Diane Abbott on Blair & Iraq. Which part of “poppycock” does she not understand?

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    29th November, 2009

    Abbott, Guardian: “I knew at the time that it was an illegal and misconceived war and was proud to vote against it. Everything that is coming out of the Chilcot inquiry confirms that view.”

    Oh really? You KNEW, Ms Abbott? How clever of you. And will you KNOW that you were wrong if and when the Inquiry finally (yes, it’s not finished yet!) concludes that the legality/ illegality is not clear.

    Will you apologise to Mr Blair for traducing him over much of the last 8 years at least?

    She also says:

    “In the end, it was all about Blair.”

    As opposed to this article being all about Abbott?

    Diane Abbott is an MP I cannot take to. Probably because she cannot take to Tony Blair. Yes, I admit this prejudice.  I have this peculiar disregard for Labour MPs who fail to recognise that it is largely if not ONLY because of his leadership that they have been in their jobs for the last 12 years plus.

    My comment: (just in case it’s removed)


    “Well said NorthernLight.

    Cifers on the whole are unbalanced. Sorry if that sounds insulting but it just happens to be true. They are unbalanced to the Left in the same way that Daily Mail commenters are unbalanced to the right.

    Its all b*l****s.

    Which way do you dress , Sir? Suits you.

    Anyway Abott’s rant here is riduculous but par for the course. Like plenty of other small political minds she thinks Blair can be bullied into a court in chains to be handed over to the ICC and then locked in a cell for the rest of his natural.

    What poppycock.

    The woman’s article is that variety of poppy too.

    I have written about her thoughts on bullying at my blog in the past, as you can see here:


    She’d best lay off Blair. He’s seen off bigger bullies than her before.”

    More here at The Guardian



    Diane Abbott MP and Bully Denial

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    2 Responses to “Diane Abbott on Blair & Iraq. Which part of “poppycock” does she not understand?”

    1. Little Ole American Says:

      Your Abbott character reminds me of our Nancy Pelosi. Both are out of touch with just about everything I can think of. Their egos are so overblown, they think their lies are the truth. One day, those egos are going to come crashing down on them.

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