The European folly of deciding ‘TO NOT BE’ a superpower

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    9th November, 2009

    Why Europe Needs A Strong President

    If, like me, you can hardly believe the unedifying confusion ongoing over the EU presidency – weak v strong/chairman v president/non-controversial v experienced individual etc – you’ll be pleased to know you’re not the only one.

    Watch this Radio Netherlands interview with their senior analyst Bernard Hammelburg.

    From that website:

    ‘Now that the Lisbon Treaty has been ratified, Europe will soon have its first president. Belgian prime minister Herman van Rompuy seems to stand a better chance than Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende. But according to the European Council on Foreign Relations, a prominent think tank, Europe is completely on the wrong track.

    RNW’s senior foreign affairs analyst Bernard Hammelburg explains that the Obama administration was hoping a strong personality would emerge, so that they could talk at the same level. This would mean a welcome reduction in the number of one-to-one meetings the President has to schedule with the leaders of the larger European nations. The EU also needs a strong voice on major international issues such as climate control.’


    It may not be the case, I realise, but I have long suspected that Mr Obama is hoping and praying for a strong European leader – all right, for Tony Blair – who will help take some of the present heavy load from his shoulders, viz the Middle East and international issues around fundamentalism and terrorism.


    See my previous post here.


    The European Council on Foreign Relations

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