(Herman Van) Rambo Vs Bond … Tony Bond

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    18th November, 2009

    According to Newsnight last night Mrs Rompuy calls her beloved “Rambo”. Er … right, Mrs R.

    Will Rambo Rompuy bury Blair?

    I have no idea if Cherie ever whispers to her other half, “Oh, James …”

    Or will the smooth charmer lay them all low?

    But of the pictures conjured up by these comparisons, the latter seems more likely than the former, don’t you think?

    Life is stranger than fiction, as we know.  The Guardian article – “Who speaks for Europe? Criticism of ‘shambolic’ process to fill key jobs” – hardly fills one with confidence.

    Excerpt, Guardian:


    Van Rompuy, it seems, attended the Bilderberg session to audition for the European job, calling for a new system of levies to fund the EU and replace the perennial EU budget battles.

    Like the Bilderberg meeting last week, Thursday night’s summit will also be behind closed doors, as the leaders haggle over the appointment. Officially, Van Rompuy is not a candidate. Nor is Tony Blair. Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Swedish prime minister chairing the summit, hopes to whittle a long list of names down to one and swats aside notions of an open contest or an official field of declared contenders. You could not expect serving prime ministers such as Van Rompuy, said Reinfeldt, to send a “signal to the people of your country, I’m on my way to another job. On Monday I’m back again and I didn’t get it, but I still love you. Sorry.”

    Others disagree, however, and the way the first big decisions of the Lisbon treaty are being handled is coming in for much criticism. Senior British officials, who do not expect Blair to get the job but have not abandoned all hope, describe the process as “shambolic”.

    On Monday night in Brussels, the Polish foreign minister, Radek Sikorski, told EU foreign policy chiefs that the union was blowing an opportunity “to operate with transparency and a readiness to bring the citizens of Europe closer to EU affairs”. The decisions “should be as transparent and democratic as possible”.

    Other newish EU members from eastern Europe are also trying to undermine the culture of stitch-ups and horse-trading surrounding the appointment of the council president and also of Europe’s new or high representative for foreign and security policy, or foreign minister.

    Estonia‘s president, Thomas Hendrik Ilves, contradicted Reinfeldt by openly declaring he was a contender. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Latvia‘s former president, also put her name forward and likened the decision-taking to the workings of Soviet politburos.

    “This is the end of the Eurocracy doing it like this, electing one of their own in this manner. I don’t think they’ll be able to get away with this ever again,” said Denis MacShane, the Labour MP and former Europe minister.

    Reinfeldt wants to table only one candidate for each of the two posts under discussion. But the Poles urged that a shortlist of foreign ministerial contenders be interviewed before the appointment is made. Amid the secrecy, there is much confusion. “I wouldn’t say it’s a complete mess, but there’s no agreement still,” admitted Cecilia Malmström, Sweden‘s Europe minister.

    This lack of consensus is encouraging British hopes that Blair could still pull it off against the odds. But his chances look slim. “Too much has happened, too many people can’t stand him,” said Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform thinktank.

    Van Rompuy, by contrast, has upset no one in less than a year as Belgian prime minister. He is regarded as the common Franco-German candidate and Gordon Brown also rates and likes him.

    The president and foreign minister jobs are the products of the Lisbon treaty, the reform blueprint just ratified, which is supposed to make the EU more coherent and let it speak to the rest of the world with one voice. It is also, supporters endlessly declare, supposed to make the EU more “democratic and transparent”. While there is little to fit those criteria in the way the two jobs are being decided, the European elite has boxed itself into a corner, limiting its room for manoeuvre.

    The president is supposed to come from the centre-right, while the foreign minister belongs to the centre-left. If one is from a big country, the other should be from a small country. Gender balance? Voices are being raised that one of the jobs should go to a woman. There is little talk of talent or merit.

    David Miliband, the foreign secretary, was the frontrunner for foreign minister and fitted the bill. The French and Germans would have supported him. Ten days ago at a Fabian Society meeting in London, though, Miliband emerged seething with anger from a meeting with Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, the Danish head of the European socialists, who told him that they would never support Blair for president. Miliband told Rasmussen he did not want the job.

    Rasmussen and his colleagues have now nominated the former Italian prime minister and foreign minister Massimo D’Alema for the foreign minister role. But another former Italian prime minister said D’Alema would not be able to chair a meeting in English. His politics are criticised by some as too anti-American and anti-Israeli. His support base looks feeble.

    European governments have spent eight exhausting years labouring to get the Lisbon treaty up and running. Now that they finally have it, their problem is agreeing what to do with it.  Read more at The Guardian



    Julie’s blog on the woman who has declared asking the men to do the same: “Listen, boys”


    A famous school – Fettes College, Edinburgh.

    Tony’s old school has gone to pot. Here and here.

    Their most famous former pupil – Tony Blair.

    Picture above from The Mail – Fettes College’s most famous former student – Blair the basketball player.

    Free Hit Counter



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    8 Responses to “(Herman Van) Rambo Vs Bond … Tony Bond”

    1. Julie Says:


      The Rambo picture is NOT nice.REALLY -.-
      He should stick to Haiku.Weapons are not his business.

      Especially not the strong and persistent ones.That’s Tony’s area 😀

    2. Listen Boys…… « Julie's think thank Says:

      […] picture of Herman van Rambo is really NOT pleasant.Oh and please ignore the reference to […]

    3. Julie Says:

      No..of course not.
      Jealousy is a bad emotion B. 😀

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Still no idea what you’re talking about, J.

        Anyway, the miserable Mail is at it again.

        Wonder why they have to use the picture of Blair with his black eye?

        Can’t imagine. Maybe they think he’s already been thumped by Rompuy Thumpy.

    4. Julie Says:

      Since the Mail has the credibility of dog waste,I couldn’t care less!

      Btw, IF Tony gets elected on Thursday,I’d love to see Dacre’s idiot face.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        We won’t get that pleasure, sadly, Julie, nor the fun of listening to him and the Peter Obornes of this world turning the air blue with their language. But, you know something, I honestly think Cameron wouldn’t mind all that much if Tony were President. Hague would, cos on a personal level he has never forgiven him for being such a winner in PMQs, considering Hague was the best the Tories could throw at him.

        But Tony will have a different power-base if EU president and will want to bring Britain deeper into the EU fold. Being the political mover that he is he will not go all out for the Tory throat. And Cameron will speak to him on a personal level about how best to go forward, since if he gets it wrong his own party might well split on Europe. I can’t see Cameron ringing up Rompuy to ask his advice.

        Blair, if President, does not know which British government he will be working with by this time next year and will keep them all sweet and only look for the positive.

        It will be up to those still in Labour to see how they can use Tony as President to work on the Tories. But in about six months Blair will work with whoever he has to. That’s what he has always done.

        Britain will be a stronger member of the EU with Blair as Prez. Of this I have no doubt. Nor does Brown, nor does Cameron. They can read the runes.

    5. What do OTHER Europeans think of the new top EU post-holders? Not a lot. « Tony Blair Says:

      […] true. Mrs Rompuy calls him “Rambo”! Pfft … if […]

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