The Chingford Skinhead Shoots off – again and again and again

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    3rd November, 2009

    Blair Foundation blogspot asks this:

    Is former Tory party chairman Lord Tebbit a psycho or what?


    "Is that a Cherie, a Tony or a Mandy?" wonders The Chingford Shooter. "The eyesight's as weak as the old brain these days."

    SHOCKING news report, copied here in full.

    From The Daily Telegraph
    By Tim Walker
    Published: 9:56PM GMT 02 Nov 2009
    Lord Tebbit has murder in mind:

    One wonders, not for the first time, if there is not a serial killer in Lord Tebbit fighting to get out.

    The former Tory party chairman broke off from promoting his book The Game Cook to tell me of how he makes sure he never misses birds when he is out shooting.

    “If I feel myself start to lose concentration and miss a few, the next time I see a hen fly over I say to myself ‘There’s Cherie’. If I see a cock, I say ‘There’s Tony’. If I am not sure what it is, then I say, ‘There’s Mandelson’. And then I know that I’ll kill ’em.”

    [BlairSupporter: Mr Walker of The Telegraph evidently feels nuff said.  He just leaves us with the thought … er … joke that the Chingford Shooter has just downed three unwanted birds.  I suppose Lord Tebbit meant it to be funny.

    Ha, very ha.]

    Norman Tebbit Spitting Image

    Known as he Chingford Skinhead on Spitting Image, Thatcher's "bovver boy" Norman Tebbit, often shot his mouth off.

    But Blair Foundation Blogspot continues…

    To be fair, perhaps when Lord Tebbit made that shocking statement he might have been drunk or ill or something. Whatever, I find his mindset extremely disturbing and upsetting, especially considering what he and his wife had to suffer and endure as victims of the IRA. Tony Blair spent the best part of a decade bringing peace to Northern Ireland and deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for doing so.

    What is the reaction of tories and young aspiring politicians when they see a report such as this, do they just shrug and laugh it off? I am so disgusted by Lord Tebbit’s statement that it brings tears to my eyes and a feeling of revulsion, grief and disillusionment. I am not surprised that so many people, especially youngsters, do not care about politicians, politics, the state of the world and the moral fabric of British society.

    Tebbit has form on this.


    In February, 2008, he said all boys should be taught how to shoot. There may be an argument that it might teach responsibility with weapons. But surely only if taught respect for weapons, and only if taught that fantasising about using the weapon on one’s political foes is NOT wise, not clever, not funny.

    When I shoot clay pigeons (I don’t shoot real birds) I think of a flying clay pigeon. It works for me.

    Young shooters under  the supervision of Lord Tebbit? Horrifying. The man’s an old fool. And a dangerous one.

    ‘That’s it, lads … follow the flight line … a little in front – BANG! Good shot! That’s Cherie gone. Now for the other two.’

    More from the Express Feb 2008 report:

    Lord Tebbit, a keen game shooter, said that taking boys out on shoots would satisfy their need for a certain amount of excitement and violence, while teaching them discipline and the ability to obey orders.

    The Tory peer – who served in Margaret Thatcher’s administration as Norman Tebbit – told the Sunday Express newspaper: “Kids should go out on shoots. It gives them a sense of excitement – and kids, particularly young boys, have a need for a degree of violence.”


    Wonder where they get that ‘need‘ from?

    These days this kind of transference of violent intent is the last thing we need.

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    One Response to “The Chingford Skinhead Shoots off – again and again and again”

    1. Julie Says:

      If this is supposed to be humour, it is in very BAD taste.

      Bring the guy here:

      Last resort,so to speak.

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