Mr Belgium – (not Rompuy, but the Bilderberg Chairman) – says Blair “not legitimate”

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    19th November, 2009

    Cranmer is invariably fun to read , even if His Grace can be a little OTT and rather full of himself.

    But here, harking back to a story from February 2008 at EU Politix, Cranmer thoughtfully if unintentionally puts Blair in the Good Guys category. He reminds us that Tony Blair was denounced as illegitimate – or rather NOT legitimate – or was it both? – by the BELGIAN Chairman of the Bilderberg Group!

    Isn’t that the same Bilderberg Group that that other famous Belgian, Van Rompuy spoke to the other day? Ye-e-e-s.   I’m sure it was – see here and here. Personally I harbour  no conspiracy suspicions about this group. The powerful will ALWAYS find dinner parties to go to in order to sort the world out.

    But a Belgian Chairman!?

    Time for the Blair-dissers to get on the side of OUR “Good Guy”? Miracles have been known to happen.

    February 2008 article from EU Politix follows:

    Tony Blair is the “wrong man” to become president of the EU, says one of Europe’s heavyweight political figures.


    Once the Lisbon treaty is fully ratified on 1 January, the post is to replace the EU’s current rotating presidency.

    Though he is yet to declare himself a candidate, Blair has been widely touted for the job, with notable backing from French president Nicolas Sarkozy.  Jean-Claude Juncker, the veteran EU-friendly Luxembourg premier, is another possible candidate.

    However, Viscount Etienne Davignon, a former European commission vice president, said the former Labour party leader “lacks the legitimacy” for the prestigious post.

    He said: “There are very significant obstacles to Blair becoming EU president.

    “I would not question the ability of someone who was prime minister for such a long period of time.

    “However, you really would have to ask whether someone with his record on the EU has the necessary legitimacy to lead the EU. After all, he was premier of a country which has never adopted the euro and is not in the Schengen area of free movement of people.

    “This is also a man who negotiated several important opt-outs for Britain from the new reform treaty.”

    Davignon, a former Belgian government minister, added: “It is clear that when it comes to the EU, Blair is on the wrong side of the debate on just too many issues. You would have to ask if he has the attributes to secure the maximum chance of success from this post and I do not think he has.”

    The 75-year-old politician is known as ‘Mr Belgium’ and is internationally respected. He is a former aide of Paul-Henri Spaak, one of the EU’s founding fathers and, currently, a vice president with the Suez conglomerate.

    He added: “Blair would need to command widespread support for his candidacy and this is something he lacks.

    “All things considered, I believe there are better candidates for this very important job than Tony Blair.”

    Davignon, also chairman of the influential Bilderberg Group, believes Blair’s support for the war in Iraq would also count against him.

    A recent poll by YouGov found that 58 per cent of Britons do not want to see Blair take the job, which will have a two-and-a-half year term.



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