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    8th December, 2009


    Is this the same Sweden whose Prime Minister suddenly produced a President for the EU after (unbelievable, in hindsight) rumours of big differences between the 27? The very one.

    If you were under the naive impression that the reason for ‘President Rompuy’ and not ‘President’ Blair had anything to do with Iraq,  forget it.  It was politics alright, but not as we know it. See here and here. Merci bien, M Sarkozy, petit bastard, poodle.

    This decision was about the future and not the past; ‘Palestine’s’ future.

    Mr Blair is seen by some in the EU as too pro-Israel. Wrongly seen as it happens. He is as pro-Israel as he was pro-Irish nationalism while settling the Northern Ireland conflict.

    What Mr Blair would NOT have done if in any position of power in the EU was stand by and watch this:

    Mainly, it might be suggested, because Israel too will not stand by and watch this.

    As I suggested here, it may be time for the Quartet to up Blair’s powers in the Middle East. But don’t expect them to move in this direction any time soon.  The Quartet is made up of the UN, the USA, the EU and Russia. At least one of those august bodies has its own reasons for keeping Blair’s profile low in the Middle East. The same one which has its own reasons for keeping Britain’s profile low in Europe.

    Now which of them could that be?


    The Ugly European

    There was a popular book in the 1950’s called “The Ugly American”, which proposed that the US was losing ground in the struggle against Communism because of its arrogance and refusal to try to understand other cultures.

    Today a great deal of ugliness comes from Europe. It includes an arrogant belief that they can continue to remake the map of the Mideast however they want, as they’ve done for the past several centuries, as well as a deliberate ignorance about the intentions of the players there.


    Someone — I’m sorry that I don’t recall who — said that they would have given him [Richard Goldstone] a Nobel, but he spoiled it by saying that ‘Palestinian armed groups’  (not even ‘Hamas’) “may be guilty of war crimes” along with Israel. And of course they needed to give it to Obama, for reasons not clear to anyone including the recipient.

    Sweden is at the forefront of Israel-hatred in Europe. Its government refused to condemn the Aftonbladet organ-stealing slander, and it is the source of funding for many of the most biased NGOs.  So naturally Goldstone is a hero to them.

    But far worse is a resolution recently introduced by Sweden to the Council of the EU to split Jerusalem and recognize ‘Palestine’ in all the territories formerly occupied by Jordan.

    The Swedish draft resolution to the EU can be found here. It’s loaded with gems like this: (Read more here)

    By the way, a commenter at this site says:

    ‘As for the Europeans it is to be hoped that they will not follow the Swedish anti- Israel line, even if it is only because they understand it will not further their stated goal of ‘peace’. But then again they may be so cynical and corrupt that they understanding there is no chance for real peace for the forseeable future simply wish to gain propaganda points with the Islamic world.’

    Iran’s Press TV quotes the EU:  “Israel must resolve status of Al Quds”

    European Foreign Ministers are expected to discuss a Swedish proposal which calls on Israel to recognize East Jerusalem Al-Quds as the capital of Palestine.

    According to a draft statement obtained by media outlets, the EU officials meeting in Brussels on Tuesday will ask Israel to “end discriminatory acts against Palestinians” and resolve the status of Jerusalem Al-Quds.

    The draft also criticizes Tel Aviv for building illegal settlements and demolishing Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank, saying it threatens the two-state solution.

    The EU has made it clear that it is in favor of a viable state of Palestine comprised of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem Al-Quds as its capital.

    Israel occupied and annexed East Jerusalem Al-Quds in 1967 and has labeled it as its “eternal indivisible capital” in a move never recognized by the international community.On Monday, Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn stressed once again that all European countries view East Jerusalem Al-Quds as occupied territory, saying that “if it’s occupied — then it doesn’t belong to Israel.”

    My thoughts on the above last sentence:

    Some, especially those who insist knowingly, that we should ALL learn from history, may be better informed after reading – “Palestine? Israel? Gaza? Whose land is it really?” Original source, Cecil E. Maranville, (June 2002) here.

    Quote: ‘Some claim that the Palestinians have been forced off their land and that they have been deprived of what is rightfully theirs. Others maintain that the Israelis have a legitimate entitlement to their nation, including the lands seized in war action. The current U.S. administration has begun to use the word “occupy” in reference to Israeli military presence in Palestinian towns, implying that the Israelis have invaded sovereign territory. Whose land is it, really? Frankly, the answer may surprise you.’

    World Bank gives $64M to Palestinian Authority to prepare for statehood

    The World Bank has given $64 million to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to help it prepare for statehood.

    Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad signed the agreement on Sunday. World Bank official Shamshad Akhtar says the goal is to boost Fayyad’s plan to set up institutions for a state within two years, though talks with Israel are stalemated.


    First Gaza Use of Russian Anti-Tank Missiles Disclosed

    (IsraelNN.com) It was disclosed Sunday evening that terrorists fired two smuggled Russian S5K anti-tank missiles which landed near the Gaza security fence in the vicinity of Kibbutz Alumim Sunday morning. Analysis by the Israel Defense Forces showed the missiles to be air-to-surface weapons designed to be fired from helicopters. Such missiles are used by terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the attacks are believed to mark their first use in Gaza.


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