Has Tony Blair packed in the EU Presidency race? ITN says he has

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    Comment at end

    18th November, 2009, 19:30

    UPDATE: 19:43 – Does THIS explain this news?

    The German ambassador in Belgium: “Die deutsche Regierung befürwortet Ministerpräsident Van Rompuy” –

    “The German government supports Prime Minister van Rompuy”


    Since France and Germany have reportedly agreed to agree on their choice, looks like it COULD be curtains for Tony after all.

    Fools! All fools! … Imbéciles ! Tous les imbéciles ! … Dummköpfe! Alle Dummköpfe!

    Just got this privately from lovely Julie:

    It says:

    Merkel: “Ich sage mal voraus, dass Frankreich und Deutschland gemeinsam abstimmen werden und nicht gegeneinander in dieser Frage”

    “I’d suggest France and Germany will vote jointly and not against on this issue”.

    Ohh I DON’T BELIEVE IT!They are sooooooooo in-bloody-sane!!!!! We are dooooomed!


    Julie has also now blogged on this.  She says – “So that’s it for Mr. Tony.  And for the EU!”


    According to the ITN news tonight at around 6:45pm, Tony Blair has given up on the EU presidency chase.

    As I have said before, it ain’t over until …

    But “friends” of Mr Blair, according to ITN’s news item are putting it about that he has conceded that EU leaders want a chairman and not a salesman, (or something to that effect.)

    It may, of course, be a tactic to bang some heads together.

    Nothing on this at the BBC or at Sky.

    The betting site I have been monitoring still says the same as it did earlier.

    So? My opinion?

    Still a waiting game.

    From Paddy Power:

    Applies to the first Permanent President of the European Council who will serve a two and half year term.  Thursday 19th November 2009, 12:00.

    Herman Van Rompuy 1.44

    Martti Ahtisaari 17.00

    Aleksander Kwasniewski 21.00

    Tony Blair 5.00

    Guy Verhofstadt 17.00

    John Bruton 21.00

    Jean-Claude Juncker 8.00

    Paavo Lipponen 17.00

    Jose Maria Aznar 23.00

    Jan Peter Balkenende 9.00

    Felipe Gonzalez 19.00

    Tarja Halonen 26.00

    Vaira Vike-Freiberga 10.00

    Carl Bildt 19.00

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen 26.00

    Wolfgang Schussel 15.00

    Francois Fillon 21.00

    Mary Robinson          26.00


    ABC on ‘comeback’ Blair?


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    17 Responses to “Has Tony Blair packed in the EU Presidency race? ITN says he has”

    1. Germany confirms support for Rompuy « Julie's think thank Says:

      […] Related: See BlairSupporter on this […]

    2. margaret walters Says:

      if they can’t agree on chairman, or belgians won’t let rompuy go blair may still get it.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        I think this is all an overblown story by ITV news. It isn’t featuring anywhere else, even on Sky News nor the BBC.

        At Radio 4 news they talked about the presidency and did NOT say that Blair was giving up.

        If it goes to Qualified Majority Voting Blair may yet get it. But it may be at the expense of an unfortunate starting relationship with Merkel, and France too if they declare as this German ambassador has. Sarkozy should keep quiet until the last minute.

        Belgians will have no choice re letting Rompuy go, if he wins. Same goes for the rest. Half the Belgians don’t even know who Rompuy is, FGS, if that quick straw poll is worth anything! They probably don’t care whther he’s there or not.

    3. DC Says:

      The least they could do would be to allow persons known of having a preference in EU circles to come along and set out their case. I agree with Poland on this one, how can this be right to pick someone outside of any open and transparent picking-and-choosing recruitment process?

      It’s about priorities and Blair is facing in the right direction to hit the ground running.

      But even better could you imagine it if Blair got it, any journalist would sell their souls for that one: think of it – the controversial Blair (to some) arriving at Number 10 to meet Cameron! You need a degree of controversy in order to maintain and sustain attention.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Hi DC,

        Julie and I have been looking at the numbers on this QMV business. With these countries against him they have a blocking vote of 97. Only 91 is needed to block him.

        France/Germany 58
        Luxembourg 4
        Austria 10
        Belgium 12
        Netherlands 13


        BLOCKING MINORITY is 91 !!!!!!!!!!

        That means that six countries decide for ALL the 27. But TB’s side will have done these sums for days now and will know the position.

        Plan B?

        Brown & allies might try to garner enough support to block Rompuy too and push for a debate/hustings. I don’t see any of them beating Blair if it comes to that.

        Tomorrow, tomorrow …

    4. Jack High Says:

      Seems to me Teflon Tony cannot walk on water and the sun does not shine out of his …. for the EU heads of state.Send a packet of tissue`s to Julie she will need them ! LOL

    5. Philip Moore Says:

      Well that’s that. Tony Blair has now discovered that all his selfish actions during his term as Prime Minister have come to nothing.

      In my opinion, European politicians must be splitting their sides with laughter at how easy it was to screw everything they wanted out of Blair and he willingly sold this country down the river with his concessions and they were done with one aim – To seek favour so he would get the Presidency.

      He has never had any other interest than himself and look at us now as a result

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        That’s YOUR opinion, and in my opinion WRONG.

        Politics is the art of the possible. If other Europeans did not understand the domestic pressures on Blair over concessions, they are not politically sharp enough to deserve him as their president.

        From such biased individuals as you, of course, I expect nothing as regards political nous.

        Clearly you are not disappointing me.

    6. Jack High Says:

      Lets face it ,he is a yesterday man as far as the EU presidency is concerned. He still has a job as their servant in the middle east and all his speaking engagements pay the rent.
      As to me being mean…. you have her address , i don`t.
      btw. Still waiting for a judgement from the BSA. It should be coming in some time in the near future.I shall let you know when i am informed of the outcome.
      Don`t take it to hard.

    7. Jack High Says:

      The complaint i filed at the public prosecutors office that they passed to the German attorney General to rule on.They informed me on the 17th Nov that a decision will be taken in the very near future. As soon as i know i shall let you know.

    8. Jack High Says:

      I informed you back in Sept about it.Remember? Its posted on Julie`s blog.
      As for the tissues,thanks but no thanks.I have my own supply.Send them to TB instead.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Sort of. Forgettable though.

        I don’t think Tony needs tissues, btw. He’s had, it seems, a few days to come to terms with this. But I DO understand he feels let down by the Socialists in Europe, as he should. Hope the Socialists are now happy with Rompuy.

    9. Philip Moore Says:


      As far as your comment on my message is concerned, I can only say – likewise.

      I can see how this country now compares to when Blair etc were elected and I stand by my opinion

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