(Video): Brown at the Cenotaph – the shame of the unbowing PM

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    9th November, 2009


    I saw this reported earlier and frankly I didn’t believe it.

    Our present Prime Minister – Gordon Brown – was the only one laying a wreath NOT TO BOW at the cenotaph.

    But it’s TRUE!

    Watch the entire televised coverage here. Mr Brown walks forward to lay his wreath on behalf of the government at around 42mins 50secs.  He follows all the Royal family. They had all either saluted or bowed their heads as appropriate after laying their wreaths.

    Mr Brown – OUR PRIME MINISTER – did not. All the other politicians following him did bow.


    Gordon Brown walks to the cenotaph to lay his wreath, watched by Nick Clegg (Lib Dem leader), Tony Blair and David Cameron (Conservative leader.)

    You will notice that Mr Brown looked particularly restless in the several minutes before he walked to lay the wreath. Not at all comfortable. In contrast Tony Blair was unflinching in his stillness.

    I can only surmise that Mr Brown’s failure to bow his head, even just slightly, was not an intended snub to our troops or their families but rather an oversight. Perhaps it was a sign of his nervousness over current public unrest regarding the Afghanistan conflict.

    But whatever it was I am sure it would never have happened if Mr Blair were laying that wreath.

    It’s not as though this is the first time Mr Brown has taken part in this ceremony. This is in fact his third year as PM on Remembrance Day. Did he bow on the two previous occasions? I think he must have, or we would have heard about it from the feral press.  So how could he have forgotten this time when the armed forces are so prominent in everyone’s thoughts?

    Oh, for God’s sake, Gordon. If the job’s too tough, please get out of the kitchen.


    Bereaved mother upset over Brown’s letter of condolences

    To be quite frank I think this has been overblown. Clearly Mr Brown did not mean to insult or upset anyone.  But, there we go.  It’s worth a fuss for a certain agenda.  I suppose we are meant to sympathise only with the mother of the dead soldier here.  After all, aren’t we meant to empathise with anyone who isn’t all that keen on the foreign policies of this government?  Sorry if that sounds harsh, but there you go.  Life is harsh at times.

    For once I agree with a commenter at The Daily Mail:

    “What kind of society are we becoming? I am not a labour supporter but stop kicking a man when he’s down. He made the effort to hand write a letter at least, nothing he does seems to be right.

    The man lost a baby and his second child has cystic fibrosis, he’s not exactly had an easy time of it. I feel people are being excessively cruel and need to lay off a bit.”

    See also BBC report – PM apologises

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