Cherie wins Libel claim against the News of The World

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    10th August, 2009

    I wrote about this the other day, but trustingly, as is my wont, I took The News of the Worlds’ minimalist statement of apology as the whole story, ambivalent as I thought it was. Cherie Blair had complained about the dreadful Carole Malone’s insulting article, the News of The World had retracted, sacked Ms Malone and apologised profusely, sort of, to Ms Blair-Booth. And that was that.

    But, like the apology that wasn’t yesterday, it wasn’t “that”.

    How silly of me.

    The News of the World had actually LOST a libel action claimed against them by Cherie Booth-Blair

    I wouldn’t expect the paper to howl about it, but they might have mentioned it, if only pour encourager …decourager les autres.

    Evidence again of the half-truths, untruths and everything-but-the-whole-truth that our press like to sell us?

    Well done, Cherie.

    Now, who’s next up for some libel claims?

    Probably not this lot, as insanity is a good defence.  But it could be this lot (Mail) or any or all of this lot (Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, Sky, BBC oh – and the Mail again.)

    The Guardian’s report on the fall from grace of the News of the World follows below picture.


    Cherie Blair: the criticisms were made following her appearance on a panel at a meeting attended by victims of crime. Photograph: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

    By Mark Sweeney

    News of the World settles Cherie Blair libel case

    ‘Cherie Blair has settled a libel action against the News of the World for an article that falsely accused her of having an “inhuman” attitude in a discussion about the victims of crime.

    An article penned by News of the World columnist Carole Malone, which appeared on 5 October last year, contained a string of criticisms of Blair after she appeared as a panellist at a meeting attended by victims of crime.

    The News of the World settled the libel claim made by Blair, printing an apology in yesterday’s edition of the tabloid and online accepting that Malone’s claims were “unfounded”, and paid unspecified damages and legal costs.

    Malone’s column made a number of false claims, including that Blair had arrived with hordes of secuity men, only made the appearance at the event for publicity purposes and gave “inhuman” responses about the Human Rights Act when questioned in a panel discussion.

    The News of the World apology stated: “In the Carole Malone column on 5 October, several criticisms were made of Cherie Blair after she appeared as a panellist at a fringe meeting attended by prominent victims of crime.

    “In particular, it was not right to say Mrs Blair arrived with hordes of security men, only appeared for publicity and was “inhuman” in her responses about the Human Rights Act.

    “We apologise to her for these assertions which we accept were unfounded.”

    Graham Atkins, a partner at law firm Atkins Thomson, which represented Blair, said: “Mrs Blair is delighted with the settlement and that her reputation has been restored by taking this action. She will be paying the damages she received to her foundation.”

    The law firm also pointed out that Blair has spent a “considerable period of time investigating and highlighting for public attention issues relating to crime in this country”. She was formerly the patron of Victim Support London.’



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    One Response to “Cherie wins Libel claim against the News of The World”

    1. Quietzapple Says:

      In the ’80s we used to speak and write of the need to ensure that corrections of such libels were given at least equal and prominent exposure as the original lies.

      Well past time, what a nasty left winger I am!

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