News of The World, Cherie & the ‘Apology’ which isn’t

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    9th August, 2009

    Talk about double-speak! The News of The World has this blinder


    IN the Carole Malone column on 5 October, several criticisms were made of Cherie Blair after she appeared as a panellist at a fringe meeting attended by prominent victims of crime.

    In particular, it was not right to say Mrs Blair arrived with hordes of security men, only appeared for publicity and was “inhuman” in her responses about the Human Rights Act.

    We apologise to her for these assertions which we accept were unfounded.

    You DID notice how the News of The World got their point in first about “several criticisms” being made of Cherie Blair, didn’t you?

    The “several criticisms” reference is ambivalently put and can be read whichever way the fancy takes you.

    That’s what we in the press-watching tactics business call getting your attack in AGAIN before your apology.

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    One Response to “News of The World, Cherie & the ‘Apology’ which isn’t”

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