8 Responses to “How are the EU presidency votes shaping up? Shhhhh….”

  1. john franklin Says:

    So does Von Rompuy have more support from EU leaders than Blair? This video looks at different sources, and it seems that he does: http://bit.ly/2Z4bpj. Blair might be the best for the job, but with anti-war and conservative resistance, I’m not sure he’ll make it.

  2. Little Ole American Says:


  3. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Hi Mr Franklin,

    It’s hard to tell what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes. That’s why I put this post together. But I can tell you this – Blair will not stay in the race if ears to the ground tell him that he has no chance. So while he’s still in there, he has as fair a chance as any of them. Perhaps greater than it seems if it comes down to QMV and/or a “hustings”.

    My understanding is that there is NO anti-war fervour as far as the decision-makers are concerned. Many of them went in with him to Iraq anyway, or would have done if they had been in power at the time. The antis are mainly in the British press and the anti-war lobbies. The British press are digraceful and duplicitous. The Tory press would have been with the Conservatives ALL the way, if they had made that same Iraq decision, which they would have done had they been in power.

    The conservative resistance from Britain should actually be in his favour. There is no more out-of-touch likely-to-be government than Britain’s under Cameron. The EU should bring Blair in partly to call the bluff, once and for all, of our Tories. If not, the EU may have big problems accommodating Tory Britain within a year.

    Interesting how Blair is seen to be to the right of the Socialist group in Europe thus they woud NOT support him, even though it leaves the door open for a REAL rightist Presidency.

    But I don’t think he’s out of it yet.

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