High-placed Belgians in BRUSSELS say: “Rompuy? Who he?”

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    18th November, 2009

    NOT A FAMOUS BELGIAN – EVEN IN BELGIUM (Straw poll indicates half have never heard of him!)

    According to this site not a lot of Belgians know who their Prime Minister is.


    Belgium’s little-known Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy has emerged as the latest frontrunner, or compromise candidate.  A straw poll of 10 people around the EU district in Brussels showed three knew he was Belgium’s leader, two said he was a Belgian politician, and five were completely unaware of him.

    So, if at least half of this mix of EU officials, lobbyists and lawyers haven’t a clue who he is, what hope is there for the man or woman in Dublin, Warsaw or Prague ?

    The previous favourite and long-time front-runner was former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The fact that he is on first-name terms with the world’s leaders and glitterati were his selling points.

    Blair has the recognition factor. Important for the new EU president? It certainly SHOULD be.


    And I bet every one in this straw poll would have known who Tony Blair is.

    Fills one with hope, does it not?


    Give me strength.

    We can hardly wait for this guy to preside over the EU!

    Can we?

    Again – NOT.



    The Independent asks – “Who will get the job and why is the role so contentious?”

    Keep an eye on the betting here.

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