete candour and openness from witnesses…'”

    As the excellent punk band Zounds once asked of politicians, “Why have you got secrets? ‘Cos I know you have. If you’ve got something to hide then it MUST be bad.”



    “What a fucking bad joke. I hope we will se as many protesters at the event as the marches in London earlier this year. But I am afraid Tony fucking Bliar is now too rich to ever fall under the long arm of the law.”


    1. Tory Iain Dale asks “The Truth and Nothing But the Truth?” I don’t know why he asks. His commenters, like most commenters these days, already KNOW the answer.

    2. And just so you know WHO is on WHOSE side, here is the Iranian state sponsored Press TV’s take on this. NOTE who they quote.  Given that they are SO keen on international law, when will they put the Supreme Leader and Amanutjob up for TRIAL for their consistent human rights breaches – executing apostates, homosexuals, adulterers etc? Not to mention STEALING elections from Iran’s people and shooting and imprisoning them?

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        Just in case any other readers wonder if QZ was referring to me as “sick”, I checked with him. I didn’t fancy being called “sick”!

        But he assures me that he meant the ‘sick’ people were those to whom the post was referring!

        Thank goodness for that!

        I’d prefer NOT to quote these animals … people at all. But I also think it’s unwise for us just to ignore them. They are dangerous, and this should be highlighted, imho.

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