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    26th November, 2009

    [Aside: Perhaps you noticed I altered the banner at the top of the blog. This is why: it seems to me that in the eyes of some this man is guilty of anything and everything until it’s proven that he isn’t Tony Blair. Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?]


    The PETITION TO Ban Blair-Baiting at the Iraq Inquiry has been online for a few months. NOW is its moment.

    It hasn’t attracted the number of signatories of the STOP for EU/INDICT etc petitions. That is hardly surprising given the fact that people mostly vote AGAINST things, rather than FOR.  It’s a well-known electoral fact and the reason most elections are won (i.e. because we want to keep a certain party out, rather than get a certain party in.)

    It seems to be human nature to be motivated to action by something/someone we don’t like rather than something/someone we DO like. For proof of that visit any petition site and see how many people are calling for the banning or stopping or reversal of something compared to those who are calling to support something or someone they admire.

    That fact makes these 180 plus signatories all the more valuable. They are, the odd two excepted see one choice anti, see here for an odd one), TRUE positive thinkers and generous people.

    Signatories in support of Tony Blair come from all corners of the world

    You should stop making Tony Blair’s life like a living hell. You should show some respect for him. Look what you have now as a Prime Minister. Wake the hell up England.


    I believe that Tony Blair has been taunted and terrorised enough over the Iraq war, I want to see it end.


    I think if I was the First Minister of this time, I will exactly do the same. Cause It’s not a war about money or petrol like say the bitches, but it’s a necessity in this period where there’s terrorism. And if you don’t believe in it, forget all you know and let me ask you this question: Do you think what could happen if the terrorists of Al Quaida made a pact to attack the West with Saddam ?And I want to say again I don’t believe than Ben Laden made all this in the name of Allah.Blair saved UK.


    God Bless Tony Blair!!


    I am very impressed with Mr. Blair. I once printed off a speech he gave while in the US for my grandchildren to read after my death knowing it would not be in a History book. I appreciate how he stood with President Bush in a cause I felt was just. {And still do.}
    God Bless you and yours Mr.Blair.


    The best Prime Minister in my life time by far. Won Labour three elections and had to hand over to a charmless oaf but still better than being stuck with the horrendous spectre of a Plutocracy led by the slime ball Cameron and the rest of his filthy little gang, including the comedy voiced Mr Potato Head, William Hague, who Tony wiped the floor with. And as for little Georgie Osborne running the economy! Wake up Britain before it is too late and we sleep walk into another 18 years of despair.


    Best hopes for a EU presidency. The world needs your leadership, courage and principled stand.
    Thank you for your support of America from this citizen of the United States.
    Know that you will always have my ‘shadow’ vote. And, that I would be proud to be a ‘Blair Babe.’ 😉
    Dianna Walls-Ciszewski


    Tony is an honest Man….he deserve all the support…He was such a Leader and made my life so better….


    It is nothing short of a disgrace that people are prepared to scupper Tony Blairs chances for Europe. We cannot afford to let a small minority of people force us down the road of having a Tory Britain and a Tory Europe.
    For us and Europe, that would be an utter disaster. If you want to see public services cut, and further education and university restricted to the ruling classes, then this is what will happen if Tonyis not elected into Europe and Gordon Brown Prime Minister.


    The decision to invade Iraq was taken in real time to free the people from Saddam Hussein’s tyranny. It achieved this with little suffering and damage. It must be judged by what might have been expected to happen in the region without it. But very poor governance has caused much avoidable suffering. I blame Bush for this. But Blair’s faith in current Western secular democratic values has not helped. But many overvalue these especially Bush!


    People have short and selective memories – whay about Kosova, Sierra Leone and Northern Ireland? Tony Blair is a world class statesman, and the EU should consider it an honour to have him as President.


    best ever UK PM.


    Tony Blair was the best Prime Minister this country ever had. I have just come back from Canada and they think very highly of him there.
    I think it is this gutter press they want to hang him as Murdoch wants to run the UK I say get rid of the lot of them.


    The more vociferous Blair-baiters are closed minded idiots who are incapable of accepting that anyone could honestly come to an opinion at variance to their own. Blair made a judgment they disagreed with, ergo he is a liar and a criminal? Puh-leese!


    Any initiative to soothe this indecent assaults, because stopping them is only wishful thinking, is welcomed and will be my great pleasure to be actively part of this campaign which it’s helping to regain a sense of justice and proportion this country appears to have lost.


    I believe that Blair accomplished a lot in a difficult job at a very difficult time. The civilised world is a safer place because of him.


    It’s a shame that we need to do this, but we do. Good Luck.


    The commenter @ 126 who says – “Blair is a war criminal, no doubts. Send him to the Hague and drop him in the Helmand province with a rusty rifle and a ration pack.” etc … … proves how IMPORTANT it is to sign this petition.


    Tony blair has NOT been PROVED guilty of ANY crime against humanity. Yet these naive, narrow-minds are convinced that they know better. THEY are a threat to upholding the law in this country and the wider world.

    Please distribute this petition to law-abiding citizens.

    I want the Iraq inquiry to be just that, an inquiry, and not a witch hunt. There are important lessons to be learned, and these are far more important than the need for some people to have their pre-conceived ideas confirmed. I worry that history has already been re-written to such an extent (ie: a clear majority in the UK were in favour of military action in March 2003) that whatever the inquiry concludes, the cries of whitewash will drown out anything useful that emerges.


    Tony Blair has done nothing but good for this great country!


    if this was a joint effort, why all eyes on Tony’s failures and no eyes on his achievements that are seen all over the world.


    All you, the media, do is whine. You belittle every little progress made, conveniently forgetting that it is not just the government who had been working so hard to achieve them. You’ve tried to prove your accusations all these time and you have not succeeded, it is time to let things be. You are spineless and unreliable people whose only defense is to cry suppression when your ruse do not work. You are like bullies who taunt and provoke, but cry oppression when taken to task for your cruelty.


    Tony Blair will be remembered a lot more kindly by history than Chirac, Schroeder, Putin, Kofi Annan & the rest of the clowns who chose appeasement, corruption or anti-Americanism as their main reason for opposing the liberation of Iraq.


    The British public delivered their verdict on Blair’s role in the Iraq war in 2005 by re-electing Blair. The strident and hysterical whining of the anti-war bourgeois elite can’t alter that fact.


    Tony Blair is one of the world’s great communicators.He deserves the same protection as everyone.


    Tony Blair is easily one of the most intelligent and effective world leaders of modern times. That the British public should doubt his integrity is an absolute travesty.


    Mr.Blair,you are a true leader.
    You have’stepped forth,when all the others
    had stepped back’.
    People have not right to judge you,at all.


    Tony Blair really deserves a fair treatment in this Inquiry! Nobody should tell wrong things about him but appreciate his good work!


    Blair-baiting per the short excerpt that I read is reminiscent of a witch hunt in the sense that one is guilty before being tried and the trial is the punishment. Just like being burned at the stake, if one didn’t burn, drown, or die from a high fall then they were truly not a witch. Is this what people coming to see as justice? Nothing replaces loss of loved ones from war, but learning and attempting new ways of approaching dispute is something that Tony Blair advocates fully and openly.


    Iraq- I am and my family are deeply grateful for the salvation from
    Saddam’s terror by Mr.Blair.
    I don’t understand why so many people attack him.He only
    wanted to help.He did not tell lies.Saddam’s regime was as terrific [sic] [‘horrific’?] as explained by Mr. Blair.It is easy for people living in the West to criticise.They don’t have to live here and don’t get killed by terrorists.
    Islam is peace!!!!Down with the fundamentalists!!!


    I am a German and I am ashamed that my government did not try
    to help the Iraqi people.
    Schroeder was just a talker,Blair was a true LEADER!


    Meiner Meinung nach war Mr. Blairs Einschreitung im Irak völlig gerechtfertigt. Auch wenn sich die Lage noch nicht ganz stabilisiert hat, müsste man auch die Situation berücksichtigen, die ohne den Krieg heute da sein würde. Deutschländ hält sich zu oft aus Sachen heraus, wo eingeschritten werden müßsste! Aus diesen Gründen setze ich mich für eine gerechte Anhörung ein.Translation: In my opinion Mr Blair’s intervention in Iraq was completely justified. Even if the situation has not yet stabilised completely, we should consider what would be the present situation without the war. Germany keeps out too often from such things, where intervention is necessasy. For these reasons I support a fair hearing.




    Tony Blair really deserves a fair Inquiry!! To me he is one of the best politicians, he has clear and correct strategies and is always looking for the best for people around the world! He is always working on a good development inbetween different countries!


    tony blair is innocent and therefore should not be tried by the press or called a war criminal because as yet no authority has indicted him charged him or found him guilty although the press are getting increaseingly desparate to find him guilty of anything they can from Iraq to mp’s expenses, torture & Lockerbie bombers release none of which he is responsible for but it does show what thesse antis are like they’ve only got hatred for blair and can’t see beyond their rose coloured glass window.


    (From an Iraqi): When Saddam’s people came to our village a nightmare became reality.Today,my country is a changed place. But please do not leave us to the mercy of the suicide bombers. They are not true Iraqis or true Muslims. We are not ready for you to go yet. Not yet.


    I am an Iraqi and I will always be grateful for the help that TB and the British people provided to my country when we needed it the most. Saddam Hussein was an evil man. Many of my friends and family were killed by his regime.Horror, intimidation, murder of our families before our eyes. And he used chemical weapons on us too. That is NOT a lie!


    (From an Iranian): I wish he was still in power and could help MY country too.
    Iran has one of the most brutal dictatorships on earth!!!
    It is good to know that not all Western leaders are looking away
    but that some take actions!!!!!
    Be proud of your former PM,Brits!


    (From an Arghani): When the Taleban took over we left the country to flee from their terror regime.Only the insurgency groups stop us from being a real democracy years ago. We hope our country wins the battle against terrorism with the great help of America/Britain.Our enemy is not Tony Blair but the Taleban.


    Only malicious people think Tony Blair should be brought before the ICC.I’d put him on a plane to Stockholm to collect his Nobel Peace Prize. He is a true statesman, the best on the current political scene.I hope what happened in Northern Ireland will be repeated in the Middle East.The Quartet could not wish for a better peace envoy than Tony Blair!
    I’d like to finish with a quote from our former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern: “He is a wonderful, wonderful, person whom history will be kind to”.


    As an Argentine I generally was always against the UK cause I just never can forget what there did happen to the Falkland Islands! But in respect to Tony Blair I really have an other mindset. First of all: regarding Falkland, it surely was Thatcher an not him-and on top:Tony Blair is really a great politican,he has good convictions and always tried his BEST to improve situations in the world! I think he does NOT deserve to get any unfair comments or any notes that do no appreciate his good work!


    All nations know what Mr. Blair did for the whole world during the last years. Nearly all politicans around the world respect his decissions. The press should better take a look at all the facts and not only some points they think they could be interresting for their readers and write a cool story! Keep the facts and all points in mind! Best regards from germany! Sebo


    If the Brits don’t want him anymore,we’ll delightfully accept him as EU President. regards from Germany.


    Tony Blair is a hero and has been one of the greatest British PMs in history! He has finally brought peace to the troubled island of Ireland and the Irish people will never forget his commitment.
    The British people shouldn’t either!!!!


    Dear Media and other interested parties,Please shut the ‘f’ up!


    If Tony Blair came to America to run for President, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.


    Prime Minister Tony Blair is a patriot. His leadership aided the United States and other coalition countries in removing a despot who committed genocide on his own people and neighbors using WMD and posed a global terrorist threat through the possible proliferation of WMD to other terrorist who wouldn’t hesitate to use them on peaceful anywhere around the globe. What would be “criminal”, would be for the English people were to bring war crime charges against their own Prime Minister.


    As with every war, in Iraq, decisions had to be made and are not made by one person alone. Whether these decisions had been good or bad, only time will tell and only history will judge. It is never fair to do it prematurely or to hold one man entirely accountable for a decision made as a government. And it will never be fair to bait and smear and slander an innocent man. Yes, innocent until proven guilty, my dears. You would do well to remember. Isn’t that what the free world stands for?


    Though I am convinced that TB will never be tried for whatever crime (because of his INNOCENCE!!!) it is important to make sure that the inquiry doesn’t turn into a trail. A fair,truth-seeking process is elementary to democracy.
    Sad but true that a lot of people seem to forget who our real enemies are.If they were trying to hunt down tyrants (like Mugabe and Ahmadinedjad)just as much as TB&co. our world would probably be a better place.


    As a Sgt with the Army, The Rifles Regiment (Infantry), i have nothing but praise for the man. After two CON-servative governments giving us servicemen & Women poor funding and poor kit, he changed things. Today thanks to him we have some of the best kit out there. Despite what some high ranking officers have said in the British Gutter press. Ask any soldier ON THE FRONTLINE (i.e not these high ranking Tory supporting officers) if they are happy with the kit and the answer is a resounding “YES”.


    I agree. Tony Blair is one of the most honourable men who has ever graced our, or any other country’s, public life.Anybody who dares ‘bait’ him should be slowly tortured before being (even more slowly) executed.


    Blair-baiters beware. Sometimes the bear fought back.


    See the Ban-Blair-baiting petition here or go here to sign it.

    And now, for the QUALITY(?) of the anti-Blair creatures.


    i really dont want to sign this petition but am going to to give you load of numptys a decent comment
    hang blair for treason .”giving power to foreign princes or potentates” bill of rights act 1689
    hang blair for war crimes ” starting an aggressive war”
    hang blair and his **shouse wife for profiteering
    hang blair

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    9 Responses to “Iraq war Inquiry. ‘Ban Blair-Baiting’ – petition update”

    1. James Dickins Says:

      Tony Blair is an appalling person – cynical, vain, and centrally interested in making a fortune for himself. His support for the far right in America has precicipated a catastrophe in Iraq (on top of the catastrophe inflicted by Saddam Hussein, ably supported and supplied with conventional, chemical and biological weapons by the West during the 1980s).

      All forms of political ‘baiting’ are abhorrent. Criticism of Mr. Blair and the unmasking of his dishonesty and manipulation are a moral duty.

      • keeptonyblairforp Says:

        Mr Dickins,

        I just don’t see this “cynical, vain” person you see.

        I think he COULD be expected to be both, for several reasons, but I don’t think he is.

        As for making a fortune, from what I know his wife used to get furious with him because he WASN’T interested in making money. Wives DO, y’know ;0)

        Money has followed him, it seems. He hasn’t chased it.

        We’re obviously never going to agree on Iraq. Infact any catastrophe was wrought on its people BY its people – car bombings, insurgencies from within, as well as some from Iran & Syria.

        The war was over in ONE month.

        Why not the deaths? INSURGENTS.

        Unmasking Blair’s ‘dishonesty & manipulation’? Hasn’t the press been trying to do that for about 8 years! Or so they think. We’re not all fooled.

    2. Stan Says:

      Neither am I fooled, KTBFPM, unlike Mr Dickins. Is he a relation of that other writer of fiction, btw?

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        I doubt it, Stan. Spells his name differently. And since he is one of the few on his side who can write a decent paragraph, I assume he can spell his own name.

        He might be working on updating Dickens’ Trial for Murder, of course, (included in Three Ghost Stories.)

    3. Little Ole American Says:

      Oh a big thumbs down to Mr. Dickins. Why are some so obsessed with the amount of money Blair makes? He is a popular man. When you are popular, you make money. One thing we can be sure of is Blair is by nature, a giver, not a taker. His Faith Foundation is proof of that. The foundation has been providing mosquito nets in Africa to reduce the horrible amount of malaria cases. It is doing good works to fight poverty and illness all over the world. He did something in Britain on promoting athletics. Sorry, can’t remember the name of that charity. Anyway, the man is still doing very good things and those particular things are never in the news simply because they ARE good. He’s also working very hard as ME Envoy. We never see the day to day workings of what he does over there because no one seems to care if it is good news. Why is he never given any credit for his good works in the “meanstream” media? The meanstream media lead people like poor
      Mr. Dickins around by the nose and they just don’t know any better. Poor things. I pray for them.

    4. rmpittam Says:

      I not a fan of Tony Blair, and his religiosity disgusts me. However, his portrayal by turncoat journalists, juvenile lefty ranters and muslim nutcases as a mass murder is a national disgrace.
      When was the last time you read an ‘angry’ piece demanding that the (muslims) who planted bombs in markets and mosques be held responsible? Never – and certainly not one written by a muslim. (Note to J Alibhai Brown.)

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:


        Thank you for pointing this out. I have done the same at Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s little spot, and have had no replies addressing the issues of “blame” which might just, JUST MIGHT, be able to be pinned on others.

        The trouble is it isn’t ONLY those you describe above who are determined to hang Blair out to dry. The Daily Mail, an organ of the RIGHT, who also voted for the invasion, and would have been in there like a rat up a drainpipe if in power at the time, are just as bad. Perhaps worse, because they have a policy to edit out opinions like mine from their Oborne-type “articles”.

        These people seem to have no conception, no conception whatsover what the repercussions of actually “trying” Mr Blair in a court of law would be.

        We, and the west, would be finished, as far as our enemies, even political opponents worldwide are concerned. And if he were found guilty, which is highly unlikely of course, how the echoes of self-congratulation would ring around such countries as Iran (Iraq’s enemy.) In fact, if he WERE convicted we’d no doubt have Sharia Law replacing English law in this country pushed by the little “liberal” minds such as Alibhai Brown & friends, just to make sure he never rises again. Retrospective Sharia, of course.

        So look out all you thieves.You’re about to lose your hand, if Blair loses his head.

    5. The Conspiracy of Silence on the Ban Blair-Baiting Campaign « Tony Blair Says:

      […] 26th November 2009 – Iraq War Inquiry Ban Blair-Baiting petition Update […]

    6. Riad Says:

      most alarming for any one to be so blind ,for the crimes Blair committed not only against the Iraqi people ,but the region ,and the young British combatant ,for what ? self financial benefit ,and ego. Democracy is not measured by elections ,but by access to free education ,and health care , Blair managed to destroy ,wake up to up hold the psycho for violation the rights of millions

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