Armed Albanian arrested outside Tony Blair’s house Vs ‘Killing me softly …’ by the British Press

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    9th December, 2009

    UPDATE 10th Dec

    BBC: A man has been charged with possessing a firearm near the home of the former Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Metropolitan Police has confirmed.

    Kutjim Nurka, 56, from Wembley, north-west London, was arrested outside Mr Blair’s home on Connaught Street, Westminster, on Monday. Mr Nurka was remanded in custody and will appear at Southwark Crown Court on 12 February.

    Pardon? Is that ALL?! Not charged with “with intent”? Why not?

    Man With Gun Arrested Outside Blair Home (See Sky News)

    (Or read it all here, below.)

    Had a look?


    But there’s another more insidious threat, and perhaps more dangerous for its ability to persist, regarding this man’s security and that of his family.

    My concern for Mr Blair’s safety is not so much from a crazed Albanian possibly upset because Blair saved Muslims from Christians! (See here and Kosovo crisis.)  Or perhaps miffed because the Albanian gunman’s (Mafia) boys didn’t get control of robbing the parking meters in Connaught Square (July 2007 report from Mafia News.) Or that his loaded weapon was fitted with a silencer. (I have a feeling he might have been noticed if he’d succeeded, noisy or not.)

    [This crazed Albanian, presumably not a Kosovan Albanian, seemed to think the few seconds it took to drive past Blair’s home late at night, trigger cocked, would be the few seconds per day (on average recently) that the target happened to be in this country!]

    Btw, before I move off this point – in which other country, democracy or dictatorship, would a man with a loaded pistol be charged with no more than “holding a prohibited weapon” after driving past the home of a former prime minister and present international statesman, at almost midnight? And a man who is known as a foreign gangster?

    Mind boggling.

    One doesn’t just drive past Mr Blair’s home on the way to somewhere else. One has to choose to go round the square and its gardens.

    But let the police deal with that one as they will.

    My ongoing concern is regarding another GANG, based far closer to home.


    The pen, or its successor the internet, is mightier than the sword.

    My fear is that our crazed and irresponsible press have incited so much personal HATRED, not just political disagreements against our former prime minister that the onliners at the Mail, Guardian etc feel it is their duty as a ‘concerned citizen’ to rant on about nooses, ropes, lampposts or standing up against walls. I have alluded to this tendency before here and here when the frightful Stephen Frears thought he was still directing a movie.

    A couple of weeks ago I drafted out a post entitled, “I will hold Peter Oborne and his like personally responsible if …”

    It was intended to be a warning to the press to STOP their virulent and personal attacks on Mr Blair. They are firing the brain-dead up into some sort of mob mentality while making out that this atmosphere is none of their doing. They are but reflecting, not directing. (A rehearsing flash of Frearsism?)

    I decided against publishing the post at that time because I was concerned to add to the atmosphere.

    But some time, someone has to speak out about this. It HAS to stop. And now. The articles themselves don’t actually spell it out, or say such as this commenter did at one of Peter Oborne’s articles at the Mail – “‘One can only fear for Tony Blair” ? No fear mate. Nothing too horrible can happen to him.”

    But they emphasise the injustice, as they see it, surrounding Mr Blair’s continued high in-demand profile, and the ‘FACT’ that he is “still” a “slippery customer” and what’s more FREE to earn his market value! The papers do NOT generally moderate out vile, inciteful, threatening comments.  I hesitate, a little, to accuse our mainstream press of incitement.  But through their negligence and lack of careful moderation, the green light is given to those who feel that since Mr Blair has, OBVIOUSLY, escaped ‘their’ justice so far and may well escape ‘their’ so-called punishment after the Iraq Inquiry concludes, well … it’s up to me, mate, innit?

    The press, surely, must be aware of this. They are not naive.

    When I find the day has expanded to 36 hours instead of the usual number I might even publish my draft post with a few additional choice snippets. Believe me, there are thousands. I might even do it tomorrow.


    Don’t you just LOVE how the Daily Maul reports this? Their last sentence being the clincher…  and the stayer … “costs the taxpayer”.


    But Scotland Yard sources stressed that there was no evidence that the man planned to target the Blairs. He was initially arrested for several traffic and documentation offences, and later also arrested on suspicion of possessing a prohibited weapon.

    Forensic tests including fingerprinting and DNA analysis are under way.

    A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘At about 11.15pm on Monday a 56-year-old man was arrested by uniform officers in Connaught Street, Westminster, for alleged traffic and documentation offences, and taken to a central London police station.

    ‘At approx 11.40pm a member of the public handed a firearm to a uniform officer on duty in the area.

    ‘The member of the public told police the firearm had been found in Connaught Street.

    ‘The man was subsequently arrested on suspicion of possessing a prohibited weapon. The man remains in custody and police inquiries continue.’

    Mr Blair bought the four-storey Grade II listed property in 2004 as he prepared to leave Downing Street.

    Connaught Street forms one side of Connaught Square, which is a short distance from Marble Arch in the capital’s West End.

    The Blairs’ police protection team, which is bigger than the Prime Minister’s, costs the taxpayer at least £2million a year.’

    I’m watching you, The Daily Maul … Mail!

    Sky News article follows below

    Adam Arnold, Sky News Online

    7:11pm UK, Wednesday December 09, 2009

    A suspected Albanian gangster carrying a loaded pistol and silencer has been arrested outside the home of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, police have said.

    Central London property

    The Blairs’ house is in Connaught Square

    Mr Blair was in Washington DC at the time of the incident and his spokesman declined to comment on security issues.

    The suspect, 56, was stopped in his car as he drove in Connaught Street, central London, on Monday at 11.15pm.

    Officers on patrol became suspicious and arrested him for alleged traffic and documentation offences.

    About 25 minutes later, a passer-by approached a uniformed officer on guard outside Mr Blair’s £3.5m Connaught Square townhouse.

    He handed the officer a black pistol, loaded with several bullets and fitted with a silencer, saying he found it in the gutter.

    Tony Blair

    The officer raised the alarm and notified members of the Diplomatic Protection Group, who are responsible for Mr Blair’s safety.

    Investigators quickly linked the discovery of the gun with the arrest of the Albanian and he was re-arrested on suspicion of holding a prohibited weapon.

    Forensic tests including fingerprinting and DNA analysis are under way, and the location of the arrest is believed to be entirely coincidental.

    A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “The man remains in custody and police inquiries continue.”

    Mr Blair bought the four-storey Grade II listed property in 2004 as he prepared to leave Downing Street.

    Connaught Street forms one side of Connaught Square, which is a short distance from Marble Arch in the capital’s West End.

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    8 Responses to “Armed Albanian arrested outside Tony Blair’s house Vs ‘Killing me softly …’ by the British Press”

    1. Dianne Penn Says:

      How did this man get into the UK? My future son in law has been refused a visitor’s visa to enable him to be with my daughter while she had their first baby after losing one last year. They said he would not return home as he has more opportunities here! Rot!!! He has a good job, a home and many friends there and my daughter has moved to be with him there – just coming home here to be with her mum while she had the baby. Obviously they only allow gangsters and murderers in and not decent, hardworking, genuine family man for a short visit!!!!

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Sounds like a dreadful situation for you all, Ms Penn. And quite wrong.

        The trouble seems to be our porous borders.

        This would-be assassin is probably not a legal immigrant. If he was identified as a suspected Albanian gangster he must be on a police list, and was thus identified. Even if only with the help of an international police register AFTER he came to their notice when thinking of trying some target practice on a well-guarded politician.

        But reading the history of the meter robbers, here, it seems clear that there are, or at least were, other Albanian “gangsters” operating in London. If they are still here, WHY?

        Have you contacted your MP over your family’s situation? If not, it’s worth a try.

      • Lakera Says:

        Dianne can you please contact me at I am your cousin and wanted to say hello. Victor was my grand Uncle and Stafford was my grandfather. I saw a picture of you and my mother said that you were my cousin. Contact me A.S.A.P 🙂

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    3. margaret walters Says:

      The Albanian has been remanded in custody according to BBC but will this warning make any difference with the press? I doubt it. They hate so much that they can’t see where their hatred is taking people, but others like us can.

    4. Klodi Says:

      Hey! i am albanian in here and i am with a student visa…just got refused thou cus not enough money in my bank.
      I appealed to court to win it.
      But what i want to say is it shouldn’t be me chaising courts and lawers to get a studing visa for a better life…
      British ammbassy is pretending to be strict but when it comes to ilegals and gangsters you dont see them anywhere do you???
      I am really sorry for the fact that he has left a very bad reputation about albanians and not just him but lots of gangsters in here…. but there are albanians like me and many others who are trying to fight for a better life and because of all these gangsters we get refused……
      Its a shame really 😦

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