Dave on Lisbon referendum? We haven’t let matters rest! We’ve reneged.

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    3rd November, 2009



    It’s been a fast-moving day.

    No sooner had the Czech constitutional court decided that the Lisbon treaty was not counter to the Czech constitution than their reluctant president had signed and ratified it. Job done. Wheels off Cameron’s campaign.


    Czech President Vaclav Klaus signs and ratifies the Lisbon Treaty today, 3rd November 2009. Now ALL 27 EU countries are signed up.

    So here in Britain,  shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague said  – (drum roll, purlease, people!! Watch here)

    “The Conservatives will not hold a referendum on the EU treaty if they win a general election”

    Mr Hague said ratification of the treaty by the Czechs – the last EU country to do so – meant the Tory campaign for a referendum “ends today”.  He also said that Tory leader David Cameron would set out details of a new policy on Europe on Wednesday … “not letting matters rest” etc.

    But Mr Cameron did have this to say:

    David Cameron: (watch video) “It looks like this treaty will no longer be a treaty but will be part of European Law”



    What on earth did our soon-to-be PM expect? Did he have to wait until Klaus had signed before he realised it was going to be incorporated into EU law? Or was our Dave playing fast and loose with promises to the voters?

    As if!

    Meanwhile, over at Conservative Home they were advising Cameron to be quick in deciding what he was now going to say and do about his promised referendum. Now that all 27 EU states were signed up to Lisbon, Dave had better hurry before the bloggers, The Mail and the party members tell him his policy!  Civil war would be unfortunate right now.

    But here’s a thought – if the Tories actually HADN’T realised what the legal position would be after ratification (from 1st December as it happens) – Gord ‘elp us!


    Gordon Brown congratulates Klaus on his ratification of Lisbon Treaty

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    5 Responses to “Dave on Lisbon referendum? We haven’t let matters rest! We’ve reneged.”

    1. Julie Says:


      It’s interesting that you can neither read about the story in The Sun nor Mail,isn’t it?
      You’d think it’s news-worthy.

      Mhhh mhh…selective…manipulating…misleading…erm sorry objective (of course!) press.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        It’s been hysterical actually all day here, Julie. Hysterical in its silence!

        I usually get dozens of Google Alerts and this afternoon I actually thought my mail server was broken.

        NOTHING! It was as though all news stories were waiting for Cameron to say something!

        Now Cameron has so many questions. The presidency? Will Cameron be persuaded to support Blair? His party might threaten to remove him if he did, but they’re threatening to do that anyway. A Blair presidency might even be the only way for the Tories to re-shape their approach to the EU for the next generation.

        I wonder if he’s up to it?

    2. Julie Says:

      The Tories better come up with something sensible soon.Cameron wants to be the next PM but obviously can’t present a prudent and coherent EU policy.

      Weak,eh?Leadership abandoned (June 27th,2007)

      Right now I picture Dacre,running around fire breathing and phoning up the great non-leader Cameron of Hollowness on what’s his party’s policy NOW.

      There isn’ t one?-Ohh OHHHH
      (except of blaming Labour)

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Some midnight oil will be burnt tonight, Julie, at Dave’s place. They have NO European policy apart from ‘what else can we moan about?’

        They deserve to be really walloped for their antipathy and lack of direction forward on the EU. They won’t get walloped as the press are just as anti as the Tories, apart from The Times and Indie, I’d guess.

        Btw, that was a lovely comment at the BBB petition, wasn’t it?

        I’ve used it at the latest Von Rompuy post.

    3. David Cameron ‘tubing it’ with the voters « Tony Blair Says:

      […] political leader on his way to a straight-forward re-writing of a certain policy. Well, needs must. Touching up his notes while he’s travelling with the people serves to highlight the […]

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