David Cameron ‘tubing it’ with the voters

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    5th November, 2009


    Tim Montgomerie’s article at yesterday’s Guardian caught my eye because of the accompanying picture more than the content of the article. At first glance it’s rather sweet.  A straight-forward snap of a straightforward political leader on his way to a straightforward re-writing of a certain policy. Well, needs must. Touching up his notes while he’s travelling with the people serves to highlight the everydayness of doing a political u-turn. Thus, no-one really seems to notice or even care.


    Conservative leader David Cameron travelling by tube in London on the day he announced the new Conservative policy on Europe, which cancels the previously promised referendum on the Lisbon treaty. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

    For those unfamiliar with London’s Tube and its travellers, a word of explanation. Fellow-travellers are famously uncommunicative. Unfriendly, some suggest. People share a space for anything from a two-minute one-stop ride to, well, a lot longer. But it’s generally considered that on The Tube, you’re on your own. A little like in politics. Apart, of course from any friend you came onboard with and who’s still with you when you get off.

    But in this picture Mr Cameron hasn’t got William Hague alongside. In fact he’s completely on his little ownsome. Apart, that is, from the photographer who just happened to get on the same tube train, and ended up in the same carriage. He just happened to be in a position to photograph the great soon-to-be leader mixing it with the voters and working intently on what he soon has to say to Johnny Foreigner.

    In case you’re thinking this photo may have been taken by a happy mobile phone snapper on the Tube let me disabuse you of this. The photographer according to the Guardian is the Press Association’s Stefan Rousseau, the man who won the photographer of the year prize at the British Press Awards earlier this year.

    So no p.r./spinning exercise there from the former p.r. man DC, then.

    You can fool some of the people, Mr Cameron.


    Alastair Campbell too was impressed by DC’s ability to double-task.  No, not doing one thing while saying another, but maintaining his equilibrium while writing and while in motion, as in this ‘tube’ picture. Don’t like to sound suspicious but is this whole picture a fit-up? I travel on the tube regularly and I have yet to find one with NO seats.


    David Cameron is expected to say that he is prepared to do battle with the EU to repatriate social and employment powers to Britain. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

    Meanwhile all Mr Cameron’s fellow-travellers, including one or two recognisable shadow ministers such as Liam Fox, have to hang on for dear life in the usual way, to make sure they don’t come into closer personal contact than is necessarily desirable.

    Oh, my suspicious mind (see here.)


    Blair too ‘Left’ for Europe?

    Blair “not a contender” because his politics are too “centre-left” for the key states of France & Germany!? You could have fooled most of us with this definition of Mr Blair’s political position, including, I’d hazard a guess, Mr Blair.

    Next reason NOT to have Blair as EU President? My breath is bated.

    Just got this from a commenter. Great stuff. Where’s Nicely, Nicely Nick though?

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    4 Responses to “David Cameron ‘tubing it’ with the voters”

    1. Julie Says:

      And another amusing analysis of Mr.Cameron’s Tube adventure.
      Have you read Alastair’s post on that B.? He dissed Cameron for standing and writing in the Tube at the same time.

      I think Dave needs to discuss his strategy with his “spin doctors” again 😉

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Hi Julie,

        No, I hadn’t seen anything about Dave’s Tube adventures until the one in the post above.

        Seems he makes a habit of it. Must be the reason none of the passengers is interested in him. A little passe seeing DC on the Tube. Can’t think of any other reason they’d be uninterested, can you.

        Here’s Alastair Campbell’s post for those interested.


        I’ll have to dig around for the references he makes on Dave’s Big Adventures.

    2. janedoe Says:

      i saw him on the tube and heres the video!!

      i had n idea what to say to him!!!

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