Open Letter to David Cameron: Disown Ian Drury at the Mail & his distortion of your words on religion

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    15th November, 2009

    Dear Mr Cameron,

    Ian Drury at The Mail needs to be taught a lesson. Are you the man to do it? If not it will be YOUR words, motivation, actions and even thoughts these dishonest journalists will twist next.

    Drury’s article today reads as though YOU said that Tony Blair is/was a religious zealot AND that you said Blair dropped to his knees in a crisis. (For some reason religious people are not expected to pray in a crisis. Or if they DO they are evidently mad. The Mail’s reasoning, not mine nor yours, presumably, and completely counter-intuitive.)

    This is an excerpt from their article:

    “David Cameron ‘does God’ but says he will not seek guidance like zealot Blair

    David Cameron today said he believed in God but admitted he did not ‘drop to his knees’ to pray in a crisis.

    In an intriguing glimpse into his spiritual side, the Tory leader described himself as a Christian but confessed he did not attend church ‘as regularly as I should’.

    He also hinted that the death of his disabled eldest son, Ivan, aged six, had strengthened his faith.

    But he told BBC1’s Songs of Praise that he did not seek guidance like Tony Blair – who as Prime Minister insisted he did not ‘do God’ before converting to Catholicism after leaving Downing Street.

    The whole manipulation of your words is compounded by Drury’s  reference to an earlier interview you gave, added presumably for effect:

    In an interview earlier this month, he admitted he did not feel he had a ‘direct line to God’ – a comment which could have been a reference to Tony Blair’s unshakeable belief in a higher power.

    He said: ‘If you are asking, do I drop to my knees and pray for guidance, no. But do I have faith and is it important, yes.’

    It is always possible that in that interview you were attempting to construct a subliminal comparison between yourself and Mr Blair. But that suggestion, if that’s what it was, is far less pointed, and therefore defensible as not being targeted at any other individual. It is no more than open to interpretation. Drury’s article and references are in no way subtle.  There is no leeway for interpretation or insinuation in what this “journalist” is saying.

    It is crass distortion of one politician’s thoughts and words as regards another and has one aim in mind: to paint Mr Blair as unbalanced and unfit to lead. All the more disturbing since Tories and Tory papers ALL supported Mr Blair’s decision on Iraq, rightly so, imho.

    Correcting The Mail’s blatant distortion of your words will make no difference whatsoever to your party’s election prospects, have no fear. Their readership are largely Tory supporters anyway. Anyone like me who has tried to comment there knows from years of experience that they filter out anything in support of Tony Blair and even the Labour party.

    [You should know, btw, that I belong to no party and am a floating voter. My support for Tony Blair is purely personal,  a reflection of my regard for his leadership. You will understand that kind of position, I ‘m sure.]

    Presumably, since they are sick of the present “lying” government, Mail readers are ready for a bit of truth. It might even raise their regard for you as an honest politician were you to disown this type of reporting. This distorted and unfair opining did not help the other Tory-supporting paper last week, The Sun, as regards Mr Brown & Mrs Janes, as you will have noticed.

    [You should also know that I describe myself as a ‘secular Christian’ but one who has no comprehension of a deity. Thus I am not religious.]

    Yours sincerely.

    P.S. By the way, the BBC has an honest and unbiased report: Cameron speaks of Christian faith

    Let us hope the BBC will continue to keep reporting rather than opining. Opining such as blindly following The Sun’s dreadful and wrong-headed story on the deceased soldier’s mother’s unfair treatment of Gordon Brown.

    And, Mr Cameron, at Tony Blair’s website he has three new interviews on his thoughts on religion, life and politics. He is saying plenty here that may be of interest to people who REALLY wish to understand his approach to life, religion and politics. Oh, that The Mail and other such publications would give THIS as much coverage as they give their own prejudices and political agenda. Hang on – they might! He says in the last video that he thought Britain was ready to have a Catholic or a Muslim as PM. (My thoughts? Yes to the former, no to the latter.)

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    4 Responses to “Open Letter to David Cameron: Disown Ian Drury at the Mail & his distortion of your words on religion”

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    2. Little Ole American Says:

      Mr. Cameron would do well to denounce what the Mail writer has written, but the Mail does not “do” honest reporting. The only way to deal with such as the mail is to ring up one of my Pagan friends and have them put a curse on the Mail or the writer or both. Would you like me to do that?

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