EU President? Meet the Candidates … Herman Van Rompuy (Belgium)

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    UPDATE, 19th November: EUROPE COMMITTED COMMUNAL HARA-KIRI TONIGHT.  FEW SURVIVORS. (Will write on this when the tissues run out.) OK – here we go – “Here she is, the new EU president.”

    A comment at the Ban Blair-Baiting petition (no 173) – “The best Prime Minister in my life time by far. Won Labour three elections and had to hand over to a charmless oaf but still better than being stuck with the horrendous spectre of a Plutocracy led by the slime ball Cameron and the rest of his filthy little gang, including the comedy voiced Mr Potato Head, William Hague, who Tony wiped the floor with. And as for little Georgie Osborne running the economy! Wake up Britain before it is too late and we sleep walk into another 18 years of despair.”

    4th November, 2009



    A very famous Belgian


    PRESENT BETTING  for First Permanent President of the EU – moved to Van Rompuy, from Balkenende, from Blair.

    TOP LISTED 19 – ODDS at 23:45, 3rd November 2009. Not all of these candidates have declared their interest.


    Herman Van Rompuy 9/4

    Guy Verhofstadt 14/1

    Francois Fillon 20/1

    Jan Peter Balkenende 5/2

    Felipe Gonzalez 14/1

    Mary Robinson 20/1

    Tony Blair 7/2

    John Bruton 14/1

    Tarja Halonen 25/1

    Jean-Claude Juncker 4/1

    Martti Ahtisaari 16/1

    Gerhard Schröder 33/1

    Wolfgang Schussel 10/1

    Aleksander Kwasniewski 18/1

    Jacques Chirac 40/1

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen 12/1

    Paavo Lipponen 20/1

    Bertie Ahern 80/1

    Vaira Vike-Freiberga 12/1

    Herman van Rompuy

    Belgium’s PM Van Rompuy enters race, by Bate Felix

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy has emerged as a possible candidate to become president of the European Union after former British Prime Minister Tony Blair lost his status as front-runner.

    Van Rompuy, who became prime minister less than a year ago, is a low-profile leader but would be more likely to win a consensus among the 27 member states than a heavyweight statesman such as Blair, diplomats said.

    The centre-right Van Rompuy, 62, came to power after a banking crisis toppled the previous government. He has been credited as a steady hand keeping together a difficult coalition.

    “Rumours in diplomatic circles increasingly point to the Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy as the most likely candidate for the first European Union president,” Belgian newspaper De Morgen wrote on Tuesday.

    “Van Rompuy’s stance as a man of compromise makes him a popular choice. Moreover he is respected for his low profile, careful and humble work ethic,” it said.

    EU leaders want to appoint the bloc’s first long-term president and a powerful foreign policy chief as soon as possible following Czech ratification of the Lisbon treaty that outlines their responsibilities.

    Sweden, which holds the EU’s collective presidency, has said it will call a summit of EU leaders soon to decide on the names of candidates to fill the top jobs.

    “It will be a good opportunity, especially for Europe because I think we need a consensus builder, someone who knows how to mediate, a good conciliator seeing as we are 27 nations and could be more,” Anne Delvaux, a Belgian member of the European Parliament, told Belgian television.

    EU member states, which could next grant membership to Croatia, have not named their preferred candidates openly.

    Long-time front-runner Blair has failed to win the backing of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, denting his hopes of securing the job.

    Blair’s chances have been hampered by his support for the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. He also faces opposition because Britain is not one of the 16 countries that use the euro currency and is not in the Schengen area of visa-free travel.

    Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker and Former Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel have been cited among the possible contenders for the position.

    I bet you can hardly wait to read the whole nine yards on the next favourite!


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    11 Responses to “EU President? Meet the Candidates … Herman Van Rompuy (Belgium)”

    1. Julie Says:

      I NEVER heard of that guy in my life before!!!!!!

      So and why is Mr.Nobody now more suitable than Mr.Tony???Probably because nobody is opposed to him,since he hasn’t done anything.

      It’s getting worse B………

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Bring ’em on, Julie.

        If Merkel and Sarkozy REALLY think a Mr Nobody is the right answer for the EU, they’re MAD. I don’t think they’re completely mad.

        We’ll see.

        It looks like every time a new candidate enters the race he becomes the fave rave. Probably only temporary.

        Only Blair can keep the EU at the top table at every world forum. Only he has China’s, America’s, the ME’s, India’s, South America’s, Africa’s, Russia’s ears. That’s due to ten years of being PM and the last two years of his travels and interests in all these areas and fields.

        Can you imagine this Mr Nobody at climate conferences, global economy get-togethers, discussions on nuclear disarmament, meetings re the Middle East?

        It’s all so laughable!

        Merkel and Sarkozy MUST know this.

        It’s all a joke.

        Only Blair has the experience in all of these areas and can feed information to and from the EU and the rest.

    2. Little Ole American Says:

      Ah, this Von Rompuy is too old and too short! Sweet looking little gent that would be gobbled up by the big boys when push comes to shove.
      I think it’s all about the odds. If everyone bets on TB, there won’t be any big money. They HAVE to increase the odds by bringing up other favorites and lowering Tony’s chances. Simple!

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Ageism – heightism (?) from Little Ole American? How un-pc of you ;0)

        Seriously though. He’s only 62. I don’t think that’s old these days.

        And if our man doesn’t get the job this time and is still interested in 5 years time, he’ll be almost 62. Can you believe it? Some of us carry our years more lightly than others.

        Good point about the odds. Worth clicking through to see if they’ve altered today.

        P.S. Just checked, noon Wednesday. Now Rompuy’s on 6/4, Blair’s on 4/1, and Junckner and Balkenende are both on 5/1.

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    6. Trewi Says:

      Haha if you think Herman van rompuy is mister no body! The international media are so wrong! He is very smart! He is not a international politician, but it does not mean he won’t be a good international politician. After 4 moths nobody knows that anymore! Did you know Obama 2 years ago! Ofcourse not! If you are able to keep Belgium together you can keep Europe together! He is very pragmatic… I think he will be a very good president!

      The Benelux will stop Blair of becomming the next president! UK isn’t even a Euro-member! So forget it!! There are other good candidates but it will never be Blair!!

      Junker is for me also a good candidate! Or why not a woman??

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Well, Trewi, you might well get your way.

        My contention is that Europe needs Britain to be more involved than it has been, and Blair will DO this. Not only that, the world already listens to Blair, even out of office.

        But as you say who knew Obama two years ago? Nobody. Personally I wish we still didn’t know Obama. I think he was voted in for all the wrong reasons – for not being someone – Bush in this case. And now Americans are beginning to understand that Bush was good for their country and that Obama is raising more questions than answers.

        In the same way I think Blair was good for my country and I am convinced he will be good for Europe and our place in the world.

        As for Rompuy? I have no idea. Nor do any of us. But losing Blair would be a major disaster, imho.

        Yes, a woman would be good. If there was one with clout and worldwide recognition. Merkel cannot stand this time and she would probably like to do so in two and a half years time. So better Rompuy for one session or two if necessary to fit in with her election timetable and then she can fly in there as the first woman EU president.

        Whereas if Blair gets in they’ll want him twice. We voted for him three consecutive times here in Britain – a first for his party, ever.

        There isn’t a better comunicator in the political world. I know. I watch them all.

        Oh, except Rompuy, who I have never heard speaking.

        Maybe I’ll hear him soon.

    7. euandus2 Says:

      Sadly, the NYT has taken a “sore loser” stance on Van Rompuy’s selection, as has Gordon Brown (see

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        OK, euandus2,

        A lot of us feel a little ‘sore’ today. And it has something to do with how we see Europe on the world stage. These two characters, even if one is a Brit and a woman, are going to take YEARS to get the recognition and respect factor, if they ever do. Blair already had it in spades (if not the latter for all of us, but to those that matter in the decision-making process.)

        Thus the “what the hell?” reaction. Some of us wanted Europe to be bigger than this.

        I bet if Obama were to be honest he’d say the same.

        Here’s the link again for your site for my readers to visit. As you entered it above the bracket was in the link and thus wouldn’t open.

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