Lord Steyn: Innocent until proven Tony Blair?

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    1st December, 2009

    In some countries, and not that long ago here in Britain, when a judge was about to hand down the death sentence to an unfortunate convicted prisoner, he would don a black hood.

    And today crossbencher Lord Steyn puts his on, in the fervent hope that it will put an end to at least two irritations. Firstly, Tony Blair and secondly, the Labour government.

    He has succeeded only in bringing into focus the concerns some of us have presently with REAL issues of the meaning of “innocence until guilt is proven” in this country.

    It has been as clear as day that when witnesses at the Iraq Inquiry say something supposedly incriminatory about Tony Blair’s decisions on Iraq the Inquiry is unquestionably ‘doing its job’. But when they say things supportive of Mr Blair it is a ‘mockery of justice’, a ‘whitewash’ and in the ‘pocket of the government’.

    In a report today of a speech he will give tonight, this Lord Steyn person really does sound like some decrepit eejit, if you’ll pardon my getting personal. Sometimes, as in the unusual occasion that an “honourable” legally-trained individual seems to suggest side-stepping the process of fairness, not to mention the law, I feel compelled to tell it like it is.

    And THIS, reported at the FT and at the CIFers hangout The Guardian, is nothing like fairness OR the law.

    This man has called for an “interim” report from the Inquiry before the next election on the question of legality of the invasion. This interim report will, but naturally, provide the conclusion that HE wants. GUILTY as charged.

    Since this seems to be the overall aim of the Inquiry (in parenthesis, of course) Steyn is asking for the conclusions half way through the Trial… Inquiry.


    And another thing… (that “dictator” Tony Blair did)


    “The latest major change to affect the judiciary has been described as the most significant since Magna Carta. On April 3, 2006, the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 comes into force.

    This reforms the office of Lord Chancellor, a government appointment with ministerial powers, and establishes the Lord Chief Justice as head of the judiciary of England and Wales. For the first time in its 1,000-year history, the judiciary is fully and officially independent of the government.”



    Mandelson says Christopher Meyer is an “absurd individual”. Why not tell it like it is, Lord Mandelson?

    The Guardian: Lord Mandelson attacked the former head of the Press Complaints Commission, Sir Christopher Meyer, today, calling him an “absurd individual”.

    Mandelson praised the current PCC chair, Lady Buscombe, who took over from Meyer earlier this year, labelling her more competent than her predeccesor, whom he did not refer to by name but labelled a “slightly absurd individual”. “It has become a much sharper and serious body and that’s something worth noting,” he said of the press watchdog.

    Meyer, chairman of the PCC from 2003 until earlier this year, is now a critic of the Labour government which from 1997 to 2009 he served as ambassador to Washington; last week was critical of Tony Blair in evidence to the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war.

    Buscombe has launched an independent review into the PCC’s operations since taking over as chair.

    Mandelson made the remarks in a speech at the annual lunch of the Newspaper Conference, a group of London editors and political correspondents of regional newspapers that are members of the Newspaper Society.

    2. John Rentoul says: “No-one is on trial Definitely not.

    3. Martin Kettle argues sensibly here.

    Excerpt:  ‘In the final analysis the thing was wrong about Britain’s participation in the Iraq war was not whether it was illegal. What was wrong was that it was a political and diplomatic disaster. To quote Talleyrand again: it was worse than a crime, it was an error.’

    And he’s sorely paid for that political “error”, hasn’t he, Mr Kettle?

    That’s principle for you.

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